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  1. Figlet

    Figlet respawns.

    My next challenge will definitely include a part to force me to come over here as much as possible. I have the women's NFA Facebook and an accountabilibuddies group off of that so that is where I end up posting most of the time. I remember from my last challenges that I got a tons of support and met lots of cool people over here, especially when I was very involved in the guild. I want to have that back. Water is terrific, a big change for me. That water chart is awesome, thanks mom2sjm! On target with the bodyweight work outs. Today I did the warm up, the work out, and the
  2. Figlet

    Figlet respawns.

    Week 1 done and I met most of my goals. Maybe a B for the week? 1. NFBW x 2, check 2. 2 glasses of water a day, check. 3. Voicemail, check! Email....um, hm, look over there at that shiny thing! Will check email this week - I've told my husband and he will hold me to it. The others should be do-able. I've done them once, right?
  3. Figlet

    Figlet respawns.

    I'm back after a long, long hiatus. I've been active on the FB group and on my own but haven't done a challenge in now, literally and sadly, years. I used to be an assassin but rebel fits me better at this point. I'm starting small so it's achievable. I rocked my first couple of challenges and then stepped it up too much, couldn't achieve my goals and stopped because I was obviously the biggest failure of anyone who had ever failed. Now a new state, a new job, and a new baby later I'm starting from scratch. 1. NFBW 2x a week 2. 2 glasses of water e
  4. I'm still here! I'm still going!! And my challenge is going well even though I'm not posting. I'm pretty sure that for my next 6 week challenge I'll have 'post at lest 3x a week" as one of my goals. Eat clean - I"m rocking it. Exercise at least 6 days a week - usually I'm more like 5. Run or pull up - I've "failed" by my goals, but some is more than none and I've done some. I am signing up for a turkey trot to encourage me to run more. Life quest - going great, actually. I've been very responsible about tidying consistently and feel great about it. Lots of non scale victories: 1. I've gon
  5. It turns out that on days that I don't have time to turn on the computer, I also am really pressed to find time to work out and clean! I work an hour away from home, my shifts are usually about 11 hours long. I *have* to get 8 hours of sleep in a solid block or I greatly increase my likelihood of seizing. People always think the fact that I have a medical reason to get sleep is awesome and they are jealous. Don't be, it is a huge pain in the butt. Then there is about an hour of getting ready/eating a meal plus coming home/unpacking. So now that's 22 hours. It seems like I should easily be ab
  6. It's a new nationwide mandate but not Obamacare. It's a huge hassle for us (doctors) because we're used to calling in prescriptions to pharmacies and now we can't for narcs. It makes patients angry and often delays them getting the medication they need I understand why there is the change, prescription narcotics are the most abused drug in the US and it is scarily easy to call a pharmacy and pretend to be a doctor, BUT it really penalizes people who actually need the meds. Anyhow, off my soapbox. You're doing great! I'm jealous of the horses as well. I used to ride a lot and haven't in years
  7. It is unbelievably gorgeous weather in Michigan now. 3 days with blue cloudless skies, no humidity, and temps in the 60s. It makes me want to be outside all the time. Yesterday I took the kids to a restaurant where we could eat outside and a chose to have a beer with my meal. It was awesome. I took a 2 miles walk for my exercise. Just as I started to fall asleep I woke up in a panic - I had forgotten to clean! But, no. I had done 20 minutes first thing in the morning, before I was even properly awake because I was worried I wouldn't have time later or would forget. Go me! Today my eating ha
  8. I *love* a cappella! I sang all through college and medical school and I miss it *so* much! What did you get at TJs?
  9. How was the apple crisp? Great start! Your workout inspires me.
  10. How was the apple crisp? Great start! Your workout inspires me.
  11. Go you! Great first week! Rationing a chocolate bar over four days is some serious willpower.
  12. Ugh. Hang in there. Having a baby and trying to get in shape at the same time is BRUTAL. I'm glad you're feeling a little better.
  13. I agree about the push ups before pull ups. My first or 2nd challenge was to do push ups every day. Some were knee push ups, some were full push ups, some were definitely half assed push ups, but I did them and now I'm a lot better. If someone said "Drop and give me 10!" I could without difficulty. I'm a long, long, long, LOONNNNG way from being able to do a pull up…but if I don't work at it I'll stay that same distance. Some days I just hang. I've moved from hanging for one nanosecond to hanging for 5-7 seconds. I do a lot of my pull ups on a machine at the Y that has a counterweight. I've
  14. Please, please, please share all your good recipes. I'm always looking for new things to cook.
  15. I'm really excited to follow you! We've got a lot of the same goals and you're really progressing!!
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