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  1. Hey everyone! I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is I had a wonderful trip to Michigan visiting family and friends and was finally able to relax a bit. I also ended up trying out some pullups and chinups and while I'm still at 4 for pullups I ended up cranking out 7 chinups! I don't know what happened there but all of a sudden they were way easier than before. More good news is that I've finally decided to take the next step in achieving my dreams and go into business for myself. I am in the process of ordering prints of some of my work along with packaging materials and bus
  2. Not challenge related but I just discovered today that I now weigh 149! My first time under 150 in forever, my goal weight was 145 but I think 135/140 is doable too! 20.5 lbs lost since October 29th! I'm so excited and I'm feeling great!
  3. Hey everyone just wanted to update on my husband as well, he is doing a lot better but I can tell he is still not totally himself which I absolutely understand. I went through this same situation just a couple years ago with our family cat who we had for 16 years as well. It was really rough so it was I guess good for me to experience that to be able to be there for Karl and know what he is going through with losing Sparky. Karl is a really tough guy though and doesn't usually let his emotions show, he wants to be strong for everyone, including himself and I think a lot of what he needs is jus
  4. Today was another busy day, I'm soooo looking forward to next week, it's spring break so all I have to worry about is work, and all the housekeep, wifely duties, no school, though I still do have projects I need to work on but hey no mandatory show your face in class days! Woohoo! I didn't do a sketch today I honestly thought about it and still was just meh and decided not to do it, Bad Me! Oh well, I'll make sure to continue on in the days to come. I have to make sure to get a run in tomorrow to make up for today's missed run too and I might run Saturday instead of Sunday, we'll see. I did
  5. Day 16 Yesterday was a rough day, my husband's family had to put their dog down, they had him 16 years and he was my husband's best bud. So instead of being super productive, we were very distracted and preoccupied. There were a lot of tears and hugs and not much in the way of exercising at all. I got some stretching done but that was it and I didn't get a sketch done either. I spent time with my husband instead, reminiscing about all the great memories he had with Sparky and what a great dog he was. I wouldn't trade that for the world. I'm not counting anything against myself for yesterday si
  6. I chose to get an activity band heart rate tracker, I wanted a heart rate monitor and an all day activity tracker and I figured I would just get the combo instead of getting them separately since it costs about as much as getting a heart rate monitor alone. I've got the mio fuse. It's an all day activity tracker as well as heart rate monitor. It's just a wrist band no chest strap, but the reason I chose it over the fitbit heart rate bands was because the reviews said it was super accurate, it uses similar technology to an ekg, and I heard the fitbit ones were less accurate. I really like mine
  7. Day 15 So today was crazy, I really didn't have time to do much of anything between school, work, and homework today just kind of zoomed by without me realizing it! I did some let me ins, and body pulls on the floor, got some stretching in and did a quick sketch of my front door cuz I didn't know what to sketch, I looked up and there it was, boom! Inspiration! haha. Everything today was really quick and felt rushed, I've got a lot to do tomorrow too but hopefully I can slow down a bit and really focus on my body and myself for a little while. Anyways here is my sketch, now you all know what
  8. As far as the pullups go, through doing the let me ins, in a lower position to make it more of a challenge, I found that my back muscles were really feeling it, way more than when I do pull-ups so I think I might be neglecting my back and using my arms too much for pull-ups so I think I'll keep working on those, however, since it is finally nice out again, I do plan on going to a park a couple times a week or so to see how I do and if I'm progressing still. Most of the time when I run I just use a heart rate monitor tracker and map my run occasionally, but sometimes I love to go out "unplugg
  9. I really want to get a slackline! Are they hard to setup? I've only tried it a couple times but it was really tough and really fun!
  10. Dude I did some let me ins today and really tried to focus on my back muscles and I think I've really been neglecting using my back for pullups, I could tell those muscles need some strengthening, I'm excited to work more on those, thanks for the tip!
  11. Day 14 has been super busy, but also great! I've gotten so much done today I ran, did a quick sketch, and am stretching right now! I cooked up some super yummy slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal for this week's breakfasts and have been getting a bunch of coding done for my web design homework! I still have a decent amount of work to do tomorrow but I can worry about that later. Here's my sketch for today... I've seriously been staring at my computer all day so when it came to sketching this was about all I could think of. Anyways I'm really happy with how today turned out especially my r
  12. Me too! I grew up in Kalamazoo, moved to portage around middle school and went to Portage Northern for high school, small world! So here is day 12's sketch I wish I would have spaced out the dots a little more but I like it well enough! Day 13- Today was a good day. I went for my run, got my stretching in, and did my sketch. I, however, did not eat very well at all but that's okay I can do better tomorrow. All in all, I felt pretty great about today and I'm excited to do even better tomorrow!
  13. Okay so I had a super emotional day for no real reason, well a bit of a reason (stupid shark week) anyways I started out super happy and wonderful, then I started to get cramps and got super hungry at work and everything went downhill. I ate crappy food when I got home and then ended up just being all down on myself and emotional and I went out and got ice cream and ate a bunch but honestly that along with watching New Girl and lots of laughs with my husband turned my night around and now I'm going to bed happy and ready to take on tomorrow. For today though (Day 12) I did some decent stretc
  14. Thanks everyone! I'll definitely look in to those, in the meantime I can always use my friends when I see her, I just want to be able to work on them more regularly
  15. Day 11- So I skipped my run yesterday since it was -1F out in favor of doing it today when its supposed to be 28F out! I'm planning on doing it after work/before dinner so I'll update again tonight with that. I did a loooooot of stretching yesterday which felt great, and I got a lot done around the house too! I did however completely forget to do my sketch! It wasn't even that I didn't want to do it, just that I got so busy I honestly didn't even think about doing it, so bummer! I didn't do any pullup work, that's supposed to be for today buuuuuuttt.... I need help/advice. I was doing pul
  16. Hey everyone! I need some advice, one part of my challenge is to increase my pullup reps and it has been going well so far, I was working on them during the days I went to the gym (3x a week) since I don't have a pullup bar at home and everything was coming along pretty well. My gym membership expired and I can't afford to renew it, does anyone have any exercises that I can do at home to help me train for pullups without actually doing pullups? Also if anyone knows of any pullup bars that work well with tiny door frames/super low ceilings that would be great! Thanks!
  17. Yea I enjoy visiting the city but it's way too busy for me to enjoy living there for long periods of time, I would definitely need to get away from it all every once in a while! Where do you do gymnastics? the place I was looking at going is Lakeshore Academy in Chicago, I'll only be able to make it out once a week sadly cuz its about an hour/hour and a half drive from me but I'm excited to start going!
  18. I am so guilty of chasing all the shiny things at once, I just want to try it all! I think I need to go in cycles, that would be a good way to figure out what I enjoy doing the most too so I can cut out the meh exercises that I don't miss when I stop doing them. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone!
  19. So Day 10- My pull up work was kinda lousy, I just wasn't feeling it this morning and now I have a stitch in my left upper back/shoulder/neck area, I've been doing some stretches to try and get that feeling better and I'm working on opening my hips because ummm I'm suuuuuper tight! Today was alright but I've had better, it was just kinda meh. I was uninspired for my sketch too so I just did some abstract geometric shape things. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day, I'm also hoping my run goes well cuz Tuesday's was pretty lousy and I felt pretty defeated with it. Anyways I think I
  20. Just skimmed through your challenge so far and you're amazing! I'm determined to start doing gymnastics soon, I even found a gym that teaches adults, I can't wait! Anyways I'm following you now and am excited to see the rest of your challenge and all the awesomeness that I'm sure is to come. Just out of curiosity what are you doing for your HIIT workouts and it looks like you lift weights too... how do you schedule that around gymnastics and your HIIT training? I'm looking at doing the same, just basic powerlifting stuff (squats, deadlifts, bench, overhead press) and I'm training for a tough m
  21. Hey everyone sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I had a great day but it was really busy so I just collapsed into bed without updating anything so for Day 9 I ran 2.5 miles, did a bunch of stretching through out the day, and got my sketch done! So far today I've done some pull-up work and a little stretching but I'll give the full update later tonight.
  22. Thanks! Yea the UP is seriously my favorite place on earth (though I really haven't traveled much) my mom grew up in the UP in Menominee then went to college at NMU in Marquette so we go back there quite a bit. I went to southern Indiana for the first time this past year and it's way more beautiful than I expected, I was so used to flat northern Indiana that all the hills and trees really surprised me! The hip opener was double pigeon/firelog pose I think that's what it was called at least. It's the one where you sit cross legged but you actually lay one leg on top of the other instead of in
  23. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Day 8 was great! My sister headed home this morning but we had a ton of fun together and I'll be able to see her again fairly soon so that's nice. I got a toooooooon of stuff done around the house today, I still have a lot more that I need to get caught up on but hopefully I'll be able to do that by the end of this week. I ended up skipping my workout today from being too busy and too sore from working out with my sister this weekend, she killed me, but I loved it! Oh speaking of which, I don't lift weights much, though I might start cuz I do actually
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