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  1. You are not alone! I prevent with chamois butt'r (you buy it at bike shops) and I sprung for a pair of $18 super-breathable undies at REI. (Take it seriously, because I, er, once gave myself a UTI when the environment down there got too damp.)
  2. I love high-top hikers, because I'm new-ish to long hikes and they've prevented more than a few sprains. These all came at the end of long days where my legs were tired and weren't supporting me as well. I'm a bit overweight, and those boots helped make it possible for me to get down the mountain. If I'd been hiking regularly for years, my leg strength would probably hold up better and I wouldn't have the same issue - hence why perhaps stronger hikers like lighter boots. I have Ahnu boots (clearance at REI!) and I love them. They're waterproof, breathable, have good support, AND they're purple. You didn't bring this up, but I'll mention it anyway: Wear a good quality, lightweight wool hiking sock AND a liner sock. Change the liner sock halfway through your day, apply moleskin to any hot-spots IMMEDIATELY, and keep your feet dry (I like Gold Bond powder). I recently had to drain some nasty blisters, so I recommend taking blister prevention very seriously. Have a great time out on the trails!
  3. Yeah, I bought those Hershey's peppermint bark bells yesterday. Hey, they make me feel festive!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Managed to get in a few short rides today. Workout type: Cycling Distance: 3.12mi Time elapsed: 25min Calories burned (estimate): 149 Combined a few things I wanted to do and rode to the grocery store for my parents. They live in A HILLY part of town! The uphills were pretty intense, especially with a full load of groceries, but the downhills were exhilarating. Workout type: Cycling Distance: 4.06mi Time elapsed: 35min Calories burned (estimate): 206 Got my parents and my little brother to go on a ride with me after the feast! It was really quiet and beautiful. We went pretty slow, but for an awesome reason - this was my mom's first time on a real bike since her knee surgery a few months ago! So, way to go mom! With the rides factored in, I managed to eat just over maintenance today. (I was at maintenance until I opened a beer a few minutes ago, lol.) I'll take it, and give thanks that nobody brought egg nog.
  5. Oh no, I'm not planning on moving mine around Just curious as to why they'd be placed there.
  6. Mind you, I may go out in the snow and the cold, but I hide from the wind. Under many many blankets, preferably with a book or five. (Added you back!) WORKOUT TIME! Workout type: Cycling Distance: 18.81mi Time elapsed: 2 hours Calories burned (HRM): 872 Holy shit, I thought it was cold on Sunday. No snow today, but it was freezing. Fortunately, I went straight from my ride Sunday to buy some long underwear and some more wool socks, so I could at least dress for the weather. Most of this ride was spent wandering around Los Ranchos. It's probably my favorite part of town. Los Ranchos is smack in the middle of Albuquerque, NM, which in the metro area has over 1 million people. And yet it's a little slice of rural heaven. I rode within 10 feet of a donkey, saw flocks of migrating geese sitting in a field, and meandered along little country lanes with overhanging trees and gorgeous adobe homes. The best part is that the main road has excellent shoulders and a strictly enforced speed limit of 25mph. Most of the town's revenue comes from speeding tickets, so people actually follow the speed limit. A little history, for context: Before Albuquerque was Albuquerque, it was a chain of small villages that sprung up along the river. This is the desert, so water is everything. As the city grew, it semi-incorporated these villages. Some are part of the city proper. Some, like Los Ranchos, are separate townships within the city. They all retain a distinct local character. What this means is that a 30 minute bike ride from the heart of downtown Albuquerque, you are suddenly riding past saddle shops, ranches, wineries, and farms that have been around for centuries. And then you come out on the other side and you're in the city again. Speaking of gorgeous old farms, this is my favorite detour that takes off from said main road. I just ride in about a quarter mile and come back out, because it's too damn pretty not to: Basically what I'm saying is I love my hometown and you should all be pretty jealous.
  7. Week 2 Update This week has had its good and bad points. Well, one bad point in particular. I didn't do any strength training! Ack! 1. Eat to lose (and win!) Really good week! I ate under my goal of 1560 calories/day six days this week, with a daily average of around 1350. Pass! 100%, an A. 2. Ride, ride, ride. This week I got in 4 hours and 38 minutes on my bike. Goal demolished! Pass! 100%, an A. 3. Strong body, strong mind. I did exactly zero strength workouts this week. Bad job, bad job. Fail! 0%, an F. 4. Making the bed. I did really well on this last week, except I plain forgot on Monday. Washed the sheets and remembered before bed, but still, the point is the morning routine. Pass! 80%, a B. Seriously need to get back on the Starting Strength wagon. I have no excuse except anxiety attacks, which is the worst excuse ever. We all know that working out helps anxiety. I need to remember this. Grade for Week 2: 70% Challenge so far: 85% Starting Measurements Weight: 152.5lbs Neck: 12.9in Waist (cheated): 29.5in Hips: 40.5in Measurements after week one Weight: 151.5 (-1) Neck: 12.9in (no change) Waist (cheated): 29.5in (no change) Hips: 40.5in (no change) In other news, I got my blood work results back from the doc today. Everything is normal (hooray!) except I am extremely Vitamin D deficient. Which is odd considering how much of my workouts take place outdoors, but I'm also religious about sunscreen. (Plus, it's been freezing - I have as little skin exposed as possible!) I'm going to start on D supplements as soon as I can get to the pharmacy tomorrow. I've heard that Vitamin D is linked with depression, anyone else heard this? If it's true that could be awesome, because I could potentially avoid the antidepressants I've been recommended.
  8. The furthest I've gone is 25mi. This week I'll go farther, even by a little.
  9. Workout type: Cycling Distance: 20.69mi Time elapsed: 2:12 Calories burned (HRM): 1025 It's snowing outside, but I wanted to get out for a ride anyway. My first snow ride! It was... Really cold, lol. Well, 24F. Layers were my friend. Went down the river trail about 10mi, got some coffee, and then came home. It was a beautiful ride, and really peaceful. I think I saw four other cyclists on the whole stretch, and maybe 15 pedestrians.
  10. Sounds like you had a good week! Way to go!
  11. Skipped my weight workout yesterday - wasn't feeling well so I read a book instead. I'm gonna hop back on the wagon Sunday though.
  12. Haha good to know. I think I'll take the advice and buy some.
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