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  1. Spent the morning walking around the top of Mount Coot Tha with some wonderful views over Brisbane. Simply stunning with such different and varied wildlife! Then down in the Botanical Gardens, I must have walked for about 3 hours in total before I got into work. So beautiful. then into the Planetarium because Space!
  2. Did a 20 minute yoga routine this morning and finished off my kangaroo sausages (because what else are you going to eat in Australia! Had them water fried and with sugar snaps, carrots and rice/lettuce rolls. Very yum, very full and with apple to finish. And copious amounts of tea of course.
  3. A massive night for me last night. I have been in Australia, half way around the world from my home, the furthest I have ever travelled and all for work. I have realised a dream of working professionally in another country and I have only just realised this! I've been so engrossed in the job; the design, the realisation of it, operating the show and making sure it can transfer to Edinburgh that I haven't yet sat and let myself take note of the fact that I am in AUSTRALIA getting paid to work! I am so freaking over the moon! I can't honestly describe what I'm feeling. Challenge now is to make sure the rest of the shows go well now. Keep focus, prepare and rest up. It's be challenging keeping myself to a good diet while I've been in another country. I've eaten quite a lot of insta-noodles and pasta but I've also been eating a lot of veg and meat. I feel okay. I haven't worked out really except for yesterday but I plan on fitting that in more, especially when I get to Edinburgh and I start guest skating for the local roller derby team there. These past two weeks have been such an adventure. I want another.
  4. Well...... It's been a while..... But I always find my way back it seems. Many things have changed since I last posted here. My workouts changed and I was posting on my roller derby fitness page rather than here for a bit. My weights were; - Deadlifts x 30 @ 55kg - Bent Over Rows x 30 @ 45kg - Chest Press x 30 @ 54kg - Narrow Grip Pull Downs x 30 @ 45kg and that was great alongside my bodyweight squats, press ups and crunches as well as bike machine cardio. I didn't take a full-on hiatus till about May this year. And then my job got hectic building up to a massive project and then I quit that job to be my own boss. Which was most definitely the best decision. But things took a back burner while things sorted themselves out. I'm currently in Brisbane, Australia working on a show that will go to the Edinburgh Fringe in August and it has been long days, jet lag, illnesses and much organising. Things are starting to settle down now and I am putting systems in place to sort out my priorities and make sure my fitness is one of them. I've learned how to bullet journal. I've sorted out my email! And I've done my first workout in my temporary accommodation for the first time in about two months. Taken from the 20 minute Hotel Room workout: - 10 minutes warm up 3 circuits of: - bodyweight squats - press ups - crunches - inverted rows using my desk and a warm down to finish. And to say it wasn't full on I am most definitely worked! It has made me want to get back to my weights though. I needed the break when i took it but now is the time to be back and I am glad to be here.
  5. Yus! I'm out of one of my overdrafts! And i did it the hard way, a standing order each month into that account to pay off the overdraft but man does it feel good to see the CR sign after the balance now! No more interest payments and a spare bit of cash now I don't have to put as much away each month! So grateful to Nerd Fitness for getting my bum in gear to get this done!
  6. Hi Terror! So cool, there seem to be more and more of us derby peeps popping up on here Huge congrats on making you A team! That's fantastic!!
  7. To the Finish! Walking: 159 miles - Achieved ( Even though the weather got progressively worse walking is a wonderful to keep my head clear. Workouts 24 Achieved (A) workouts for the win! Keeping the body moving during the hard times helps those endorphins flow! Moving Around Achieved (A) Getting out of the chair to stretch has made me feel less stiff and scrunched up. Reading Achieved (A) Love reading. Side Quest Achieved! Made sure I chose the food that would keep my body working properly rather than junk food. Just because I was away from home does not mean my fitness is compromised. I walked around loads with the job I was on and I made sure I had 30 mins 4 times a week to do the hotel bodyweight workout. Wasn't as rigorous as my weights workout but it did enough with all the heavy lifting at work to keep me going and keep me in shape while I was away. All in all DING! Level 3! Look for new stats in my signature
  8. Despite my failure to update my logs I did complete my challenge! After the mini-test of the week and a half away on tour I was far to mentally and emotionally drained to do anything even vaguely sociable outside of roller derby training. Physically I did everything I set out to do. I ate well and exercised over the tour dates. I exercised at home. I read everyday and walked when I could but I didn't see anyone and I didn't talk to anyone that didn't live with me or train with me. Work life was awful. Then I had a holiday which has brought me back to myself. And I also realised that my multivitamins didn't have iron in, the main reason I started taking them in the first place! So now I'm getting enough iron I'm starting to feel better and even though I've been nervous about getting back to a challenge thread I let slide I feel ready to say hi again. I'll fill in the results tomorrow when I've had chance to collate everything but I'm considering this challenge a success and will grade myself accordingly. I might even write a little conclusion to the vague fic I was writing for myself
  9. Me and my partner did the Partonus 5k a while ago. We'd been using the excercise bike rather than run outside and this event got us setting aside an evening and doing a run for the first time in months. Felt so good to run outside! Plus our medals turned up this week! They are huge! And so beautiful I'll post a pic later on and show you all.
  10. I know what you mean, there would be nothing cooler than a bunch of wizards running around in robes! Ravenclaws FTW!!!
  11. Week 2 Day 1 I saw my first sign to the underground today. All the ones in the inner city have been blocked up or collapsed but here, towards the edge, some are still open. The scavengers tend not to use them, there is nothing down there or any value to them and it should provide me safe passage to the suburbs. I've been lucky in my time on this quest. The inner city was once crawling with scavengers, ravenous for the treaures held in what were once high streets. In the past few years I've noticed less and less of them. They have spread out towards the houses of the city that have not yet been ransacked, where things can still be found and fought over. I would not have a good chance of getting through the outer edges in one piece. The underground, with any luck, should take me right past them. I have never been in the underground. My mentor once told me stories of trains travelling through tunnels deep below the earth that would whisk you from one end of the city in a rush of thunder. I'll never hear that thunder. The trains have long rusted but the tunnels and tracks should be clear for me to skate through this far out of the inner city. There will be no light down there, I have saved up all the batteries I have found in hope they last the trip. I've even fashioned myself some torches and brought lighters, just in case. Hopefully I can find food not far from the station entrances, I do not fancy a long trip above ground where I am going. Just thinking about it gets me nervous. But this is my path. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday Wk2 Back to work after a wonderfully restful weekend. I enjoy working my body when my mind is rested, a rested mind makes everything easier. Even the prospect of going to work is less bitter after a R&R weekend Plus I had the office to myself which was a nice bonus. Managed to get a lot done in preparation for the exhibition on Wednesday. My mind game is strong! Active at work: Active on my feet stretch in the morning. Walk down to the warehouse twice in the afternoon. Walking Today - 5.3 miles Total - 30.7 miles Workout Beware the Booty day Cardio - 20 mins - 10.11km ResistanceBodyweight Squats x 30 Shoulder Press x 30 @ 19kg Deadlifts x 30 @ 45kg Bent over Rows x 30 @ 40kg Cardio - 20 mins - 10.00km Total cardio - 20.11km Reading A chapter of Chasing Dragons on the bus home. My partner wrote this novel and I am having a whale of a time with it. It's so dark and filled with mythology
  12. Week 1 Day 7 I was awoken by a unnatural rustling sound close by. Carefully peering through the unearthed roots of the trees I was sheltering behind I saw a gang of scavengers were roaming through the dried leaf litter and plastic rubbish. They did not look like they were looking for anything but I stayed quiet and hidden none-the-less. I waited a good hour or so after they left my field of vision to make sure I was alone before I pulled on my skates and made for the other park exit. To say I do not know these streets I made good headway today, more than I was expecting. The streets were smoother than the inner city roads and I did not see any scavengers. I did, however, come across a library! The one close to my old home was stripped clean many years ago. The other books I had in my pack are ones I've had for as long as I can remember and I was looking forward to something new! I crept in and saw that the shelves were pretty bare but my heart jumped when I spotted a small stash of paper behind what was once a desk. Most of the paper was shredded but underneath I found a full, complete, whole book! It was huge! At least 500 pages and all about something called Orcs. Never heard of them but it sounded fun and, most importantly, new so I packed it in my bag and set off again. I'm looking forward to bedding down with my new reading tonight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday Another nice lie in and I felt great! Nice and rested Ended up doing some walking today, my lift to training cancelled so I took the hour and a half trip to my training hall for roller derby. Was good to get out I guess, my partner was out all day with a festival so it stopped me getting mopy at home. Walking today - 3 miles Total walking - 25.4 miles Roller Derby Small turn out today but we did a lot of good strategy practising and we got to work on individual skills, something I've wanted to do for a while. I can hockey stop to the left but not to right although after today it felt a lot more solid. Bit worried Reading Started a new book. Orcs by Stan Nicholls. It sounded pretty fun when I found it in a second hand shop last year for £1. I've only read a chapter so far but I think I'm going to really enjoy it.
  13. I thought this might be of interest to some running Rebels and some Rebels who are thinking about starting running: Hogwarts Running Club I'm not a big runner (getting honked at is not fun) but I do enjoy a good event, a cool medal and raising money for good causes! The sign up fees go to charity and they run it through an honour system. You pay to sign up for an event and can complete the distance whenever you like before the expiry date, even splitting it across multiple stints or covering it in someone else's event. You even get a personalised Hogwarts bib which is kinda neat. Plus if you complete all of the year's events you get a Perfect Prefect badge and go into the Hall of Fame. Like I say, I'm not much of a runner but I might start doing this and get some miles under my belt
  14. Week 1 Day 6 Today I crossed from the known to unknown. This is the furthest I have ever been from the place I used to call home. Even those week long explorations I used to take when annoyed with my mentor or in need of solitude didn't take me this far out. My progress from here on in needs to be cautious if I am to avoid other scavengers and yet I need to press on to get to the coast on time. I can feel the icy edge to the wind more keenly now. Despite the new edge of insecurity in an area of the city I do not know I have had a wonderfully restful day. Today I have appreciated my solitude more than most other days. Listening to the wind whistle through broken windows and rustle the dead branches of the trees lit up my soul. The roads here are smoother than the ones in the inner city and I was able to freewheel a lot of the way. I found an old park filled with felled trees that I was able to use as shelter. I began on my new book as the sun set. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday House to myself today and a lie in. Lie ins are amazing and I felt so much better for a decent nights sleep. I did what I wanted to do all day and enjoyed my workout Walking - none, I stayed in and rested! Total walking - 22.4 miles Workout - Brace Me! day Cardio - 20 mins - 10.60km Resistance Press ups x 30 Bench Press x 30 @ 45kg Flys x 30 @ 9kg Kick Backs x 30 @ 7kg Cardio - 20 mins - 10.46km Total cardio - 21.06km Reading A chapter of Brog the Stoop before bed. Fantastic book, the author loves commas however! Those sentences are huge!
  15. Week 1 Day 5 I guess I slept well. It seemed to pass too quickly for me to get as much rest as I needed. I was fortunate indeed to find the sheltered spot, when I awoke I saw a scavenger hovering over where I lay with it's back to me. It had not seen me that much was clear, I still had my gear and I was unscathed but it was enough to send a shiver down my spine. Resources are so rare and greed so rampant that to attract any unwanted attention can be, at best, a sprint for safety and at worst a race for your life. Some of the older scavengers have learned restraint and remember civilisation as it was but the younger ones... The younger ones have the speed and strength of youth and with each new generation the rabidness increases. I stayed in my sheltered spot for almost an hour as it searched around half-heartedly for anything it could eat or own. Eventually I was able to slip away unnoticed but in my haste to get away I rounded a corner without looking and nearly ran into a group of 4 scavengers fighting over something. My wheels screeched as I can to a quick stop and they all four looked up at me. For a moment our eyes met. And then I turned and sprinted as fast as I could in the opposite direction. This is the reason I skate. While the scavengers pursued me with a terrifying fervour I quickly outstripped them in my skates. Even on the potholed and ruined tarmac I could skip from one point to the next without breaking stride or losing speed. They didn't give up until I'd skated over two miles, no matter how many turns, no matter how many times I doubled back they pursued me doggedly. I'm grateful my mentor made me skate those long distances, despite my constant complaining to being with. It tis the reason I'm still around and able to go on this quest. I made better distance than I meant to today, in part thanks to the scavenger pursuit. Man I hate those things. The snuffling and rasping noises they make creep me out! I always dream about them after I outrun them, those noises always follow me. Blurgh. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FridayWalking - 5.9 milesTotal walking - 22.4 miles Reading - Finished Tank Girl 1 and so I guess I best find something else to read. Getting up at work - In the morning I went to wander around the floor our office is on and did a few stretches to ease out some aches. I had a short day so in the afternoon I left to get the bus and ended up walking away more than I had planned. WorkoutBeware the Booty! Cardio - 20 mins - 10.20km ResistanceBodyweight Squats x 30 Shoulder Press x 30 @ 19kg Deadlifts x 30 @ 45kg Bent over Rows x 30 @ 40kg Cardio - 20 mins - 10.32km Total cardio - 20.52km
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