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  1. Wow! This drinking water thing is hard. I may have to work up to a gallon. I gave a valient effort for my first day though. No done with today, but again, tried really hard. I think I will manage a gallon of liquid, however not a gallon of water, perhaps. Steps in the right direction though I suppose. Sleep didn't go well last night either. I tried, but I tossed and turned most of the night. But....success on the activity monitor front. I wore it all day yesterday and exceeded my fitness goal. Yay! Today I was in meetings most of the day and now it's raining (plus I didn't really sleep)
  2. Wow! Nice shots. I hope I get to see some someday in my area.
  3. Thanks. It looks as though someone has taken care of it now. Looks like they've done away with it.
  4. It was a google doc, like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18QScrErkWYceSrCeyvhTdvGGBR_zklKyigVNhUbH5DE/edit#gid=8 is that not happening anymore?
  5. I wouldn't have wanted to get stuck between a chick an adult crane either. Glad you're ok! We have a population that winters here in AZ as well, but I haven't been to see them yet.
  6. My stomach hurts; Not a good way to start...

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      I'm having the same problem.. I hope you feel better :/

    2. Dusk


      ME TOO D: Just take it easy and take care of yourself, kay?

    3. Fatal


      I'm not feeling well either. I think The Penguin is envious of us fit nerds and trying to sabotage us.

  7. Anyone know whether there's a new sign-up sheet for groups for this challenge? All I can find are old ones
  8. I'm basing my question on the fact that there is a "sign up sheet" in a pinned post in previous challenges, such as here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/48823-instructions-for-making-your-group/
  9. When I spend time outside, I enjoy birding/birdwatching. I like to see how many species I can identify and keep a life list. Plus, IMHO, birds are simply amazing! Does anyone else participate in this avian pastime? Let's help each other learn the names of species, techniques for attracting birds to our yards, and learning great places to go to see new birds! Juvenile Cooper's Hawk
  10. Has a sign-up sheet for groups/accountabilibuddies been posted for the new challenge? I can't find one. And maybe someone can explain to me why I can't seem to properly embed a link. I've tried the Special BBC Code thing as well as manually entering the code and it doesn't want to cooperate...
  11. Is there a sign-up sheet for the new challenge? All I can find are old ones...
  12. So...drinking schedule; 18 oz at a time 6-6:30 - before I leave the house 8-8:30 - before school starts 11-12 - lunchtime 2ish - afternoon 4-4:30; as I leave work 6ish - dinnertime 8ish - evening
  13. So pre-challenge checklist I'm working on: *aquire water containers with measurable amounts, decide on a drinking schedule. *charge activity monitor and reset program *put away laundry
  14. Looking forward to starting afresh!

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