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  1. Fonzico & Darkfoxx - It's definitely really weird. Last trip, I broke my paleo pledge by drinking a soda - it was so gross! I couldn't believe it. Now what I end up craving most is plain coconut butter - completely paleo, raw to boot and better than cookies! It's crazy. Redtomato - I'm really excited to get a chance to focus so much on my book project! It's for younger children, so the illustrations are going to be half of the story. I might post a sneak preview of some concept art, once I have something worth showing... ;D
  2. So, things are revving up for me. I'm going to be spending the next 3 weeks starting friday with my sister and boyfriend as my parents go on a business trip. During this time I'm gonna be giving myself some mini-challenges to keep me busy and productive: 1) sketch the rough draft art for both of the books I have outlined - at least storyboard and at best, colored full scale sketches of all pages, by the time I get home. 2) Pick 3 piano pieces and revive them. It's been over six months since I practiced, and there are practice rooms in the music building open to anyone during the day. At le
  3. I'll have to check at the Speedway in town to see if they have something similar. I'm actually going to be traveling again for 2-3 weeks this time; so I'm going to have to really plan ahead this round. Last time I caved into eating out with friends, and ended up getting sick like I used to from gluten! Not this time.
  4. OMG YUS *fist bump* right back atcha! Homestuck = awesome.
  5. OOOOK. Hopefully I can get to posting semi daily like I was hoping now. Things I've been up to: Last night I MIGHT have used A: Last Airbender ep. 18 season 2 (The guru episode) as a guided meditation. Y'know, when Guru is talking Aang through his chakras and emotional blockage and whatnot. It was very relaxing, and kinda made me think over my current priorities and feel a little more confident about this challenge. So there's that. Today, I had a coconut milk and berrybanana smoothie with dehydrated egg white powder (paleo/vegetarian protein source!) for lunch, steamed veggies and olive o
  6. Legend of Korra anyone?

  7. Hello, Avatar Marikunin. Welcome to Nerd Fitness! I feel you on wintertime blues... I love all the colors of fall (and the pumpkin!) but the long cold is rough. Best of luck as you begin your training!
  8. BACK. Sup everyone? - sounds like some serious ass kicking is being done, and I loved hearing more about everyone. We ARE the cool kids Sorry I was MIA, I got sick from something I ate on my trip (I caved and went out to eat with friends... no body else got sick, so I think it was just an celiac thing) but I've been keeping up this week and I'm ready to get back to beasting this challenge. @ Matt- oh god. I'm going to go sob too, that many pushups hurts just to think about. I'm late to the party, but I enjoyed everyone's backstory so much I wanted to join in - I'm 22, about 2 months a
  9. JACKETS. like the wind breakers that you layer over hoodies and long sleeve shirts during fall. Because winter is coming. Also I second iron-on patches.
  10. I did a little modern dance in college, and from that experience I would put myself in the Monk category if I were going to do a dance-based challenge. The discipline, drilling and... well, art of it felt very similar to practicing forms and taking tae kwon do classes. For music, I always felt meditative while practicing piano - kinda druid-y, because it takes concentration and refined movements as opposed to brute strength; and I always kinda thought of the druids as being sort of guru like, and traditional gurus do lots of endless memorization XD Not opposed to more classes, but if you'
  11. *drools* WANT. SO MUCH WANT. I can't wait to see where this goes!
  12. K. Back, and after a long recoup this week, finally feeling back up to the Challenge (pun sooo intended). So, score: Thursday: 1/1/1 points Friday: 1/1/1 points (woo!) Saturday: 0/1/0 (paleo failure) Sunday: 1/1/1 (not two days in a row!) Monday: 0/1/1 (house was empty after the weekend away. it was pizza or starve - I caved.) Tuesday: 1/1/0 (water water water) Wednesday: 1/1/1 (woo!) Thursday: 1/1/1 (Back in business!)
  13. Getting back on the horse after travel. Whew

  14. Whew. Rough weekend. I didn't do too badly on food choices, but, uh, drinks.... less successful. Emotionally have been trying to recover all week; it was great to see all my friends but the trip was a lot more stressful than I expected. Water and exercise did fine though. Book progress is slow, but I've been doing some research on publishing! I have to decide what format to publish in before I can make more specific design choices. Update in my battle log coming soon
  15. Ok. So this week was low on the motivational front; hardly got anything done around the house besides pack for my weekend trip. And even that's not done. But that's normal, and I've been assured that the zombie mode will pass (thanks for the encouragement, Jo!) Monday: 1 point for all paleo eating! I think this was an omelette morning, and homemade verde chicken on spaghetti squash for dinner. walnuts, and an apple sauce for lunch, plus a half a handful of walnuts or almonds a couple times throughout the day when I got hungry. 1 point for exercise! I worked out waaay too hard last frid
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