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  1. 'Quiet desperation' must - will - resonate with everyone. It's about so much more than 'getting in shape.' It's about getting your life on track.

  2. This is something she has to do for herself. It sounds like she half wants it, which is better than not wanting it at all, but the follow-through component is absent. What's present, however, is an obvious dissatisfaction with herself. And, while I'm sure it's unintentional, you're actually aggravating that with your frustration. Now not only is she unhappy with herself, but you're also unhappy with her too. The natural knee-jerk reaction is to close up, and give up, and probably die a little bit inside too. She needs to find her own thing. Not your thing. Her thing. That way it will be her own journey, rather than tagging along on yours. People telling you what to do just isn't motivating. Or fun. What's motivating is owning it, having it be your decision, not being pushed into it, feeling like you're in the drivers' seat in achieving it, and seeing your progress along the way. I think you may have that, but she doesn't and this must be her journey. Helping her with the mechanics of weight loss isn't the way to go. This is a psychological issue. If you want to actually 'help' I'd therefore say focus more on what's going on in her head. Figure out what makes her do stuff. What drives her? Is she a carrot or stick person? Do action movies make her want to take up kickboxing? Take her to an action movie. Does she like dancing to a certain type of music? Get it for her and tell her she has good rhythm. Does she like nature and fresh air? Take her up a mountain. I think you catch my drift. These are all subtle ways that will help her with this frame of mind issue, but not make her feel forced into it. Hope some of that helps.
  3. Thousands and thousands of miles and your steps won't die... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGGnWJUU07A

    1. Pat


      That big guy at 21sec on the video is just crazy strong

    2. Jay87


      He kind of looks inflatable? And maybe that's how he can do that defying gravity / sideways thing?

    3. Pat


      I never want to be that big but I wish I could defy gravity the way he does it

  4. Thought I'd share because this just makes me...go.

  5. TIP: Make broccoli more fun to eat by pretending you are a giant eating a tree.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jittersthe.Clown


      People don't do this already...?

    3. Why not?

      Why not?

      Ha, I did this when I was a kid.

    4. Jay87


      It's official. The Stitch Method that needs to go mainstream because everyone needs to be a kid now and again :)

  6. Watching these numbers just blows my mind. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

    1. Jay87


      Also, I'm liking salmon today. :P

    2. Bookworm_Tess


      God! Does it really go that fast???

    3. Jay87


      I know right?!

  7. One of the coolest girls I've ever seen...

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Wow...I really want to learn dancing, to be that in control of the body like that has always amazed me. Thanks for sharing

    2. Jay87


      I know. It's inspiring! :)

  8. Catcalling and honking and the like actually doesn't bother me so much (but harassment or any kind of a threat is different, obviously!) but with catcalling, if you think about it, it's pretty cowardly, right? I mean, they're making stupid noises from a distance, and then they're running away, basically lol. Like, they don't even have the guts to stick around! They know they shouldn't be doing it, and they know it's rude, so off they go as fast as their little legs/wheels can carry them. Ok then. I'll just get on with my life. Lee Evans puts it pretty well on the catcalling front. Makes me laugh.
  9. All the advice on here is amazing, esp. I-Jo. One thing I do, which has rather transferrable, universal applications, is pretend I'm the only person on the planet. Yep. Sometimes I do that. I'll just walk around like I'm the only person who lives in this world lol. There are certain obstacles shaped like humans and sometimes I'll need to walk around them so I don't bump into them, but they're not actually humans. They're scenery - or possibly holograms. Sometimes they'll talk, but I just smile politely and say thanks and then they go back to being scenery. My zone. My world. Picture that gym completely empty and hold onto that image. How would you handle it if it was just you? Then I come out of my zone when I'm done and ready to be back in a world with other people in it.
  10. Hi there If you're looking to lose about 35lbs and cut your body fat % then you will probably lose SOME weight in the chest area (along with other areas). How much specifically, and in what proportions of your body this loss takes place, will probably be down to your genetics and individual make up, as well as the fact that you are a woman because evolution plays a hand in it. As a general rule, there's no such thing as spot reduction, and no such thing as spot 'enhancement' or 'maintenance' unless you're considering cosmetic/surgical assistance. Natural weight loss is distributed. That said, you can always 'firm up' certain areas and gain muscle. Women TEND to lose weight (fat) off the face, neck and arms first, followed by boobs and general trunk, butt and thighs. Obviously there are exceptions, but generally, that's the order of loss because our female bodies 'hold onto' the fat around our reproductive organs in order to keep them protected. It's an evolutionary thing. And a bummer sometimes lol depending on what you want! I personally love smaller boobs. I've fluctuated between a 34DD and a 32B in the past and I certainly noticed my over-the-chest badminton backhands improving once I got that 'speed bump' down to a smaller size! I was also quicker on my feet because I was dragging less weight around. I also found I could shop in more clothes stores and have less angst in the changing rooms with smaller boobs. I also found that sometimes I didn't even need to wear a bra with some outfits, which was rather novel and opened up the 'plunging neckline' category for me. Bikini's were less problematic. My back didn't get tired. Running was smooth sailing and my sports bra stopped feeling like a straight jacket. I could sleep on my stomach superman-style! Yay! But if you love your boobs, that's great! Good for you! I'd say just keep an eye on them while you embark on your fitness journey and also watch out for other nice changes in your body so that your boobs are no longer the ONLY thing you like. With natural weight loss, you won't change overnight, so just keep an eye on it. Take pictures of your progress if you like, and most importantly, be healthy and happy and do what you want to do with your body.
  11. Jay87

    Binge eating

    1. Have a glass of water and wait 20 minutes to define whether this is a craving or actual hunger 2. Stop. Is it worth it? 'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.' Probably an exaggerated saying, but there's a certain truth to this. How long will it take you to work this off? How long will you feel guilty for it? Measure up cost benefit. Is it worth it? 3. Do something else. Go for a walk. Get out of the house. Listen to music. Watch something to take your mind off it 4. Don't store binge foods in the house if you can avoid it 5. Eat protein to get that insulin down and suppress appetite. Seriously, if you feel like you want to binge, eat a salmon fillet for 300-400 calories. Chances are, you won't feel the same way! Chicken breast is also good. 6. Exercise 7. Make a list of why healthy eating and exercise is important to you. Read it when you feel a binge episode coming on 8. Eat to live, don't live to eat. I do all of these things. The key is to force time to think into the situation so that you can take action. This stops it spiralling out of control. Stay conscious. Hope some of that helps.
  12. Disneyland. A people trap set by a mouse. Now that just makes my head spin.

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