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  1. Hey there ! It's been almost a month since I last posted here. I am sorry for that, I was overwhelmed with work and exams. I think I can sum up my month pretty easily : The HEMA club still don't have a gym. Which means still no sword training or anything else My knee is hurting like hell, actually like last year, which means back to the doctor again ! Maybe she can prescribe me some reeducation or whatever... If anything helps ! I only exercise once a week, which is kinda... Lame ? I don't know, but I feel lame. I still have the same strength, I haven't lost anything, but I can't make pro
  2. Hey guys ! Sorry I'm late ! Here's my weekly review : Monday 18 : I didn't ran, as I wasn't even able to walk properly :/ Tuesday 19 : Didn't exercised at all x_x I was too focused on my thursday's exams, as they were very important. Wednesday 20 : Still didn't ran, it's too cold here ! It was around 2°C that day ! Thursday 21 : After my exams, which went pretty good, I did my workout as I want to, even if it was harder than usual... Maybe I should be more regular x_x Friday 22 : Still didn't ran, but I went to a gig ( Honeyhoney and Jake Bugg That was awesome ! ) and I think tha
  3. Hey there ! Here is my review of the week : Since last wednesday, I exercised as much as I wanted to, i.e. thursday and saturday, and with my goals reached ! It's my maximum at the moment but I feel pretty good about it, I'm rather strong. But I didn't ran friday or today, as I my knees are beginning to hurt again. I don't know if it's the cold or the weather, but I feel a permanent pain in both knees and I have troubles with climbing up stairs, so I wasn't quite sure about running. I'll try this wednesday but if it hurts me again, I'll try elliptical bike instead. The problem is, that's not
  4. Spauracchio, merci I'm not sure, but I think my legs are involved in this stance : That's my "reference" stance since that's also my abs-workout. I can hold hardly 40 seconds. I'm doing the side abs too but I can't hold for that long. I'm not really familiar with the english names of the leg muscles, but I feel that interval training really makes my legs... Well, work ! Obviously it does when I really run for long, but I noticed some changes, visually and with my knee, which hurt less when it's cold. I'm thinking about doing some squats, or maybe the "jumping squats" of the batman workout ?
  5. Hey there ! It's my first quest being a monk, and I wnat to introduce myself properly : I'm a 18 years old french guy, living in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and I'm currently a computer sciences student in my second year of a Bachelor's degree. I'm 1m90 tall, and I weight for about 75kg. I made my first (and a half) challenge around my health, as I had weak lungs and heart, bad kneecap and some back problems due to a lack of strength and stamina. Now I feel way better, even if I still need to improve my cardio. I am not so much of a sport guy, and I never really enjoyed anything else that mountain
  6. Thanks for your support Gneiss Well, this is not exactly like fencing, as fencing uses rapiers ( or fleuret, but I don't know how to say it in English ). I'll do some longsword, langmesser, bastard sword, etc, training, basing on german medieval manuscripts ! Here's my challenge review : I am capable of running 20 minutes of interval training ! I didn't ride my bike, though. But, hey, I did it ! Well, I'm going to give me an A- because I accomplished what I wanted to do, even I skipped sometimes. I kept this going almost everytime, and I see the changes, in my strength, and physically
  7. I'm kinda late to my review, but here it is : Main goals : B on running, not so much progress, and I skipped yesterday's run because of the rain. I should really get more motivated. A on exercising, as I keep pushing myself to my limits and get push them. I workout longer and easier, even if I have some troubles about getting warmed up. B on sleeping : I'm sleeping enough, but I'm still pretty tired when I wake up like last week, but I should sleep more, sometimes. Life quest : A, as I'm really getting some solid infos about Glasgow, transport, accent, lifestyle, everything ! I found a blog
  8. Thanks Gneiss This challenge is going very well, even though I missed a day of workout due to sickness. I slept almost all Saturday and Sunday, and now I'm well ! I didn't ran today, as my knees were killing me ( I couldn't stand up for long ! ) maybe the stairs AND the bad weather are the cause ? Well, I did 20 straight minutes of elliptical bike, even it's not the same as running. I'll be running this Wednesday, no matter how bad is the weather ! So, I started running with my sister, and that's great, even though she has quite a difficult time to keep it for more than 5 minutes. But that'
  9. I'm a little late ! But I'm still alive ! Sooo... This half-challenge went better than the first half than I did before ! I run not so much longer, but significantly faster, without too much pain, and it feels great. I usually can keep up about 15 minutes of interval training with some walk breaks. So, that's like halfway of my goal. I'm giving myself an A, because even if I don't run for long, my motivation gave my sister motivation too ! That's sweet ! Even if she can't run as much as me, as she didn't exerciced in 7 years, and she has minor asthma, so I don't push her too hard. I rea
  10. I don't know why they're acting like this, but I don't like that. Well, that's not unusual but too common here to be bothered by douches, especially being a woman. Lots of friends tell me that, when they wear a little makeup and try to be cute, some douches are honking at them, try to flirt like "Yo ma'am you're pretty, wanna suck me ?" ( Usually it stops here, but that can be really exhausting, I think ) and I tell me I'm blessed to be a man, but since I got my long hair, that's pretty much the same for me, except they are being mean to me. In fact, that's not only in the subway but in the ar
  11. Thanks a lot again Gneiss That's very nice of you ! Yesterday I didn't ran as I did a loooooooooot of paperwork with Glasgow and everything. I also did a translation of a 2,5 pages article of the Guardian yesterday, which I'm rather proud of ! Well, translation is easier that making a full sentance all by myself, but that's still good, considering that I'll be living in Scotland for 3 months with only 2 french buddies. Today was a pretty good day, I really enjoyed seeing my girlfriend as we don't have much time with studies etc. But in the subway to get her home, 2 or 3 douches kinda bullie
  12. Haha, that can be a really good quest ! Yeah, I love Scotland as well as Norway, the two of them, plus Ireland are my dream destinations ! Actually, except for Ireland, I already have plans to visit for a looong time theses countries ! Costa Rica ? Why not ? Well, that's a bit too hot for me there ( I need a cold climate It's always around 16°C in my chamber ! ) but that's beautiful too ! Now, you can plan to go to Scotland and finish to Feroe Islands, that's not too far Well yesterday I ran the same pattern with a half more "lap" ( a lap is 2 times "2m jog, 30s sprint" ) but I still felt
  13. Hey there I see that your challenge is going well ! Keep going Gneiss ! You're awesome !
  14. Well, today was a pretty good day ! I ran ! I did about 11 minutes of effective running, 20 minutes if I count walk-breaks. It was : 2 m jogging,30s sprint x2 2 m walk 2 m jogging,30s sprint x2 4 m walk 1 m jogging 4 m walk I noticed that my "Stop or you'll die !" signal is somehow the impression of my ribcage being too small for my lungs... That's hard to describe, as I am not a good english speaker But I think my last challenge progress is merely surviving there... I need to train more and more. Then I went home, and decided to make even more : 10m elliptical bike It was pretty hard b
  15. Well, my challenge is going moderatly well. I'm exercising, but not running. I try to motivate myself but after my day in the university, it's pretty hard, as I climb 5 floors of stairs every 2 hours ! ( Yes, they put us in the highest floor then the ground floor every different class... Hehe ) Today was the funerals of my grandmother, and I am not really in the mood for my workout, but I will do it or I'll feel like cr*p ! Besides, it's just 5 sets of 5 pullups, chinups and 20 pushups. Oh and, I'll be in Glasgow in April ! ( 1st april to 30 june ! ) Well I asked Norway, but Scotland is fine
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