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  1. Well, it's now Friday, what happened the intervening days? Wednesday I bought lunch, but ate leftovers for dinner. Thursday I had lunch paid for through work (though I avoided eating like a total asshole so that's always a bonus), and didn't end up eating dinner due to size and timing of lunch. Today I again bought lunch and had leftovers for dinner. As for exercise, none to speak of besides my daily squatting. I definitely need to do better about getting in workouts despite weird work schedules I've had so many of recently. I've also failed to do any posting yet besid
  2. So, here we are on Tuesday, and I packed another lunch, cooked another dinner, and didn't make it up in time to go for a run. Still haven't gone on a posting spree, should do that tomorrow.
  3. Nightlight, Yay! Koala, Appreciated, always good to have promise of future gifs. Strickland, Rawr! Short update before bed for today. Packed a lunch, cooked a dinner (and prep'd a bunch of meals for this week so that should be a good start on some goals). No run today, but planning one for the morning. No inversions or posting to speak of yet, but the challenge is young.
  4. Hey hey nerds, tis I Shukar, back from.... let's say the Crusades. Life has been way too crazy for a while now, and it's starting to become apparent that some of that is my failure to impose order upon it. So I'm here to correct that and get myself back to somewhere I was a bit happier with my results, and then push past that into uncharted territory. Quick summary for those who don't know me, which may be a lot of you since I've been absent some time now. I'm a Scout, I'm super tall (though by no means the Almighty Tallest or anything), I'm a big
  5. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Well, another challenge at an end, and I seem to have survived it. Kind of trailed off there between the 70 hour weekend of work, and 2 4-day weekends out of town in a row. But I kept up the meal planning pretty well despite that. Also kept in better touch with nerds along the way. The only goal I didn't do at least passably well at was the meditation goal, ironic and unfortunate since some of the times during this challenge are times I'd have most benefited. So probably gonna consolidate goals 1 and 2 until a new sleeker goal 1, preserve goal 3 as goal 3, keep the meditation goal
  6. High rep rest. Winning!
  7. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Day 16, Monday. So missed a few days there. Let's sum up last week's goal progress I guess. Friday's dinner was a packed meal so 3/3 on those for the week, Thursdays dinner didn't go quite to plan but it went off-plan in a way that was planned for (convoluted but such is the nature of fallback plans I guess). Did get some forum posting in, though not as much as I'd really like. So what about the weekend? I spent most of it at work, trying to not eat entirely like crap while being semi-productive in the down time I had. I got some stuff done at least, planning a trip to
  8. Totally stalking... following you on mfp now. Other than converting to a one meal a day plan how's the job coming along?
  9. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Day 11, Wednesday. Started the morning with most of a session with Headspace, got interrupted by a work related call in the middle of the session but it seemed helpful enough before that happened. Free lunch through work today, but I packed a "lunch" for dinner, so that's a point on the scale for meal prep! Got home late, because above noted work, and spent some time chatting with friends before bed. Not a bad day all told. 2/3 on the lunches this week, 2/3 on dinners going to plan; slacking on the forum posting this week, but there's time to improve yet.
  10. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Ergo, good to be back. That sounds like a pretty interesting app, I'll have to take a look at it. Day 10, Tuesday. So, missed a day again but back now with more words! So much weirdness at work this week with schedules just being thrown out the window. Mrs Shu had to work late yesterday so I spent a while just watching episodes of Breaking Bad (after watching Mean Girls on a lark). Hopefully the back half of the week calms down a little. So how's stuff going? Packed lunch yesterday and ate it, didn't end up eating it today; so 1/2 so far t
  11. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Day 8, Sunday. Welp, skipped a day, but it was mostly full of family drama and football watching (plus some eating) and the shopping portion of meal prep. Today was mostly cleaning up around the apartment, running errands, and meal prep. Got 4 dinners (2 each) prepped and 6 lunches (3 each), throwing in the leftovers we're already 4 days worth of lunches into the week ready to go. That's not too shabby. Also got some quality plotting of the long term budget data done today, thankfully all on track with the debt pay down so far. Did not get to the meditation today, shame
  12. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Well, tomorrow already. Day 6. Got answers to a number of things I'd been waiting on at work today, which was nice. ended up having to buy lunch today because of insufficient planning of lunch related resources, had a personal pizza and some chips and hummus. Got some errands run after work, getting things setup to get some new tech installed. Mrs Shu had a long and rough day at work today and partly because of that we ended up scrubbing the dinner plan and going out to Portillo's instead, I got a salad and a combo and called it a day. Watched a couple episodes of Futurama, chatted
  13. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Day 5 Got an early start to the day today when I got a call telling me a site had broken something so I needed to come in early and fix it. How thoughtful of them. Got some productive work done in the morning, spent the afternoon getting little lingering things and some emails taken care of. Turned out 2 tacos, not enough tacos. So had to supplement the packed lunch with some nearby chipotle. Came home and after a little tidying up around the place made some dinner, ma po tofu and egg drop soup. Finished off the evening with a little blueberry ice cream and some squats.
  14. At least you'll do better than this guy.
  15. Shukar

    Shukar isn't Lion

    Day 4! Today was mostly taken up by maintenance tasks at work, and convincing someone that a different expression of an ongoing problem was in fact the same problem. Super exciting. Ate my pad thai I packed for lunch, supplemented with a protein shake from the supplements place that was right next to where my coworkers had lunch so I could avoid spending a lot of money or ingesting a lot of junk while still being social. Came home early and got some stuff done around the apartment, including most of making dinner, and after finishing up dinner we went out and watched a movie. Came
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