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  1. Thursday. Basically all work all day, got in 17.8k steps. The dinner plan was "stuck at work", so that went as expected. Long day but I got stuff done and that's at least a reward of a kind. Friday. The opposite of Thursday. Slept in the car on the way out to California for my race this weekend, just had a relaxing day not having anything really to do. Got in 8600 steps for the day. Had a late lunch so no dinner (the Barbacoa nachos and quac were super good for lunch though). Watched a couple episodes of Man in the High Castle and then the Black Mirror Christmas episode. All told the week has been fairly decent, could do better but could also have done a lot worse. Bis Morgen.
  2. I've so far never done rock n roll because it's always the same weekend as a race out at Disney (first Tinkerbell and now Star Wars). Maybe someday.
  3. Wednesday 8100 steps today, making good progress toward this weeks stepcount. Dining tonight ended up being "microwave some leftovers to eat", which is only somewhat different than the plan of "turn leftovers into fried rice" so I'm counting this as a win. Not much progress on other fronts today, but I'm posting here which is an item on the list too. Listened to Security Now, The Heart, and Cordkillers; and watched the latest episode of The Expanse, another episode of Primeval (on the last season now), and an episode of Parks and Rec (7th season now on Netflix!). Been a decent week so far, just gotta keep riding that to success. Bis Morgen!
  4. Tuesday, Got in a nice 9100 steps today (according to my phone rather than my fitbit as the fitbit battery died unexpectedly), no run though. Stuck to the dinner plan tonight, despite the temptation of working late. Got Mrs. Shu setup to be able to make payments from our joint account to the remaining bills (why that isn't automatic when I'm already able to do that from my login to the same account I have no idea), and put in the last two recurring payments to feed the system we're trying out for the next couple months. Watched an episode of Red Dwarf and two of Primeval tonight, listened to Cordkillers and Savage Lovecast. Bis Morgen!
  5. Hooray for the return of healthy stargazer!
  6. 18ck, Yes sir! Bee, stepping is something I'm definitely good at. Missed a couple days of posting but kept up the walking (5400 Saturday, 8200 Sunday, and now 14k today). So those numbers are staying on track. Still haven't done any running or lifting, that'll change by the weekend if nothing else. I don't keep a meal plan on weekends so nothing pro or con there, but I did stick to the plan for dinner tonight which was good. Over the weekend we got a plan laid out for getting ourselves out of debt and setup the payments for the first 6 months to happen on their own while we keep an eye on things to make sure they go smoothly. So long story short, things seem to be going alright, just need to do some running. Bis Morgen!
  7. Feeling like I'll finish the first one, but won't be thrilled with how I perform at it (what with having done almost no training). If I get some steady runs in between then and end of February for the next one I think that could go a bit better for sure. Day 5, Friday. 8k steps today, lighter day for sure. Didn't stick to the meal plan tonight, ended up with fast food junk instead which is something I try and avoid, in my dinners especially, due to Mrs Shu not feeling well. Gotta plan ahead for such situations with some emergency dinner options. Will have to put that on my list of things to research/figure out. As far as budget stuff, tinkering a bit with the fancy spreadsheet, figuring out when makes the most sense logistically to transfer one of my higher interest rate credit card balances to a 0% promotion to avoid money ending up places that would be inconvenient, few other little things like that. All in all I'm feeling pretty good about things so far, though I also haven't yet gone for a run or done any lifting. So things could definitely be better. Bis Morgen!
  8. As might some owners. Hitting my dog would be a good way to get yourself hit. I want a dog.
  9. If your budget allows I highly recommend autopay for bills that you can, takes a little time to setup but you can adult your bills on autopilot after that.
  10. Day 4, Thursday. 14k steps today, big day. Also an early day which meant nothing else got done (the rain didn't help either). Stayed on plan with dinner tonight, pressure cooker braised beef with spanish rice and roasted broccoli. Spent some time today tweaking my debt tracking sheet to be a little more useful, haven't got it tracking the "snowball" yet and it gets a little goofy with payoffs but those should be at least partially be correctible. Listened to Cordkillers today. and watched the latest of The Expanse. Good day for the most part, on to the next one. Bis Morgen!
  11. Nightlight, the book is one of my favorites and the show has been great so far. Princess, this will be my first time watching Red Dwarf at all so you've got one up on me. Teri, I miss nerd hugs. And the passion is coming, it's just been hard to find of late due to life factors. Day 3, Wednesday (but for real this time) Got in 11k steps today. No other progress on that goal. Had the planned dinner and a movie tonight with the wife so on track there as well. Today's finance progress was moving some stuff around with credit cards to both improve my score and to leverage a 0% interest promotion to get some debt paid off faster and cheaper. Podcasts today were Savage Lovecast and Security Now. Watched Hateful Eight on our date night, not as good as I had hoped going in sadly but still fine. Bis Morgen!
  12. I am dentisting this Friday, you guys are slacking.
  13. why hello there, fancy meeting you around these parts.
  14. Leia is totally best disney princess. Also hi.
  15. Day 3, Wednesday. 12k steps today is good progress on the moving for this week. Likewise, stuck to the meal plan for today so all good there too. I'm posting here and have been posting in threads so looking good there too. Mixed results on the finance thing today, on the one hand I just freed up 25 bucks a month that's going to go toward paying off debt faster and otherwise being more awesome at life; on the other we did that buy trading in my wife's car for a newer model of the same car thus restarting our payments on the loan but at a reduced APR and thus monthly payment. So mixed bag there. Only the one podcast today, slow day, being Cordkillers. Watched an episode of Man in the High Castle, Tremors 3, and the first episode of Red Dwarf (looks promising so far but slow to get started). Meanwhile did some research into some stuff that should help me achieve some of my longer term nerd visiting goals and the like through the power of being a tricksy hobbitses. All told, a pretty relaxed but productive day. Bis Morgen!
  16. So like, Revenge of the Newbie Gains? Or more like Gainz 2: Gain harder? Also hi.
  17. Don't mind me, just observing the awesome and channeling it into my own endeavors.
  18. Told you I stalk back. Adulting is hard, but sadly rewarding for helping gain the freedom to goof off.
  19. Stargazer, I will warn you that I stalk back. Bee, I always felt like it helped me but hadn't had a way to test it, now I do. So at least I got that going for me. Nightlight! Maigrey, I will have to look that one up, I feel like I've heard the name but know nothing about it... Yet.
  20. My current race schedule includes the Star Wars half marathon January 17th, and the Phoenix Marathon on February 27th. There's a couple more later in the year as well.
  21. I love the simplicity of the goals combined with the power behind them. You got it made in the shade dude.
  22. Good looking goals sir, carryon.
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