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  1. Hi vengeful pear, and thank you - I look forward to joining you guys too! I look forward to leveling up regularly until I'm good enough to jump off tall buildings into haystacks with you guys SO - this week I had ym two circus classes together because i forgot to book my classes last Monday and I didn't get my first choice of flexibility. That meant I did body conditioning on Tuesday, with my circus arts class yesterday (flying trapeze again). Tuesday was hardcore – I thought at one point I was going to throw up during the cardio, and then the class teacher said she was deliberately worki
  2. SO... I am a bit late with this post, because of computer troubles. Saturday was my first flexibility class. Most of my body is fine, usually bendy. My legs, however, are not. The class was mostly stretching with some pair work and much of the leg work involves going into a straddle. Problem is, for some reason going anywhere near a straddle puts me into a nerve stretch which I can't push any further and I can't hold for any length of time. It's not even a muslce stretch - I can handle the pain of that. It's a nerve-y stretch which means my body involuntarily moves itself out of that positi
  3. Hi Adulthoodforbeginners So sorry to hear about your ankle - injury is a bummer. I've just started an aerial circus arts course (I'm learning circus skills like the flying trapeze) which is the foundation of the excercise part of my 6 week challenge and there's quite a lot in it that you might be able to do without using your ankle so much. Not the trapeze because you have to land on your feet when you let go, but things like the static bar or rope tricks might suit you, as you spend the whole time up in the air using your core muscles, upper legs, and arms for movement = no pressure upon an
  4. Good for you taking this change and using it for good - I know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut at a time like that and I'm glad you're showing yourself some love to get into a better place. I also love your scoring system - I might have to nick the idea of grading myself on how well I do! Best of luck xx
  5. Hello! So, as promised here I am updating about my very first ever circus class and progress so far. @avalon4712 hopefully this will give a bit more info on what is incvolved in a circus class! And @DarkRaven I'm thinking I might be joining you guys pretty soon if I keep up like last night - wowza but my core is feeling it this morning! SO my partner has agreed to come on board and do his own six week challenge, but because we're still on holiday this week (but staying at home to enjoy our own fair city) he's starting next week. So now I'm doing a seven week challenge - I'll record my six
  6. Hello! I'm Kiki and also a newbie from across the pond. I felt I had to join, as I'm about to start aerial arts circus training and fully expect to look a lot like a penguin attempting the trapeze when it starts on Wednesday due to a lack of flexibility and upper body strength. I'm hoping with your help I can turn into the leanest, most elegant circus penguin ever seen (although my full transformation will almost certainly take longer than 6 weeks!) My quest is pretty simple: get back to my university measurements of 34-25-35 (currently 35-27-39 3 years later), fit back into my sexeh cloth
  7. SO. I did pretty well for the first four weeks of my journey to becoming an assassin - I cut out sugar, cycled to work every day and was losing about a pound a week and visibly redistributing weight from tummy to (particularly arm) muscles. And I was able to do a proper push up. Since then I've gone on holiday and my diet has been horrible and (although it's been a pretty active holiday) I can't do a proper push up any more. SO time to get these habits properly set. So my three targets are: - Attend every circus class (2 2 hour classes per week) which starts on Wednesday! - Prepare hea
  8. I kind of agree with you Waldo - if it makes me feel bad and impairs my training, it's not healthy for me. I'm not sure 'healthy' for such complicated biochemical organisms can be pared down so easily to a one-size fits all as some of the Paleo community seem to suggest.
  9. I'm afraid I'm british- I may have to order it from ikea as I don't think there's a target in the UK! But it's a good to if I make it across the pond.
  10. yeah, the only think I every really crave is milk- when I was a teenager I'd drink a couple of pints a day. and I find it calms down my stomach normally when I'm hungover (it hasn't helped with my most recent discomfort much though) so I work on the basis my body likes it and it works for me.
  11. Hooray! Maybe we can form a "we've mutated to need grains and legumes" style xavier institute...
  12. Thanks very much LessJos - that's so helpful. The only things I can find online are about how evil grain and legumes are, so it's nice to hear I'm not the only person who responds badly to having none of them. Congratulations on your success so far, I hope it continues!
  13. Hi LessJos - that's really interesting - sounds like the same kind of profile as me. I tolerate meat well (I don't eat it for environmental reasons so I'm allowed meat on special occasions and then i can eat all the bacon with no problems, so long as there's plenty of carbs alongside), so maybe I'm just not built for Paleo. The symptoms you describe are EXACTLY how I feel. How do you find it affects your BF% or how you look, if at all? Does it make it harder to look lean and (sorry Steve) 'toned'?
  14. Hi dmstanford42. Thanks for your advice - I think you may be right that I've bitten off more than I can chew (hence I suppose the little steps aspect of the rebellion!) I have scandinavian family so I'm a fan of Filmjolk - just have to see if I can track some down and add that in. And I will up my carb intake and then reduce more slowly. Thank you!
  15. Seafood might be an easier way in - like eating prawns, moving up to crayfish or crabs, squid, mussels, cockles, whelks and similar. Then you'd get used to the fresh sea-like smell of fresh fish, and the seafood taste without having to face a whole fish at once. Then include fillety fish in things you eat otherwise (paleo makes this a bit more difficult, otherwise you could do things like paella or a pasta dish, but I guess you could do flaked bits of fish in a salad or similar). Alternatively if you like pate you could use smoked fish pate (if you eat butter. Smoked fish pate is just fish, bu
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