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  1. man the BBWW is a killer but done for today, ate well to 2 large salads and a garlic butter sauce on halabit
  2. Tapatalk app inop in the forums times out when trying to connect? Started Sunday.
  3. Well had some mechanical issues on the bike today so shrted my or de one mile but at least I went out and rode
  4. Ready to begin, my main motivation is watching others achieve great things and knowing that i can do if it others can
  5. Greeting a good start, ready for Monday and the official go time.
  6. Took the dog for a 3.2 mile walk today about an hour of walking.
  7. Never give up never surrender every set back is a new opportunity and all that good luck it is my second go round to hope to see you successful at the end
  8. My second Chance also hoping to beat my goals into submission this time hope we can work together and do this
  9. Here here and yeah to another endurance junky good luck with your goals!
  10. Good luck the second go round here my second chance also here is to being a companion!
  11. This is my second challenge also, made it difficult but not impossible or it would not be a challenge it is nice to have all the people here to keep you on the straight and narrow and to motivate you.
  12. Rode 10 miles today a good ride nice day
  13. 1000 steps per day is hard, i have a fit bit tracker and even doing 6000 while at work is difficult, hope you make it and good luck!!
  14. looking forward to seeing you succeed those sound like very achievable goals.
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