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  1. We mostly do stretches, we hold one end of the resistance band near the Hara, and hold the other end with our palm stretched out, like we would hold the string of the bow, and then raise the hand to our eye level and then torque? or turn our arm/hand to our side, keeping the horizontal line... sort of like opening the door, the idea is to focus on the articulation, rather than the force of the muscle. Then we do the same but with both hands in front of our faces, pulling to both sides, Then the same but 45 degrees above our heads, and then 90 degrees above our heads. All while in horse stance. I'll see if I can find a Youtube video, it doesn't sound like much, but synced with breathing exercises... it's a great warm up. UFFFF I Wish... I did ended up destroying my glasses during my first shooting with an actual arrow. I was shooting scared, opened too wide and the string caught my nose and glasses when I released and the glasses flew across the dojo. Now I need new glasses. But during my second arrow I hit the target! Way off... but it was exciting! My third arrow was so much closer to the center of the target. But you know... I'm not supposed to focus on that but rather keep my ego humble and focus on what the target is teaching me about my state of mind and my posture. We trained the whole ceremony with 5 archers, and guys... i'm telling you, it's hard. I've trained two martial arts before...but this feels different. this a team exercise of rythm and breathing and synchronicity... it feels more like ballet than martial arts... not that I have done any ballet before, but it's a whole other level of mindfulness..
  2. Yes! The sensei already has taken notice of my attendance and how I'm always the first one at the dojo (even before him) and it's been helpful for me, too, because it expands that sense of oasis that the dojo provides, and since I help setting up everything, I've learned how to string bows before other more advanced students. Last class, I was internally smiling seeing senpais with over a year struggling to string the bows while I can do it in one or two tries. My therapist also recommended it, as a way you know, to interact, make friends, and extend that feeling of keeping the world at a distance. I can still get them and I know how to make them!! There's a big population of Venezuelan people here. Kyudo: No training today, but I practiced last saturday, it was an interesting class because the sensei wasn't there, only the senpais. I think that many students were discouraged and I was one of two beginners in the dojo, only 5 students total, so I got a lot of practice with the bow. We are like 13-14 students, but only 5 bows. And I usually get the heaviest bow, which affects my technique. Staying Active worked out today, I switched the app to focus mostly on core and legs, while I did my kyudo exercises with a resistance band to focus on back, shoulders, and chest. We do them in horse stance so it's a full-body workout? Calorie Deficit Stayed on a calorie deficit and stick to my diet plan today, which was easier than I expected. Budget Tracked my expenses and budget up to date. I am really loving YNAB, but I still got a lot of articles to catch up. to learn how to budget properly, it helps that I'm working with a personal finance website in my job so I get to learn a bit from there as well.
  3. okaaaaay, let's do this! A quick previously on my life. Kyudo: Keep perfect attendance, 2x a week. (wed & sat) Arrive at least 15 mins earlier to help set up the dojo (unwrap and string bows, etc) Stay at least 15 mins later to help wrap up everything. Staying Active Work out for at least 30 mins 4x a week tue & thu C25K mon & fri Down Dog Workout (i've been using the down yoga series of workout apps, I love them, I just hit play and work out) sun: rest Calorie Deficit Stay on a calorie deficit and stick to my diet plan for at least 5 days x week. Meal prep on Sun Budget I started YNAB this year, just in a effort to put my finances in order. I'm not in debt neither struggling financially, (fortunately) but I usually don't have an idea where my money is going and I want to finance a few goals in the future, so I want to get my sh*t together, financially. Track expenses daily Update budget at least once a week (fri) Sorry I took the whole first week to figure this all out. I have to get used to sitting down at the end of my day and write my uupdates, usually when I stop working I slam shut my laptop until the next day, but I'll try to give a brief update after I finish working. Thanks, guys! Really excited to be back in the monastery.
  4. "Oh, man... I miss the forums. I wonder how my monks are doing. Kishi, Phoenix, the Giant, Snuffles, Glarockly... I forget their names. I'll join the new challenge. I guess I'll have time before the year begins to start a new chall- WTF, they already started?" I guess I already know what my fist goal will be... setting up this challenge. Hi, everyone. It's good to be back!
  5. Man, I read your challenge and I feel like you're the Thomas Raith of my Harry Dresden. I've also been dealing with anxiety (who hasn't this year?) taking meds for the first time, I need PT (which I'm guessing it's Physical Therapist but if it's something kinkier, lemme know) because the stress and anxiety devolved into a intercostal neuralgia which is making extra hard to train without feeling like I'm about to die, and I seriously need therapy (understatement of my life) but I've been postponing it so much, all this to tell you that even if we're experiencing similar situations, you're handling this so much better than I am, man. I hate you. I bet you don't even moisturize. That being said, I have been journaling and writing regularly. What's work for me as journaling prompts is the daily stoic book (I can hook you up, if you don't have it, arrr * pirate roar?* ). But I think The Art of Manliness also has a series of Journaling Prompts that could help you out. Anyways, I hate your stupid, grumpy, face that doesn't even make sense. It's a brother thing.
  6. Ok, this is more of a rant than an update on my goals, because I'm failing big time. These past days have been exasperating, frustrasting, and a reminder of why I struggle so much keeping up with my habits consistently. I'm not saying I quit all together. I still fast, I still train, I still make healthier choices when I can, I reduced my trash meals to once a week, and only because I use that moment to have the entire family sitting together having dinner, sharing, etc, which is something really important to me... But it's not the consisten work that I'd like to. I'm not saying perfect, but regular that I can see results. I went from chest pains (which have subdue, again, probably should have that checked but I'd really hate if they say something like "meh, it's probably anxiety" which is what most doctors say when I tell them I suffer from it. Like Joker said, "The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't") to a week-long blackout from Tuesday, in which the monkeys in charge decided to ration power 5 hours on and off, that led to a serious conversation with my boss about my availability online. Unfortunately, all my work is online and I'm at a level in the company that they need me online regularly and we can't afford pushing deadlines in this quarter, since y'all go to holidays next month and is really hard to get something done with other people those months. It's hard to not get carried away when this sort of things happen, but they usually are a reminder too that the habits I've worked on so hard have helped me deal with those situations and that I shouldn't abandone them. Training, meditation, reading, eating healthy, fasting, writing. Those are my pillars and I should always come back to them. Meh, today I felt like talking to someone, but didn't want to bother anyone, and I had this mental note that I needed to update my challenge. Unless something post-apocalyptic 2020-ish happens tomorrow (which would be normal by now) I promise to post something more related to my goals.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. Mine is struggling, too. She lives alone thanks to... her life decisions. Of 8 children, only 2-3 are looking after her and she's practically alone in her house with only a TV and a dog. She's of course experiencing some depression and anxiety, too. At least she's compliant, but only because she's almost blind. It's really tough. They were talking about going out again to some party... it didn't happen, but if it does, I need to be ready to make some significant changes in my life. which, funny enough, would mean going back to my life before quarantine, distancing myself from my family and going back to my bachelor apartment, which must be dusty AF after 7 months of quarantine.
  8. Thank you for your kinds words. I wouldn't really care that much about them getting sick, because they're young and healthy, if treatment most likely wouldn't have to come out of my pocket and that some of them are new parents taking care of a newborn, and of course the risk that the spread the disease to other high risk people, like my parents. They claim I should trust them and trust the people they hang out, but that's the thing... It's not about trusting people, because half the people that are sick don't know they're sick for the first days, the other halft don't care. In this regard, I feel US and my country are very similar, granted, a lot of people are forced to go out here to make a living, but eveveryday I see people playing on the streets, hanging around, gatheting... I get not many people feel confident inside but... hey, read a book or something, right? * sigh *
  9. Guys, sorry I was absent last week (and today). I've been dealing with a lot. I started feeling bad again, same issue as before, chest pain and inflammation, sticking to same treatmeant as before for a few days to see if it stops before I check with my doctor. I've also been having a hard time with my family, one half of my family (living with me) just decided that quarantine is over for them, they already had COVID, or that being locked in is worse than getting sick. I'm worried not because of them or me, but because my parents are old, and my mom is a diabetic, how do you fight with your family to protect your family? (seriously, any advice? any suggestions?) This really gets me because I'm doing everything I can to protect my family, I've even come to the point that even in the worst case scenario that I get sick and die from it, I'll be okay knowing that I did everything in my power to protect and provide my family, and THAT is what's helping me get up every morning. But when my own family threatens something that even defines me as a man.... I pulled the other half of my family together and discussed it with them, but I'm not sure it'll stop. Last resort, I'll go back to my apartment, see if my parents would agree to go with me. I'm slowly getting back to my usual routine, but these two things really brought me down this week.
  10. I noticed the opposite when I travelled to Europe, peaches were HUGE but they tasted horrible, mangoes too... I was told that they use preservatives to keep them fresh on the trip, but that ruins the flavor. The local tomatoes were good, tho. I got to the point that I could which tomates were harvested there and which ones were bought from somewhere else. Also, again, don't come to Venezuela.
  11. How am I able to see this? Did I wake up my sharingan!?
  12. Ugh, a couple of nights ago I woke up with heart pumping and that escalated quickly into a panic attack, didn't have one in a while. Since then, I've been feling sick again, chest hurts and inhaling hurts, feels like an echo of my inflammation issues. Maybe it was triggered because my neighbor started smoking cigars or something and the smell gets ALL OVER my room. Gave myself the weekend to relax and rest, and today I started again. Grunt 1: Stay Hydrated Felt short today. Water shortages here, Main problem is again work, I focus so much on work that I constantly ignore the reminders. Grunt 2: Increase duration of training Started 20 minutes today, taking it slow because my chest hurt still. Grunt 3: Eat Fruit Fruit is almost over but spend the weekend and today drinking some passion fruit juice. Grunt 4: No Work After 9PM Really hard I had to leave a couple things left to do and I'll worry about them all day, but I promised myself that I'll stay off work to spend more time with my family. Really missing being part-time.
  13. Ugh, no, I hate pickles You should the size of some fruit here, avocados and mangoes the size of your head!
  14. I'd pay attention to those patterns, I usually see them as opportunities to play on my strenghts. Way to be consistent this week!
  15. I love days like these. I'm glad you got to experience such a moments. I got to see the pics on Facebook, they looked amazing.
  16. Cilantro is one of those things that are absurd cheap here.You know what's a truly epic quest? telling cilantro apart from parsley. can't never seem to get it right.
  17. Did you enjoy cleaning the fridge or am I the only one crazy?
  18. See? You're already failing at the don't be Kishi part.
  19. Update 9.15Tue & 9.16Wed Grunt 1: Stay Hydrated According to my app reminder thingy. I was short 4359/4934ml. Today, I'm 3600/4934ml, but the day it's not over yet. I hate going to the bathroom like every 2 minutes. Am I pregnant? Grunt 2: Increase duration of training I'm still training 15 minutes, a combination of body weight exercises with suspension trainer, empty hand forms, stretching and wall bag wing chun drills. I'm focusing on not missing a day this week, and then increasing to 20 minutes. Grunt 3: Eat Fruit Yesterday, I ate a banana, where I could've eaten cookies? I bought a ton of fruit, too. Passion fruit, papaya and guayaba, which I have no idea how to say in English. Today, I certainly failed at this, but only because I got a box of stroopwaffels for my birthday and if you know what those are, you know I had no chance. I'm not even sorry. Grunt 4: No Work After 9PM Yesterday, company had technical problems, I raised the flag one of our clients websites wasn't letting us see any changes in the SEO optimization process. They had to call the CTO, and since they were tasks that I needed to do. I had to wait until they reach the client, etc... I lost like 2 hours of my day and ended up working until 10 because deliverables, man. They suck. Today, I finished up early enough to work on my habits, play some video games, spend more time in here.
  20. This is one of the best ways I've found to fight against that pressure. Tell myself that I'll do it for at least 5-10 minutes, and I usually end up doing more. Also, I think everyone's been eating too many treats on quarantine, last time I tried my jeans they were significantly tigther than usual. Everyone says "give yourself a break". For me was more like "time to go back to the dojo ASAP". Fortunately, we know better. Didn't know you made candles! that sounds awesome
  21. Really hard to have something to say against you, man.
  22. Against the world and people not wearing masks? Yup, totally, full rage. With your fellow monk nerds?... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...
  23. "Men have managed to create a complex and utterly impenetrable secret language consisting of monosyllabic sounds and partial words—and they are apparently too thick to realize it exists. Maybe they really are from Mars. I'd been able to learn a few Martian phrases over time, and one of the useful ones was the grunt that meant "I acknowledge that I've heard what you said; please continue.” ― Jim Butcher, Side Jobs Grunt 1: Stay Hydrated Easy, use reminders, Shogun drink water all the time, avoid wondering why head splitting in two. Grunt 2: Increase duration of training Last challenge, Shogun took back training again for 15 minutes, goal is to increase it at least to 30-45 without panicking. Also, Shogun excited, he got a wall bag to punch. Grunt 3: Eat Fruit Shogun snacks, a lot. Shogun eats fruit or nuts for snacks. Grunt 4: No Work After 9PM Shogun wants to watch Umbrella Academy and The Boys. Shogun will stop working until midnight because of procrastination/unhealthy work life balance.
  24. I GOT THIS, I GOT THIS! Easy: Don't break anyone's fingers. Don't be grumpy. Don't disappear entirely for weeks. Don't be Kishi. It's as simple as that.
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