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  1. Gah! Kinda sorta back. Saw a "nerdfitness" discount code on YouTube and got nostalgic. Meh, I've had a better 8 month period, dealing with lots of death, depression, drinking a bit too much. Haha new definition of Triple D lol. Sorry for being depressing, but happy to see you doing well (enough lol)
  2. These parts seem far more barren than I remember. But I thought I'd drop a post meet recap from my April 7th AAU meet. It's a copy and paste from my personal notes... MEET DAY Did not go as expected. Went to sleep at 130, woke up around 6. Meet started way sooner than I expected, so didnt eat breakfast. SQUAT 2/3 - Warmups went poorly, rack was too high and took few too many awkward warm ups. My fault for not making a better effort. Squats felt off from warm ups. Opened heavier than usual at 424 and wasn't happy with the way it moved, so stayed conservative with 2nd attempt and matched my last meet PR of 446. Despite not being happy with this attempt, I went full send on third and went 480 for an all time PR. Self doubt as I told the judge my attempt and that lasted throughout the lift. No lift. BENCH 3/3 - No real break between squat and bench. Again, janky warm ups; the bar, 155, 195 then done. All attempts went fast and felt great. DEADLIFT 3/3 - (Good) Surprise of the day here. Deads moved well despite, again, poor warm ups. Opener, 419, moved fast, as it should. Decided to just go for the PR of 452, apparently moved super fast. When giving my third attempt, several people told me to go heavier, but played it safe with another, relatively smooth, PR at 467. Overall disappointing meet despite 4 all time PRs on bench/deadlift and 54lb PR on my total. I know the issues with my squat meet prep and will correct for July Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  3. Hey fucker, happy to see you still alive and kicking
  4. Semi related, look into staggered stance single leg stiff legged deads... with kettlebells...Jesus that was a lot. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  5. Mobility work never hurts, but it may simply be a form and/or mental road block. Definitely deload (sorry), and record and post to form check or compare to any number of fitness YouTubers. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. Listen to all three of these vets. I agree with Marissa in that you seem a little light for your height. I'm 5'9 as well, probably more like 5'8 and I train at 86kg and "compete" at 82kg. You don't need to get as big as that again but putting on some kgs wouldn't hurt. And yeah, I don't see the typical PT loving SL5x5, the best and most boring times is being a beginner lifter, the gainz are bountiful but the work is tedious. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. Hey! It's kinda hard for me to figure what the issue might be without a form check video. Hips might be too high (or low), bar might be too far away from your body, et cetera. But at this stage, accessory work isn't typically needed. It's more important to just get reps under your belt and learn the movement Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, I showed it to someone and they got pissed cause he thought I was about an inch away from pushing my hips thru Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  9. The Ghost returns! I'm not super active around here as much anymore, but thought I'd still drop a meet report. F TL;DR: Went 7/9 (again) (failed 3rd squat and deadlift attempts (complete fail)), left some pounds on the platform but still set some 4 PRs. Amazing experience for my first meet and reinforced my stance that everyone who ever thinks about doing a meet, competition or race should just do it. PLAN YOUR WORK. WORK YOUR PLAN! TRAINING & MEET PREP: Going into this meet I ran Candito's 6 Week Strength Program, which has been amazing. Prior to that I ran Layne Norton's 13 Week PH3 program which was sweet. Decided to do this meet 6 weeks out, when @miss_marissa told me to just do it. This was my second powerlifting meet, first with AAU. Training went amazingly, especially squats. Bench, as always was a little rough. Deads weren't feeling great either. But overall, all lifts weren't on the decline and I had no lingering injuries or aches & pains. Here are my squats leading up to the meet: As you can see I was feeling strong in squats, which is by far my best lift. MEET: This was my first meet with a 24 hour weigh in, first meet I had to travel and sleep at a hotel for. The original plan was to feel like a bad ass and ride the motorcycle 2 hours South from Vegas to Laughlin, but the wife put the kabosh on that when weather reports were expecting 45-50mph gusts that weekend. So (no thanks to myself) I played it smart and drove down in the car. The day of the meet was a bit long, as anyone who has competed knows. Rules briefing was at 830 and then the meet started...the weightlifting meet. Didn't realize WL would be going first before PL. It's always amazing to see the skill, coordination and grace of weightlifters, but I was mentally amped to start lifting a lot earlier than I would get to. I had been worried about making weight as a couple of months ago I was push 200lbs and debating if I should just cross the border and see how big I could get. The "diet" was relatively simple; cut out beer (6-12/week), cut out fast food, cut out cookies and snacks. That got me down to the mid to high 180s, and then a week out I started to waterload, and water loading SUCKS BALLS. Drinking gallons of water is just not fun and causes so many trips to the bathroom and a few 90mph trips on the highway to avoid pissing myself. Thankfully, I easily made weight coming in at 178.6lbs on that Friday. After I weighed in and got checked into the hotel, I made a dash to the casino buffet and drank & ate ALL THE FOODS. So many carbs were consumed and everything was heavily salted to replenish all the stuff I had been peeing out for the past 5 days. SQUAT: Warmups for squat started while the WLers were on their 3rd snatch attempts. Training at a gym with typical plates in pounds sucks when doing a meet in kilograms. Warm ups were rough and I couldn't take the jumps I normally do because of lifting brain and having to accommodate other lifters as well. The most stressful part for me leading into a meet is picking my attempts. Again @miss_marissa gave me advice to just be conservative with my attempts and I chose not to listen. I really wanted a 435 squat and based my attempts on that goal. Opened at 175kg/386lbs and that felt smooth and easy enough. This was a meet PR, as my best squat last year was 374 or so. Once I racked the bar, any nerves and butterflies instantly disappeared. But as I did for my first meet, I got in my own head when going up to the scorers table to make my second attempt. The plan was for 185/408 or being conservative at 182.5/403, but ended up at 180 and this is where the wheels wobbled. Second attempt was 397 and felt pretty okay. This was another meet PR. Third attempt was 187.5/413 and the wheels fell off. My issue, I think, was not staying on my plan and then not just staying off of it. I should have just stayed conservative here and got a clean lift. Hopefully I will be better at the next meet. Tied for best raw squat at 180kg. BENCH: Warmups for bench was fast...because I'm weak and use light weights. I went 3 for 3 here, which as an improvement over last year where I missed my second attempt. No bench video because poverty bench can't afford recording devices. Opener: 95kg/205lbs Second attempt: 102.5kg/226lbs Third attempt: 105kg/231lbs (Meet & Overall Pause PR) DEADLIFT: Deadlift warmups did not feel especially well due to abnormal warmups. Opened at 375lbs just to make sure I got the first attempt easily and didn't bomb out. Second attempt there is no video but hit 185/408 which is a meet & overall PR. I was a mess. Chalk covered hands and baby powder covered forearms and thighs, I'm the weakest cheater. Third attempt was conservative at 187.5/413, but was a miss. Back started to round and I think I just gave up. RESULTS/WRAP UP: Went 7 for 9 with two complete misses. Ended up getting 4 PRs. Increased my total by 30lbs and increased my squat PR by 20lbs or so. Didn't do nearly as well as I wanted to, especially on squats. Not sure how I placed, as the results are not out yet but I think I came in 4th overall, with the top lifter have an equipped squat and deadlifts in wraps and ended up with a medal. RANDOM THINGS: Masters and youth lifters are still and forever will be the coolest lifters at any meet. 74 year old, 70% blind lifter set a couple of bench world records. 12 year old did the weightlifting meet and then came back and deadlifted. And a 14 year old set multiple world records for all 3 lifts. I was not thinking about competing or seriously lifting weights when I was that age, I was out doing things 12-14 year olds should not be doing, but none of them involved setting records. One lifter flew in from Nigeria to compete, thought that was crazy. Had the day not been so long, I would have participated in the MAS wrestling competition that was held right after MOVING FORWARD: Again I was really happy with this meet experience. I was looking at doing another meet in September that would be more local so the family could finally attend, but that has been pushed up to July. The Sept meet is AAU Worlds and is capped at 300 lifters, July meet is capped at 50. It would seem cruel to have anyone not into lifting sit thru that long of a meet. So the plan is to have a fuck around bodybuilding deload (starting today), run Candito with low training maxes and then run Candito with more accurate maxes.
  10. Goddamn! We live such different lives. I grew up in NYC, Philly and Chicago. Turkey hunts, hiking, local trout ponds, and "wedding guns" seem so foreign. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  11. Just bought a pair of wrestling shoes or squats and deads and they feel amazing
  12. I often feel this way, more so since I've moved to a commercial gym. I typically ignore, or at least try to ignore what other people are doing. Unless someone asks my opinion or advice I stay out of it only because I have absolutely no context for what they are doing. There could be injuries, lack of mobility, different goals than I have, or just something I've never seen before.
  13. Okay to be fair, I haven't read EVERY post cause I'm on my phone. But this is just from today... FitNotes Workout - Monday 13th March 2017 Total Volume: 45,215 lbs Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  14. I would Google/YouTube MWOD Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  15. The yelp was me gathering all my powers. And being in a non-commercial/globo gym
  16. Haha, the chances of this log being anything of what it was in the past are pretty low. And I barely finished challenges in the past when I was actually around. So if I don't go MIA again, I'll mostly just be popping up for random, irreverent, and irrelevant comments in your logs and challenges. But here's my 400lb squat from 2 weeks ago. Though I think only @miss_marissa is the only person who still squats around here lol
  17. Haha not dead, just MIA. No competitions, races or meets planned for 2017 so far. Recently getting consistent with the gym again over the last 4 months or so. Hit a 400lb squat and 240 bench on Valentine's Day. Both kid and baby are quite well. Give or take a broken finger, everyone is happy and healthy. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  18. Wow! So that was a super fun read... Did a mock meet on Valentine's Day. Skwaat: 355,380,400 Binch (TnG): 205,225,240 Didlift: 335,365,405 I never do heavy singles when we do these things, so great timing. Dat squat doe...
  19. Haha, we need a montage gif from a movie where they get the old gang back together.
  20. Happy the baby is happy and healthy and I assume everyone is tired.
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