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  1. The last week hasn’t been great. It like the switch wasn’t flipped all the way (if that makes sense). I worked out a little bit – mostly on the oculus quest playing Dance Central. Honestly, if you pick the right songs, its one hell of a full body workout. Nutrition was definitely lacking. But I have managed to course correct here by going back to doing meal preps on a Sunday. This weeks lunches are low fat, very high veggie content lasagne. And I think that’s working! I had a gain yesterday, but already today that’s come down a bit – which I’m attributing to my dedicated shift in food. Today I have woken up far more motivated. I’m probably going to mix things up a bit workout wise – try and incorporate the VR workouts plus some general strength training. 5kg loss still seems so far away. But if I get to the end of this and still have some sort of a loss, that’s a win and I will keep pushing through.
  2. I just did a big long into over in the respawn section, but here's the short version. Big long break since i was on here, gained a crap tonne of weight, can't live life like this so it's time to get back into it!. Stats: Age: 31 Height: 168cm Weight: 163kgs/359 pounds. Goals! Overall goal - lose 5kgs by the end of the 5 weeks. If I lose 4kg i will accept that, but considering how much weight i have to lose this shouldn't be an issue. FITNESS: Minimum 5 workouts a week, mix of strength training and body weight training. NUTRITION: NO MORE TAKEOUT. There's no reason for it, especially this month when hubby and I are taking turns to watch our child during the holidays. WELLBEING. Take my anti-depressants and vitamins every day. Both together will do wonders for my mental wellbeing, and give me energy to take on anything. So there we go. I'm already 3 days into the week, but I've only done 1 workout this week. Technically I can make that goal, however i did cheat and have takeaway for breakfast. So while that bit has failed, if i start from RIGHT NOW then I have a chance of making the week.
  3. Well I’m back again. After an extended break where I basically gained the weight of 2 small children, I’m throwing myself back into this community. If you see my joined date, you can tell that I’ve been around for a long time, but I haven’t been back here in a few years. I need a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. I can’t keep with the status quo anymore. I’m extremely unfit, even compared to this time last year. I get basically no exercise during the day, and I’m now at the point where the only thing I can wear is maxi dresses (or mu-mus if we want to categorize it that way). I’ve made some small changes so far this week. Husband and I have set up a dedicated area under our patio, with flooring and weights, so we have no excuse there. And being summer its hot during the day (I live in Western Australia, we’ve had 40+ degree Celsius days for most of the last week), but its still bright in the evening, which is perfect time for us to do workouts. Here are my stats. Age: 31 (32 in Feb). Height: 168cm Weight: 163kgs. So yeah, that number is pretty horrific to me. Last night we managed to get in a bit of a strength training workout, and I was shocked by how little I was able to manage. We will be making changes to the plan so we do it in a circuit, rather than a lot of reps of one exercise, right after another. Everytime I restart, I say my goal weight is 100kgs. This time it seems so unachievable this time around. BUT if I break it down into 1kg a week, then it would take me just over a year to get there. With that in mind, my goal is to get down to 110kgs by the end of the year – a 50kg loss. I’m going to start breaking it down into chunks though. 6 weeks, 5kg. That should be doable. I am half way through week 1 and I haven’t done much this week, so I’m giving myself 6 weeks to do the 5kgs. Due to my size, doing a huge amount of exercise will be a struggle, so there will definitely be a push on nutrition. This is just step 1. I’m trying not to do too much too quickly, but even that first step is something.
  4. My husbands way of losing weight is this: Starving himself for 2 meals a day (breakfast is an apple and a large cup of coffee, lunch is another apple plus a small bag of crisps) and then he can have whatever the hell he wants for dinner. And to my dismay...it's working for him. Sometime I will relent, as after working all day and then coming home to deal with the baby, I just don't have the energy to cook, but I know this is just an excuse. We had so much fast food last week, how I didn't gain a couple of kilos is beyond me!
  5. Week 2 results. Struggled this week. Was not prepared with my lunches, but just managed to scrape in As for both breakfast and lunch this week Lunch - A Breakfast - A Fast Food - F (hubby was a bad influence on me) Fitness - A Strength - C Weigh in this morning was not too bad. Just need to break through the 122kg mark. I doubt I am going to hit the 4kg loss this challenge.
  6. Well I dropped off the map a bit! Here's Week Ones results (a few days late I know!) Lunch - A Breakfast - A Fast Food - C Fitness - A Strength - C I can already see room for improvement, although that may not happen this week either! Sun/Mon Check in for Week 2 Lunch - Passed / Passed Breakfast - Passed / Passed Fast Food - Passed / Failed Fitness - Passed / Passed Strength - Failed / Failed. And already passed my life quest with a date night in the city with hubby Sunday night/ Todays not looking good either. Woke up late after a horror night with the baby, so breakfast and lunch are consisting of a giant cheese and bacon scroll that will be for both meals. Hopefully dinner will be a bit better!
  7. Wednesday check in Lunch: Passed Breakfast: Passed Fast food: Passed Fitness: Nothing today Strength: Again nothing, need to step up my game. Sorry for the brevity. Last night I went to the doctors, and I have been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency (i had the same thing when pregnant last year, so not suprised), iron deficiency....and officially post natal depression. I'm on supplements for the first 2, anti-depressants for the second. Just not really with it today. I'm sitting at my desk at work snacking on everything carby i can get my hands on. Today may be a write-off.
  8. FOOD Lunch: Failed today, but proud of myself for making healthy choices Breakfast: Passed – I had some leftover spaghetti squash, so fried that up with some mushrooms and an egg. Rather tasty Fast food: Still going strong FITNESS Exercise: Got a 10 minute walk in when I went to get lunch STRENGTH Nothing today, but still only 2 days in, so plenty of time to get in the other 2 sessions And another 100g loss. I had 2 protein balls, and I’m thinking they may be useless- I wasted 400 calories on junk.
  9. I'm actually quite proud of my lunch - I got a tempeh burger, with a gluten free bun, mixed lettuce, beetroot, hummus, avocado, and a little relish. Came to just over 500 cals I believe. Could have been so much worse - and it was quite tasty as well!
  10. I post on my own thread all the time - I never expect anyone to reply to it. Just need to take the challenge one day at a time -you can only do as much as you can do
  11. So *spoiler alert* I have failed the lunch portion for today (Tuesday), as I completely forgot to sort myself out anything this morning. I'm very annoyed at myself, as I had salmon and salad sitting in the fridge, just waiting to go into my lunch box. But alas, it was not to be. So now I need to figure out what the hell to do for lunch today that doesn't include too many carbs (so sandwhiches/rolls are out), and is preferably as low cal as possible.
  12. Love your goals! Will be following along
  13. Monday check in: FOOD Take a healthy packed lunch – Yep! I had a healthy spinach salad, with some salmon Eat Healthy breakfast – Another yep. Another lovely healthy omelette. Cut out fast food for dinner – Still nothing. FITNESS Some sort of exercise: Yep! Got in some cardio by doing the bank run. Made sure I took the long way round to extend out my time. STRENGTH No strength exercises, trying to get over the DOMs! Life quest already passed for the week. And another day, another 700g loss! I have put myself on a low cal diet (supposed to be between 1200 – 1500 calories, although Monday was only 950!), and I think it is really working.
  14. Wow you have had a rough go of it lately! Hope everything improves for you, and that you can smash out this challenge
  15. My week will be Sunday - Saturday Here is Sundays check in: Take a healthy packed lunch - technically I was at home, but I still had a very healthy lunch Eat healthy breakfast 3 days a week: Very healthy and protein packed omelette Cut out Fast food for dinner - No fast food so far FITNESS Some sort of exercise, 3 times a week: No cardio yet, but i'm only one day in STRENGTH Went through the angry birds workout. I know i did it right, as i'm pretty sore this morning LIFE QUEST Strange one, but games night with hubby, once a week - Passed on day one! Plus, in the space of one day, I managed to lose 800g! slowly undoing the damage of the last week.
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