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  1. Going for simple here; Don't worry so much about it. Too many people focus on the right amount of protein with vegan & vegetarian diets to the point of oblivion. Just focus on getting the essential vitamins and minerals through food sources and continue to stay active (Excuse me if my answer sounds blunt, that's just the best way I can phrase it).
  2. Is there a way to delete my profile on Nerd Fitness? I haven't used it in over a year.
  3. I would like to change my answer, I miss NONE OF IT!
  4. Jarach

    Round 2

    Although it's a bit overdue, I thought I should at least give a summary of my 6-week challenge. I stopped keeping track soon after I moved back home for the summer, but with school out of the way I found it actually easier to focus on bulking up. I didn't have access to a gym and the only workout equipment I had was a barbell with a max load of 90 lb., the neighborhood streets, and a speaker system for my workout music. I maintained my schedule of 3 workouts a week and even managed to put in some cardio every couple of mornings on my off days. In the end I actually exceeded my goal weight an
  5. Awesome artwork & goals! Looooooove the Pokemon theme. Keep up the good work!
  6. I'm sure this has been said before, but only you can really answer this question. You'll see a whole bunch of testimonies from people going paleo/vegetarian/vegan/whatever that they feel like their life is 100% better, but someone else will try it and not have the same affect. If your body likes eating grains, legumes or whatever, I say go for it. If not, then don't.
  7. Ditto, and on top of that, how do you customize it??
  8. What do you guys do for post-workout nutrition? By that I mean the first thing you consume after a good workout. I've recently taken a liking to a quick baked sweet potato in the microwave usually with some greens.
  9. Eggs in avocado, very creative! Vegan-wise, you should find some Nutritional Yeast. It's got protein and an awesome source of B vitamins (which they really need). It's flaky and has a savory taste almost like cheese, so you could cook up some elbow macaroni, chopped/frozen veggies and sprinkle some on. Pasta salads are super easy as well, just cook noodles, throw in herbs, veggies and a little oil and voila!
  10. I get a cottage cheese craving every now and then, ice cream (of course). Eggs and butter, not for eating but for baking since they're SOO versatile and beneficial in the science of it. Still trying to work out the kinks in vegan baking, especially when it comes to desserts!
  11. Found time to work out and enjoy myself despite my anxieties about life, yay positivity!

    1. Nirvi
    2. moomin


      Yay! Happy to know that you're still working out!!

      Missing you on your challenge thread...

  12. 2 weeks left of the semester not counting finals. Got a group project to work on (where half are unresponsive), a presentation on Thursday (that we haven't practiced), a scholarship to finish within the week, and job searching for the summer. Needless to say that I will be cutting into my workout time lol.

  13. I started off as an accidental vegetarian, because I never found the time or desire to cook meats but stuck to eggs and dairy and loaded on grains, fruit & veggies. I then learned how the meat industry mistreated its livestock and thought it was wrong, becoming an ethical vegetarian. Unfortunately, I realized one day that the meat, dairy & eggs industries are all pretty much the same and by buying eggs & dairy, I was supporting the very thing I was against. After that I just ate meat & whatever else because there was no getting around the system & veganism seemed too expens
  14. Hi and welcome! Sounds like you have some pretty big life goals, but it sounds like you're also have strong motivation to complete them as well. If you ever need extra help you can always join a support group to help keep you focused. I also love your motivational quote, it really speaks to me as I was also in a sickly body, but through will-power I got out of it. Best of luck, I know you can do it!
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