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  1. Hang in there! New habits are hard to form, especially when life gets in the way. I'm excited to be somewhere that we can push each other's limits... looking forward to getting awesome with you!
  2. Isn't it the best? lol... I'm so excited to find other night shifters on here. I'm not alone in the juggle-your-shit universe!
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. I'm getting off my ass. I stumbled on NF when looking for ways to start working out at home in what little spare time I have. I'm a night shifter in the ER, going through nursing school and chasing two school-aged kids around as a single mama. Naturally, free time falls a little short, but I decided something needed to be done when I got to the point where I wanted to sleep through my entire off day. So, that being said, looking at the assassin track. I want to increase my stamina, flexibility, with a little bit of focus on strength (because very, very lar
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