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  1. Argh stupid phone didn't sent my answer this week, whatever. Thanks Neph for the tough love, think I needed that What happened this week: I am finally at the stage where I am no longer afraid to eat anything else than soup - oh yeah! I'm going to try eggs for dinner! Of course that means that eating was off the past two weeks... While I was sick, 'It starts with food' arrived at my door and I am sooo hooked! I was eating low carb all the time (except for this damn moments when you eat a piece of bread because you're invited to dinner and damn hungry - and then you can't stop eating carbs for a few days ) and am totally willing to go all paleo! So I will do my best to eat as my paleo as possible - but I won't be too harsh to myself because I've got such a long way in front of me, there is plenty of time for adjusting. Not saying I will be undisciplined or anything, you know me, I am always way too judgemental with myself and that's what should stop in that matter. I love the idea of real food and getting back to it! Ok, exercising wasn't a thing either because I spent almost 2 weeks lying in the bed. It's sooo frustrating, seeing my legs and arms and how much muscles I lost. And then going for a walk and FEELING how much muscles I lost. I am glad I took the whole week off so I could try to regain some strength for work, I was so weak. As soon as I could, I did a walk and did single body weight exercises; I need that strength and I can't wait to be less wobbly/fluffy... As you can guess, I lost a lot of weight (2 weeks of diarrhoea - watery!!) - 13 lbs since challenge start. All I can do is avoid carbohydrates like hell and try to not gain weight while replacing the fat with muscles. So far it worked; I ate my fat and protein and vegetables (stews ftw) and haven't been blowing up like a balloon because I started eating again. Can't wait until I am my strong self again, I always bragged with being strong, loved that about me! Also, I cleaned up every day! It's easy to get frustrated about the state of your room if you're stuck in it 24/7 How is it going with your challenges??
  2. Bwahahaha xD - Thanks for the advise, I will have a look! But I fear I won't rock this week, caught a baaaaaaad stomach bug .... Been trapped to bed since Tuesday afternoon with all the nice stuff that comes with it. Like not being able to eat. I have to take some powder dissolved in water to avoid dehydration. My doctor said I shouldn't bother with eating ... :S Fooood....... foooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! I miss you!!!
  3. Maybe its just because I REALLY want to focus on getting healthy/losing weight, but other things need to be priority right now - like not screwing up assessments - and that is frustrating me. And of course I need time to ease myself into this, I guess. I am now down to my starting weight again (thank you hormones for the 3 kg extra - without any apparent reason!) which makes me feel less like a hopeless case. Strangely enough my bones are really hurting at the moment; this night I lifted my arm under my head in an awkward angle (belly sleeper) and I could feel my whole arm bones hurting, not like the striking pain when you're making a wrong movement but just awkward, not very reassuring I hope the doctor was right with her diagnosis and its not something else... On Monday, I tried to get my codein but my prescription was expired - by 3 days. Lovely. On the upper side, I ordered 'It starts with food' and I have reason to believe that it will be a good read My eating this week is much better but I already forgot to clean one day *ahem* - I need to stick some post-its with 'tidy up!' at places in my room! Cheers!
  4. Hey Neph! I always admire your challenges and I am kind of relieved, that even someone so creative and persistent as you had a little weight gain. I have gained around 6 lbs the past two weeks :'( - part of it is (hopefully!!) hormonal. But you give me the security that this is not the end, I can't imagine that it holds you back and I think I am just going to follow you on this So curious about your BJJ class!!
  5. Summary Week 1 Goal 1: Meal plan - I ate 4 out of 6 days the meals planned - plus a lot of junk Yes it's THAT time of the month Goal 2: Cook one paleo recipe - Check! The Garlic Soup was really nice Goal 3: Exercise 3 times - Check.... but I didn't do strength training :S Life quest: 6/7. I hope next week is a bit better! - I made time management schedules for every day today, I hope it will help. Meal plan week 2: Mon: Chicken breast plus saladTue: Pre-cooked ChilliWed: Pre-cooked ChilliThu: Stuffed bell pepper orientalFri: Cheese and spinach Omelette with salmonSat: Sushi or a burger ()Sun: leftovers!
  6. Oh yes, limited energy.... I don't think there is anything I can get rid off, but I will try to do less 'unnecessary' things. Bit unlucky that I now finally have a diagnosis for my joint pain: Its Joint Hypermobility Syndrome! And though I was happy as hell just to know what's wrong with me, I am not so happy today because it means pain for the rest of my life. It also means that I have to change a lot.... On the other side, it's also a very good motivation for getting fit and healthy (being extremely fit is whats recommended...) and I might get mitigation circumstances in college because it's a chronic condition. Aaah, too much going on. I'd love to simplify my life, really. Thanks for the hugs
  7. Week 1 Day 2 and 3 They weren't really good because they were soooo packed that I was too tired to cook my meals for dinner. Solution: I have to prepare something on Sunday or Monday night that I can just defrost/ heat up, otherwise this won't work. At least I cleaned up one day [2/7] Week 1 Day 4 Bit less stressy today, managed to clean up [3/7] and to eat a meal according to plan! [1/6] Today was good for another reason: I realised a few weeks ago, that I have too much stuff going on, so I can't fully focus on the stuff that I should, thats college and losing weight. Yes, I made losing weight my priority, but its hard if you need your strength also for other stuff that you just HAVE TO DO. Also, being right in the middle, you sometimes don't have enough distance to see where you're heading to, or, where you want to head to. What usually kept me going was my strong motivation, but, that was... forgotten? I just can't see myself at the moment, I have to keep track on so much other stuff. BUT what I can do is finding my motivation by looking at my loved ones. One of my very own motivations struck me today and that was that I want to inspire my family weight loss and personality wise. Especially my mum, I am a bit concerned about her health and I really really hope by showing her how I take responsibility for my health and happiness that she will do the same. Even if I lose myself in my busy life, I never ever stop thinking about and caring for others. So I pinned a paper on my night stand, reminding me on that I want to inspire my family This week is really dreadful, I've got an essay due tomorrow, I haven't even nearly finished reading; I have to hand it in late. I am really worried about that at the moment! And I still need to exercise... Lord, give me strength. And a lightspeed working brain.
  8. I think surviving is a very very important goal Wish you all the strength you can get to keep your head up! Subscribed!
  9. Gawd, your food pictures on page 1 are looking damn awesome..... *drool* Loads of success for you!!
  10. Week 1 Day 1 Meal plan week 1 (one meal per day to do): Tuesday: Beefy Pizza soup Wednesday: Peppery salad with cheese and chicken Thursday: Beef pizza soup part 2 Friday: Spinach omelette Saturday: Garlic soup Sunday: Garlic soup Clean up room for 15 minutes? - Check! It's still a mess but a bit less of a mess [1/7] Always better than the last time - that's my goal! Though I had really good results, I feel like I didn't do that well - time to try again^^ Oh yes, I love trying out new recipes, and I hope the yucky kitchen situation (student housings...) won't hold me back! Today it was rice with beef, ginger and bamboo stir fry plus fried squid
  11. Hahaha! You are welcome to! I thought thats one of the few things I need to do anyway but still have to kick my ass to do it. AND will do me some good! Thx, I tried to keep it easy this time ^-^
  12. Hello there! This is my 2nd challenge, so onwards to work!! Main quest: lose 8 lbs Subgoals to succeed in main quest: Do a meal plan every Sunday/Monday, buy and eat according to it (80% of the time is a success) This applies only for one to two meals per day because I am working in a cafe daily where I get a free, healthy lunch Cook one new paleo recipe per week - that makes 6 by the end of the challenge Exercise 3 times per week, at least once per week strength training Life quest: I am actually very much looking forward to this tidy up for 15 minutes every day I hope this will help me to make my daily life a bit more organised and easier! Starting measurements and weight: Weight: 117 kg (258,2 lbs) Neck: 37 cm Chest: 124 cm Waist: 112 cm Hip: 130 cm
  13. I have joined the adventurers as well OK, end of challenge measurements: Weight:120,6 kg (266,0 lbs.) ---> 117 kg (258,2 lbs) Measurements: Neck: 37 cm (14 1/2 inch) ---> 37 cm no loss Chest: 127 cm (50 inch) ---> 124 cm (49 inch) Waist: 121 cm (47 1/2 inch)---> 112 cm (44 inch) Hip: 134,5 cm (53 inch) ---> 130 cm (51 inch)
  14. Suffering from a severe condition... Infatuation! x (

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