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  1. Got an update on this topic. I checked GMB, but I'm balking at how expensive it is. It's too much for my Mexican income. Also, Pokémon Go on second thought is unfortunately not going to be a good idea, because Mexico is a dangerous country where crime is rampant even in the poshest neighborhoods. So yeah, I guess I'm going to have to end up going to a psychologist to leave behind those memories of high school PE. And yes, by "resistance" I mean resistencia, that is, endurance. False friends
  2. OK, so I have a restriction: fitness-based games must be able to run on a rooted phone (installing Magisk Manager is going to take at least 2 days while I backup everything on my phone, factory reset it, download a clean stock ROM, install Magisk, reinstall all my apps and restore my files). That means no Pokémon Go. Any other running game I can use apart from Zombies Run?
  3. I'm interested in exercises that can improve my proprioception. What can I do and how do I do that crawling thing? The internet says I might be able to train it with a balance board. Also, playing Pokémon Go sounds like a good idea to have some distraction. I might give it a chance.
  4. When I was a kid I developed an intense dislike for PE class, due in part to being stiff, klutzy and having a very hard time at anything that demands the slightest amount of physical coordination. I have since never been able to enjoy any physical activity that reminds me even slightly about it. Up until a few years ago I was big into weight lifting, because it was 100% unlike my middle and high school PE classes. But now I need to lose some weight and work on my physical resistance, and I just can't bring myself to do it. I can't even walk for more than 3 minutes without feeling like quitting
  5. I'm jumping into this thread because I also want a sport I can play. It must be enjoyable with next to zero mechanical skill because I suck at all sports. I do not have much choices for swimming in my city.
  6. Just read that article, and it says that if I cut for a long time, I should refeed every once in a while. I've heard about that before, but I honestly know pretty much nothing about how to sustain a long cut. What should I do in this case? Does that means something like, 1800 calories for one month and then a few days of 2500? Also, I did a 1.5 month cut on New Year to shed the fat I packed on winter holidays. During the whole time I felt pretty much fine despite everything except my squat stalling (though I kinda believe it could have been because I was already past noobgains and kept tryin
  7. So, it's been 9 months since I got into Stronglifts, and right now my lifts are 355 lb deadlift, 275 lb squat, 155 lb bench and 125 lb OHP. I've been wanting to keep bulking more and cut once I reach 405/315/225/155 lb respectively on these lifts, but problem is, because I started off skinnyfat I've been packing a lot of fat and I'm probably around 30-34% BF or so. However, I'm hesitant about starting to cut because I feel like quitting at my current working weight is too early. I feel like as a beginner I should be able to do 4/3/2/1 plates in order for this to count as a solid strength base.
  8. Rebels, I'm in a dilemma. I've been lifting for a year and a half already, out of that I've been doing 6 months of Stronglifts, and I went from doing 165/95/65/bar on DL/squat/bench/OHP to 305/265/145/115. Problem is, my friend who is trapped in the idea that strength training will make you a fatty and you're supposed to be a slim, toned male cardio bunny just decided to take matters in his hands and he has already extracted me twice to walk 8 miles. Last Saturday we walked 8 miles, and then on Sunday we walked another 8 miles. Yesterday I went to the gym, and my squat dropped to 225 and my
  9. Uh, I was talking about the site linked by the sticky. This one is actually good, it's how I discovered Nerd Fitness, strength training and Stronglifts.
  10. I want to do Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou but shirtless and with bandages (sarashi) on my chest or abs, one of the two, depending on how well they show. (Yes, I'm a dude. The Touhou fandom is full of crossplay and it actually looks nice ) In order to do that, I need to first finish my cut, then bulk and bring my lifts to 4/3/2/1.5 plate deadlift/squat/bench/OHP, and then I'll cut again. Hopefully this year I'll be able to do that.
  11. Being skinny is attractive in the States. It makes you look young and cute, and since 75% of the United States is overweight (according to http://apps.who.int/gho/data/node.main.A897?lang=en), just being skinny is already being on the top healthiest and slimmest 25%. Of course, being skinny is not healthy either. It also means you're weak, frail and catch diseases easily. But most people have probably given up on finding actually muscular people, so they just settle for the second best thing.
  12. These advice columns end up creating a jumbled puzzle of information that is horrifyingly difficult to piece together. You're better off reading 4chan's /fit/ sticky in my opinion, it's straightforward and much like a one stop source of general fitness information. I sometimes find myself re-reading it to review my fundamentals.
  13. ITT: We laugh at commercial fitness crap. The other day I browsed the group sessions at this family fitness club that has opened like 5 branches in my city where fitness is for soccer moms who want to remain slim and toned. Apparently, the hot thing of today is "core workout" and "functional strength". This particularly struck me because as you know weight lifting is the internet's favorite sport, and I have certainly heard about "functional strength" before and I always thought it was the massive strength you gain from Stronglifts or Rippletits which you'd use on a strongman kind of compe
  14. Hi guys, starting this year I went on my second cut ever, a 1800 calorie cut after 8 months of eating whatever, a crash diet that undid 2 weeks of progress and then 4 months of bulking with about 25% body fat. I began this second cut on New Year thinking about doing a careful, controlled cut and so far I've lost 1.5 kg, at an average rate of half a kilogram per week. I currently weigh 85.5 kg (measure taking every morning after evacuating). Now, starting this year my deadlift/squat/bench/OHP were at 285/225/135/105 pounds, and for the first half of the month I managed to make some progress a
  15. I know it's a matter of practice, but that practice has been getting so incredibly frustrating. I am sick and tired of advancing in 2 years of playing Touhou what other people advance in months, I'm sick and tired of feeding, feeding, feeding and feeding the rival team on LOL, I'm sick and tired of not being able to even touch the CPU's life bar on any fighting game whatsoever, and I'm sick and tired of not even being able to touch a semi-skilled opponent on multiplayer games. I was told elsewhere to play Osu and Tetris, that should work on my fast reaction and coordination skills. I'm also
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