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  1. Gannon is defeated. The truth is? I am Ironman. shellytheboxturtle.blogspot.com
  2. Glad you do! The wait - I don't know. The plan was to finish Spaceboots next. It's a separate young adult sci-fi, mostly for my kids since the Houses of Common series is too violent. But, I had a publisher show some interest, so now I'm waiting to see what they want to do. In the meantime, the final draft of Meaner Sort, the sequel to HOC, is done. I'll be getting it to the editor soon. As for the triathlon stuff, Saturday was a four hour ride, 66 miles, followed by a 2.7 mile run. All faster than planned despite the cold rain. It's fun being tougher than a year ago! I also completed 12 consecutive weeks of my nutrition plan, though I did plan and execute a week long hiatus over the holidays. I estimate this makes me about 80% vegan, 10% paleolithic, 10% cheater, and 100% feeling good.
  3. I got a happy dance! Don't forget book 4. Here's a teaser for Spaceboots: http://spacebootsnovel.blogspot.com/ I'll be posting the cover for Meaner Sort in a few days. I'll be sure to let everyone know.
  4. Hey Brigade! I passed a new milestone, or in our local dialect LEVEL UP! Check it out in my sig line. The green one. Cheers!
  5. Here are some of the deeds that got me to level 42: 15 consecutive weeks of listening to undertand, not to speak 15 consecutive weeks of balancing alpha male leadership with beta male compassion 12 consecutive weeks of playing on my kids' terms four times weekly 15 consecutive weeks of novel writing 20 minutes daily three times weekly 9 consecutive weeks of studying spiritual works at least five times weekly 7 consecutive weeks of getting home from work by 5:30 three times weekly Not much athleticism or literary accomplishment this time. But Week One of training for the Ironman is done, and this week I'll have ready for my editor the draft of the sequel to my novel, Meaner Sort. I also have a publisher interested in a separate novel, SpaceBoots, and I talked to an audiobook company who'd like me to submit some work to them to consider. Woohoo! Now I have to squeeze in time to study for my recertification exam. Strange to think I've been a physician assistant for six years now. Two and a half years of this Legend of Nine project has helped me do some pretty sweet stuff.
  6. No prob, Will. Writing is a huge sinkhole of time. Of Einsteinian proportions.
  7. Thanks Will! And here's proof that henna improves mile times.
  8. Today was day one of official triathlon training. Frozen toes and fingers, almost crashing my mountain bike in the dark, nausea when I stopped, but I climbed and circumnavigated the hill and made it back in time for breakfast with the kids. Tomorrow? Running in the dark! Here's some context for those who don't know the story. This is Ironman triathlon attempt number two. Last year's tale of woe is here: http://shellytheboxturtle.blogspot.com/
  9. I was a frequent poster when Ash was running the group. Changed jobs, moved, you know. That pesky real life stuff. Now I'm back! New faces here, missing some familiar ones. Such is life! My best intro is to challenge one in the sig line. My current plans are in the green: Legend of Nine continues... Look forward to getting to know new people.
  10. Catching up on your triumphs, Will. Looking at your workouts, you're a lot tougher than you used to be. Nicely done!
  11. For those of you wondering how the Gannon-Bane Triathlon turned out, here's a link: http://shellytheboxturtle.blogspot.com/
  12. Caught up your thread. How come I never knew you were German? The aversion to differences sounds like the rural place I grew up. Best of luck!
  13. Just caught up on your thread. Bravo, man! And I just got MY first tattoo! It was only $5, but then it's henna, and a ten year old did it. But I get to have Link's shield herald on my calf for the next month! Best o' luck.
  14. You're the best, Ash. We all wish you well!
  15. Though I never stopped tracking the leveling-up of my life, I wasn't commenting on the NF forums. My old battle log is now inactive. Here comes some more! Me? I'm a family man, physician assistant, sci-fi novelist, and triathlete. I have sucked at all of those except the PA at one time or another, but visualizing myself as a video game hero changed my perception, and I changed my level of success.
  16. Hey! Found y'all again. My battle log was inactivated, but I'll put up a new one.
  17. Hey Brigade! I have an update on my battle log. LEGENDS OF NINE in the sig. GRR! And cheers.
  18. Just caught up on your thread, Ash. Know you're an impressive example of determination. I'm motivated by your efforts, and I try harder as a result. GRRR! You're really good at rising above the junk that surrounds you and keeping it from dragging you down. Cheers!
  19. I think you should get double points for defeating the chocolate monsters. Because really, they're like the demon lord succubi of sugar monsters. Or in your case incubi?
  20. Another update! I've been moving into a new place and getting the kids started in school, thus the silence. The last triathlon of the season? Fastest swim and overall time ever for an Olympic distance, but I only took my time down from 2:55:xx to 2:50:xx. My goal was a 10% improvement, but I'll take what I can get. Eleven months of training for the Ironman, and I thought things would turn out better. It makes sense though. I was training for a race that was going to take 13 hours. Speed wasn't really part of the equation. I may have found the upper limits of my velocity. On the upside, I had no cramps in this race as I did last year. An hour after the race, I felt like I hadn't done anything. Best of all, the water, same lake as the Ironman, was 74 instead of 58. And no whitecaps trying to drown me! Looks like another level-up coming soon. Best of luck, everyone!
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