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  1. I get overwhelmed easily so the 5 minutes really helps with that - it's making a big difference on us keeping up with dishes! I'll be staying in state - so Kentucky! Not too shabby! RULES ADJUSTMENT: Physical labor that works my muscles counts towards a workout! I realized I partially wasn't making it to the gym for strength training my first week because I was doing yard work. Like digging up a garden. And helping carry and lift a swing set. I was tired and sore after these activities so I feel like they count gosh darn it. Week 1 Review Maintain Progress: 9/9 Move your feet: 7/7 Endurance: 2/2 Strength: 2/2 Hike: Got a hike in!!!! One more to go this challenge. Life Challenge: Daily Clean Up: 7/7 Other Projects: Read 24 books in 2018: 3 finished so far. I haven't made much progress in reading Devil in the White City. I'm enjoying it but it's been hard to concentrate at work & lunch time is my main reading time. 100 days of Fiddle: I made it to 66 and then missed a day so my streak is broken. I'm still super proud of myself though and I'll probably try again soon. Introvert Adventure Planning: I made a check list to help organize my planning progress in my bullet journal. Pictures from my hike, because KY is a pretty place.
  2. I'll probably take pictures when I hit the trails - I do like nature! Oh yeah. The world opens up a bit more when you get your bodily autonomy back from your kid. Week is off to a slow start on the endurance and strength portions. Rain + needing relax quiet time + going to walmart to pick up the box for a play set for the kiddo really ate up my monday and Tuesday. I can still get them all in if I focus the rest of the week. I'm feeling much better than I was in regards to my weight. It dropped back down to my current normal range. I think it was a combo of salt and time of the month water retention - but PHEW. I ordered the book Body Positive Power while I was feeling super upset and I'm super excited for it to come in. If you're on instagram and having checked out bodyposipanda you really should - she's amazing!
  3. Oh I love Avatar!! I'm just getting back to nerdfitness too. I'm glad it is always here when I'm ready.
  4. Alright pre-week in review! Physical Health: Maintain Progress: 8/9 Move your feet: 6/7 (assuming I move them today) Endurance: 2/2 Strength: 2/2 Hike: None yet! Life Challenge: Daily Clean Up: This hasn't officially started yet, but I did do an evening clean up last night. Other Projects: Read 24 books in 2018: I've now completed three! I finished Go Set a Watchman and started Devil in the White City. 100 days of Fiddle: 60 days complete - today will make 61! Introvert Adventure Planning: I RESERVED MY CABIN!!!! Dilemma: I got on the scale today and my weight was UP above my top weight. I really want to focus my challenges on getting into an exercise routine and not worrying about my weight. I really want to concentrate on what my body can DO instead of trying to make my body be less. I have unsuccessfully been trying to make my body be less for a few years now, and it's crazy making. It stresses me out, I never seem to get it to budge much no matter how perfectly I count calories, and it damages my relationship with my body. But seeing that high number is really hard, and I'm struggling to keep myself from jumping into a diet.
  5. Can't wait to hear about your trip when you are back!
  6. I know the general region but haven't settled on which trails. I'm staying at a cabin that I have to hike into, and then plan to do day hikes. 59 days so far! Today will put me at 60. I'm really enjoying it - I think it was originally something people were doing for art projects. I got the idea from instagram. I'm not sure yet if I want to carry it over to non fun things like cleaning - but it does seem like a good way to challenge yourself and set a habit. My pre-week has gone pretty good - I've tried to keep up with my existing items from last challenge this week so I don't have a big falling off.
  7. My goals are geared toward preparing for my introvert hiking adventure in June! I am super stoked for the trip. I'm hoping it will be rejuvenating and that I might learn a thing or two about myself. Last challenge my physical goals were: Move your feet, Endurance, and Strength. I did great on moving daily, pretty good on endurance, and pretty lack luster on strength. I feel that everything needs a bit more work to really settle into habit. Because they went well last time I combined daily movement and endurance into one maintenance task. Strength got it's own task because I really struggled with it. Physical Health: 1. Maintain progress made in last challenge Move your feet - get up an move daily (walk, hike, ruck, run, etc). Endurance 2 times a week - run/walk or ruck 2. Strength train 2 times a week - weights, body weight, core, or ruck. 3. Make it out for a hike at least twice during the challenge. Somewhere other than the little local nature preserve. Life Goal: A Cleaner House - do a 5 minute clean up daily before bed. Set a timer for five minutes and clean/tidy up. If I'm traveling I can clean/tidy up my luggage, hotel room, or car. If I'm sick in bed I can throw my pile of tissues away or something. I'm considering making this a 100 day project. On Going Projects not part of this challenge: Daily Fiddle Practice: This is a 100 day project - the goal is 100 straight days. Read 24 books in 2018: Only two completed so far Introvert Adventure Planning
  8. Got a bit behind in my nerdfitness posting! These four week challenges go FAST. I remember the six week challenges felt like they lasted forever. Third Week Move your feet: 7 out of 7 days Endurance: 2 out of 2 days Strength: 1 out of 2 Life Goal: Still on hold on date selection - which holds everything else up Fourth and Final Week: Move your feet: 7 out of 7 days Endurance: 2 out of 2 days Strength: 2 out of 2 Life Goal: I picked a date! Waiting to get approval from work. Final Grading Move your feet: 26/28 = 92% Endurance: 7/8 = 88% Strength: 5/8 = 63% Life Goal: A for effort. Some unforeseen life changes and scheduling complications made it difficult to plan because many of my plans circled around dates. I DID pick a date and am waiting on approval from work off. I also have lists of meal ideas, and did some general research. I feel like I did as much as I could give the circumstances. Other life projects: Fiddle practice: 55 day streak! I'm 55% of the way to my 100 day goal. 24 books in 2018: 2 books completed for the year. I'm on the last quarter of Go Set a Watchman.
  9. It was enjoyable as an adult! It's the first fantasy series I remember hunting down the books for as a kid.
  10. Sorry about your back. I hope it's on the mend!
  11. Got another ruck in today! So I have 4 days left to get in two more strength/endurance workouts. Super tired yesterday and today but this week I think it's that I switched work schedules and have to get up quite a bit earlier. Finished Wrinkle in Time yesterday and started Go Set a Watchman today.
  12. Alright, last week was rough. I was feeling really run down and exhausted and wasn't sleeping well on top of it. Not sure if I was fighting off a sick, stress, or time of the month. Feeling better now though! Last weeks recap: Move your feet: 5 out of 7 days Endurance: 1 out of 2 days Strength: 0 out of 2 Life Goal: Still on hold on date selection - which holds everything else up Non challenge projects: 24 books in 2018: Finished one! Love in the Time of Cholera is complete, and I'm about halfway through Wrinkle in Time. Not sure what I'll read next but I've already got a few books on my shelf lined up for Book Riots Read Harder Challenge - so I'll probably pick one of those Fiddle Streak: 41 days and counting! Today I got a good ruck in! I like rucks best because they can count for endurance or strength - much more flexible if my week goes nuts on me.
  13. I was thinking last night I should include my other projects I'm working actively working on! Adding them to my initial post as well. They are: 100 days straight of practice on fiddle/violin - l'm at 33 days currently - today will mark 34! Read 24 books in 2018 - I haven't finished a dang one, so I'm a bit "behind". I'm ALMOST done with Love in the time of Cholera. I'm enjoying it but it's a very slow read for me. I'm also part of the way through Wrinkle in Time because I needed an easier read on the side.
  14. That cactus sounds daunting. My only experience with them is wee house plant ones. Glad you are prioritizing in some rest! All the work doesn't do you much good if you don't get some recovery time in. <3
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