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  1. O hey! Well, I'm still not losing weight but I know it's cuz I'm not working out hard. I'm eating better food and have completely cut out junk (processed) but with stress and natural occurrences, I seem to be delaying the progress. But I am a bit more excited that I'm just making time during the day to lift a few weights and jump around during the day and making it more routine than random.
  2. I'm half-assing it now

    1. MaxCurtis


      Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing. ~Ron Swanson

  3. Popcorn does it for me as far as getting that full feeling. I tend to share my 1 bag of popcorn with my boys anyways. But I don't particularly like saying "no" to someone because I don't want to get the "O, you're not fat!" or "you're not going to lose weight the way you're going at it" or whatever else people tend to say when someone changes their eating habits.
  4. My legs feel great!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      And they look awesome to!

  5. I make dinner daily. We only eat out on weekends and that's only twice a weekend (so one cheat meal for Saturday and Sunday). Our side consist of plenty of garlic and onion with mushrooms and quinoa or beans, occasionally rice with quinoa and our main dish is almost always chicken something or other. I eat well and I incorporate as many veggies as I can (I love vegetables) but changing my meals didn't help...maybe I should measure my portions? as far as exercise goes, I am now doing at least 30 minutes of basic at home routines like jump roping, rough housing, I use resistance bands and ligh
  6. thank you and believe me, I am here to take full on advantage of this groups support and help. I have come to realize that I cannot go at this alive and I need help and I welcome all the advice that I can get from all of you
  7. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I've been rather flakey but I promise that I'm mostly doing well with the foods I eat and working out at least 3x a week now, about me: I am 25 living in California, U.S. and I have a 6 year old boy. I am going to school to be an aviation mechanic and I cannot wait to graduate! I'm not so good to just talk about myself ... What I can say is that this is my FOURTH time losing weight (30-45 pounds) because I eventually always give up. It's frustrating but I only have me to blame.
  8. Ooo, as far as my goals go, I've yet to take a walk around anywhere with my boys. I do do at least 15 minutes of working out each day but I feel it is not enough. I don't even get a real sweat. I glisten with 15 minutes. I am bumping that workout up to 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. I try not to eat after 8 but it's those damn halloween candies that my significant other refuses to let me toss. It's not his fault, it's mine. I should just have more will power. I am getting better. I love oranges. Oranges everywhere! But I confess, fruit is not my only snack on certain days. Sometimes, a ha
  9. SO sorry for the late responses. I was just laid off from work a few days ago and I have just been lost throwing my resume everywhere and anywhere. Plus, I have signed up for school to become and aviation mechanic, which is probably the greatest decision I have EVER made for myself. Pretty soon, I shall have a rockin career! As far as my dieting goes,I have been slacking off a bit due to my fear of saying "no" to my significant other and his parents but I have taken my biweekly pictures of myself and I have to say, while I am not at all happy with how I look, I at least think I see a slight
  10. O, you! My profile pic isn't scary. Fresno is scary to me because I don't know my way around here yet. I'm used to just 2 main highways and not so many streets. I'm sure I'll get around to appreciating this city once I get to going out with friends.
  11. Hello Why yes, I'm new to Fresno but I am here. It's scary out here, by the way but I love the change of pace.
  12. I love working out while watching Bridezillas! Time sure flies :)

  13. Thanks, Melody. I most definitely am excited to look into aviation mechanics school. But I am more thrilled to be on day 3 of this journey with 2.5 hours of sweat provoking workouts. I love the encouragement.
  14. DARN! I love snack mix--especially raisins and nuts. Thanks for the tip. For now, I snack on oranges (my parents have an orange tree with apparently no end) and that has satisfied my snacking urges. Of course, once orange season is over, I have no idea what to replace my snack with.
  15. It is always great to have a plan. Good job and best of luck on your journey to health and increased awesomeness.
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