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  1. Update Starting Weight: 227.2 Current Weight: 225.5 Steps&Sleep: Monday Feb 11 7137 8 hrs Tuesday Feb 12 6102 7 hrs 32 min Wednesday Feb 13 4167 8 hrs 14 min Thursday Feb 14 6206 7 hrs 53 min Friday Feb 15 11479 7 hrs 20 min Saturday Feb 16 7342 6 hrs 19 min Sunday Feb 17 3176 8 hrs 44 min Monday Feb 18 NA (took it off and forgot to put it back on
  2. I did some editing. I was definitely thinking the 25lbs goal beyond the challenge time frame. My battle log has the full long term goal amount. In my hast to get something up into the forum challenge I didn't shrink the number down enough given the time frame. Previous installments of me trying to keep everything up to date in these sorts of threads has resulted in me spending more time planning and tracking and not enough time doing trying to change that as well. I have a tendency to be a "dive-in then adjust as I go" kind of person. lol I thank you for the feedback.
  3. Week 1 Exhausted today. I don't think my flex 2 fitbit counted my sleep properly last night. Charging up my other on and will try it tonight. Day 2 (February 13) Breakfast savory oatmeal with extra spinach coffee with almond milk Morning snack herbal tea Lunch d Afternoon snack d Supper d Fitbit End of day steps --> Sleep Water OZ ~
  4. I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from me. After a respawn I'm setting myself back at level 1 because my fitness level is worse now than it was when I first joined NF. For this challenge I'm keeping it simple to three goals. I'll update this further this week, but wanted to get this up before I forget again Main Goal for this challenge Loose 8lbs yes I know.... lame, but to the point High level goals Log 10,000 steps per day Eat & drink healthy Spend less money Break it down Eat & Drink
  5. Week 1 I'm not a big fan of logging everything, but since my previous attempts have failed here we go logging EVERYTHING. Day 1 (Tuesday Feb 12) BMI 39 (227 lbs) Food Breakfast savory oatmeal with extra spinach coffee with almond milk Morning Snack 3 leftover vegan "fish" sticks coffee with almond milk Lunch cauliflower & garlic veggie soup Afternoon Snack tofurk
  6. Well I'm back at it. Things have gone sideways and crossways for the last few years. I'm totally out of shape at the moment, so back to square one. And I'm not feeling overly creative with the title of this topic..... so... yeah..... Battle log it is High Level Goals Loose ~100lbs - ish Become physically fit and healthy Learn to play acoustic guitar Continue to learn ASL Break-it Down Loose weight Week 1 eat clean wfpb breakfast drink 40+ oz of water per day Week 2 eat clean wfpb
  7. Been off track for far too long. I'm not even going to bother listing the why's. Those are just excuses.... ===== I've managed to crawl my way back. Lost all my weapons. I don't even know where my pack ended up, but I still have all my limbs. So here I am, dusting myself off and digging through the old trunks trying to find some halfway useful starter gear.
  8. Why in the hell would someone want a dragon for a pet????? Come on??? seriously????? Q here.... oddly enough I've been hired to help raise a dragon to be a protector/pet. I've trained a range of critters before, but this is a new one on my list. Time to up my "game" as they say. The local lord got his hands on a dragon egg and now he want's to train it to be a protector and a pet. A whole lot like training a horse but waaaaayyyyyy more dangerous. ::sigh:: This should be interesting. Yes I know, how does an assassin get roped into training a dragon. According to his lordship, he fi
  9. Hey fellow Assassin's I've been away for a while... but I am back and ready to join in the next challenge..... I'll probably start mine early as I was not expecting a two week break till the start of the next one. A Scavenger hunt really does sound like fun
  10. Love the Zombies Run app I'm still working through the learning one... but I've done a couple in the main app story not great time mind you as I'm still not able to run that long..... especiallly not with my ankle and my knee acting up .... oh well Link to my zombies account is in my sig Oh and there are a couple of facebook groups for ZR if you are interested.
  11. Little late but the "normal" zombies app has a chase feature that you can turn out when you go out for a run. I haven't tried it since I'm still in the learning phase.... but from what I've been told and what I've read it initiates random chases. Basically you have to outrun the zombies... and if you don't run fast enough they apparently will catch you.
  12. The 5k is its own separate app. Z and R! 3 do not come with it. And as far as I know Z was only available to those that donated to the kickstarter when the app first came out.
  13. So.... bought the 5k app as I have NEVER been a runner I've always said I only run if something is chasing me..... well who knew that someone would create an app that does just that Went out for one of my normal walks on Monday and listened to the intro story... holy smokes... nothing like getting the blood going this is gonna be fun! and for me to say that about running is just crazy Tuesday I decided what the heck.... I'll do the first day of the 5k training.... not too bad... legs had a good burn going the next day, but I didn't pass out lol But I'm enjoying this enough that
  14. Alright.... update cause I apparently forgot to get in here Main Goal/Quest: Power up with Green and Drop Weight (DEX +1, WIS +1, CHA +1) Result: Definitely been powering up with green between juicing and upping my veggie intake it's been a great challenge for my main goal. I started at 196.2.... and I'm down to 188.8 at this point. I will admit I haven't been perfect but for powering up with green and dropping weight I'm definitely doing that And the bonus is I'm still powering up with green and truly enjoying it! First Goal: Bring on the Juice (CON +2) Result: Well...
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