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  1. Oh, I'm definitely going to do some more camping as future goals, but I'm starting small. ;-) Thanks!
  2. Wow, I'm actually nervous. This is the first time I've stated this goal to strangers as more than a "gee, I'd like to someday . . . " So, here goes. Main Challenge: In the next five years, I would like to take five or six months and thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Have I mentioned I've only been camping once? Goals: I'm starting with the bar pretty low for this first challenge. I recently moved across the country and have a lot of new stuff flying at me from all directions so, while I want to make some changes, I don't want to overload myself and burn out. I quit smoking two yea
  3. Good luck, Blake! Both in your running and for Nanowrimo!
  4. I really like how you're approaching this challenge. I hope when I do my first challenge, I do as well as you have at keeping a sense of humor and keeping at it. There are so many things you said that touch me and I wanted to let you know that I think you are rocking the hell out of this challenge! I also am rediscovering my artist-self -- you're not alone. When I was in sixth grade, they didn't make girls' shoes big enough, so I had to wear boys' shoes. That combined with the fact that I had a mop of frizzy hair and a nose the size of Texas made me feel less than attractive. My fee
  5. Hello Dawsy and all. I am new here, but I'm thinking I will be a Scout/Druid hybrid. I have been rowing more than running recently, but have always dreamt of running a marathon so I'm thinking I'll ease into running again. I'm excited to sign up for the next challenge, which will be in the first timers class, but I'm looking forward to becoming an apprentice Scout! I may not be fast (yet), but my endurance is great -- I can walk all day. pip, pip for the Scouts!
  6. Thanks, Buttercup (and GREAT name). I feel good about the beginnings I've made. The next thing is, I think, not to get bogged down or let my enthusiasm wane. And here's to new beginnings, indeed! *clink*
  7. Thank you hanna.bandana. There's so much to read and do it's overwhelming, but such a lot of fun.
  8. Hi Mighty_Mouse! I don't think a 5k by this time next year is at all implausible. See if you like running first and then dig in!
  9. Okay, I just had a little physical stutter and accidentally "quoted" your entire post. woops. What I meant to say was: Hi! Good to see you and your goal to "stay on this plan" is not ridiculous at all. Showing up and being willing is more than half the battle. So pat yourself on the back. You're doing great!
  10. Here goes. I have recently turned my life on its head and begun a great quest. It's a good thing, although sometimes it feels like freefall. Physically, I am 47, 5' 8.5" (don't try to to take away that half inch; I really like that half inch), and 165lbs. I used to be an annoyingly, effortlessly skinny waif, but quitting smoking (it will be 2 years on September 19th, thankyouverymuch), cruel age, and the onset of menopause have really changed my body. Physically, I feel like a stranger to myself and when I catch a glimpse of myself passing a mirror, I cringe. I'm concerned that if I don'
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