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  1. Zenaxavoir

    Nax does not do things.

    Sept 16 1. No consciousness after midnight: success* 2. No coffee after noon: success** 3. No thinking for 10 breaths or 1 min: success 4. No alcohol: success *I went to bed before 11. It was shocking (in a good way) to set my alarm for the usual time and see the "alarm set 8:01 hours from now" because that is a lot more hours than usual. Unfortunately I woke up for no reason around 11:50, and I think a few more times throughout the night. The morning was less shitty than usual, though. **I poured myself a coffee around 11:30 AM yesterday but didn't finish it until slightly past noon. Still counts, lol. Oh, absolutely. I read "Why We Sleep" a few months ago, and the book goes over all the terrible consequences of sleeping too little. And yet there I am routinely staying up late for no reason. I hope whatever damage was done over the years is reversible.
  2. Zenaxavoir

    Nax does not do things.

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! I don't know how I manage to stay up past midnight either. Getting home at or after 10 PM and then having to do mundane daily tasks + eating + showering usually puts me real close to midnight. I don't get home this late every day, but it does tend to happen on at least 3 days. Some times I dream of a life where I'm not perpetually exhausted. Here's hoping that not having alcohol for 5 weeks will at least increase the quality of my sleep.
  3. Zenaxavoir

    Clinging to The Bandwagon

    100% relatable. I was just thinking, this very morning, about how I need to make some changes in my life and that I should check out the NF Challenge forums because that was helpful in the past and...Lo and behold! There is a Challenge starting today! Also, there is a Nerd Fitness Flexibility challenge? Super. I'm going to check that out.
  4. Zenaxavoir

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Whoa, we have similar challenges (except yours is harder, lol). The Brain Gremlins need to freaking die.
  5. Zenaxavoir

    Fall Druid Cabin

    Looking at the picture in the first post makes me realize just how badly I want to go to a cabin in the woods, away from everything. It's been getting chilly here (Atlantic Canada) for a few weeks. I'm not sure if the Fall colors have appeared yet, which I realize is a dumb thing to say since all I have to do is look outside. I just did this now, and there's a bit of red and orange leaves. I also now realize that the drive to and from work also provides a view with several trees, which I also never pay attention to. Wow. Focus, plz. This general lack of awareness is one of the reasons why I'm doing a challenge :|
  6. Zenaxavoir

    Nax does not do things.

    I am not very good at challenging myself, so I'm going to not do things to improve my life: 1. Do not do anything after midnight. Y'know, except sleep. 2. Do not drink coffee after noon. 3. Do not think, for at least 10 long breaths (meditate for 10 breaths or 1 minute, minimum) 4. Do not drink alcohol. This is a respawn. Also, hi everyone!