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  1. I love the idea of Fall but my mind can't get over how it's soon going to be winter. T_T Still can't get used to these winters.
  2. I might be interested in creeping some gaming, I'm not much of a player. I'm sad it's Fall already, but Summer was fun - really active outside this year! =D
  3. Logging is buns. I wish I could find joy in it. PokeCon wut!
  4. In all seriousness, I've been eating poorly but maintaining well. I am not disappointed with this at this time. I do, however, want to get back into my workouts. My hackysack is improving but I'm still trying to get into routine with bridging and running. =(
  5. I wonder if keeping this on my browser will help me keep coming back. HELLO I AM NOT DEAD. I had a meltdown at work and took mandatory vacation time and now I'm picking up my pieces. Trying to get serious like... Instead this is how I feel...
  6. That kitty pic is adorbs, btw.
  7. Logging is hard, especially trying to remember all the little things that come in my day. Good luck at the race tomorrow! <3
  8. Tough first week. I have been having issues at work which resulted in me having 'mandatory time off' until Monday. I have been busying myself cleaning my house, so a lot of lifting and walking to and from rooms. It's therapeutic and I'm seeing this as a positive change in my otherwise slightly chaotic life. I also feel like it's a burden lifted, so yes, positive, positive, thinking positive... I didn't get my pictures on Monday so I'm hoping to get that done this weekend. =)
  9. I have to admit, the little notification ding thing is VERY helpful on the newly improved forums! So far nothing to report. I am working an 8am until midnight or "whenever I get done with work" today. To be honest, working out is probably the last thing on my list of things I actually want to get done today. =( Maybe a good stretch session? I am logging my food though! YouFood FTW. @therealkat - I'll try not to derp too much, but no promises!
  10. Whoop! This is awesome. =) (I wanna be an earthbender...)
  11. I'm excited! @therealkat and I did a 5k today! I didn't hate the run - I actually kind of enjoyed it! I couldn't keep her pace but I think it's something I'd do now and again. And we're good for Pokemon walks for a while to hatch eggs so that's keeping us entertained. Apart from that, this week will be filled with hacky sack because it makes me so damn happy. <3
  12. Thinking it may be time for a change in career.

    How do you decide when it's truly time?

  13. I think he took a hiatus, I will reach out to him though! Trying to play Pokemon at work and I swear everything is just Weedles and Rattatas...
  14. I love that you're not tied down to your 'type' - rock that mermaid ninja assassin! =D
  15. Yeah, running and Pokemon aren't great together. Walking around your neighborhood or hanging with friends around PokeStops seems to be the key. My local area is kind of crummy for it though and I'm a little intimidated to go to the larger meet ups. =) I'd be happy to just hit a patio for some grub this month if anyone is game. Mall of America, perhaps?
  16. Thanks Tank! Feeling a bit more accountable right now and I'm hoping to hold onto this feeling! Day One pictures coming up~
  17. Nee-sama, Nee-sama, Ceasefire's getting kinda chunky Rem, Rem, she stopped working out too... Yes, I admit it. I've been lazy lately. I slipped from routine and made excuses and I'm starting to feel the familiar joint aches and lethargy. So no more! GOALS~ 1. Just log the food, Nikki. Just do it. 2. Back to the Snatch - 5/7 snatch. 3. Read the books. Everyone keeps giving you books, read the damn books. Can I do it? Only if I'm... FANATICAL LIKE A DEMON
  18. So summer for me is pretty hectic, but I'm still down for a meet. How many of us play Pokemon Go? =P
  19. I'm back for a bit, I think! Met with some Rebels for the Trapped Puzzle Room today - it was a great time! I'd be up for trying another room there as a group if anyone was interested!
  20. Rain rain, go away~

  21. Busted these out in the kitchen...in my pajamas. Win. A shot at the Cruiser today please! (Just as a note, numbers are off on the Pancakes Submarine.)
  22. 50 weighted Russian Twists completed, the wine sloshing around in my belly didn't feel great but... Another shot at the battleship please!
  23. 50 lunges with a twist completed! Unweighted today as I'm fighting off a sinus thing. I'll take a whack at that battleship, I thank you.
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