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  1. You're an artist. You're an independent contractor, currently focusing on self-development and rebranding.
  2. I don't think I have the kids' workouts; I bought the system years & years ago, & I lost my first disc somewhere & bought a replacement last year or the year before. That's a great suggestion, though, and I'm not too proud to do them, lol
  3. Harriet. You are not an indolent slug. Stop it. I don't know whether a mind flayer is messing with you, or whether the Leechen Cloak is sentient and whispers these things to you, or what, but that sort of thought pattern does you no good, Shieldmaiden. And you are better than that. I've just barely met you and I can tell that. Also, screw what Google says. Is the cleaning getting done? Is the dust gone? Then you win. Hell, you dust? I'm 43 and I haven't dusted since my mom used to make me do it. So you double win.
  4. Please to not do the breaking of yourself again, K? Take it slow and easy with the lifting to start with. (OHAI I'M THE POT WATCH ME DIVE HEADFIRST INTO DDPY AGAIN LOL) I am jealous of your weather right now, TBH. Ours is the sucky grey sky and weird high winds today. IT'S 73 DEGREES HERE ACCORDING TO WTFORECAST AND WTF, BUT CLIMATE CHANGE ISN'T REAL OR ANYTHING It's JANUARY. And it feels like mid-April here. FML. Anywayzies, I am also jealous of your walk. That looks like a nice one. I can't take my Charlie anywhere nice to walk because The Scotsman doesn't want Charlie in the new car. Can't blame him on the one hand; on the other, I get guilty when I go on walks without my pupper. But I'm just going to have to GTFOver that. (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) Stay healthy, Mellon-nin. ETA: WE NOW HAVE FRIGGIN' THUNDERSTORMS BOOMING OUTSIDE. IN JANUARY. Understand, please, that yes, where I am it rains in the winter. We don't get snow, we get rain. Ice, too. Not normally snow. AND DEFINITELY NOT NORMALLY THUNDERSTORMS IN JANUARY.
  5. SO I am not going to rewrite the same stuff I just wrote in my Challenge thread, if you're interested, go read that. This week didn't go like I wanted it to, and that's okay. I'm grading myself a C, and that's okay, too. So next week will be better. I found my DDPY disc, I think I've got a better plan, and I'm ready. I'm really, really ready this time around. So let's go.
  6. End of week 1 update: C. Maybe a B-, but I really feel like it's a C. SO to begin with I couldn't find my friggin' DDPY starter disc until Wednesday. Add in that the kiddo was still home from school until also Wednesday & I have...I don't know... "THINGS" about working out in front of people. I don't like it. At all. So...kinda didn't do it? Then rain ruined walking at least once... *sigh* BUT I did work on the TG once I did do 20 minutes of DDPY Beginner Beginner once I did meditate five days for sure I did my affirmations/reading/journaling most days And while I did not make the TIME deadline, I did make the DAY deadline I had to make. I mean. The holidays ending just really -- I was not in a good mindset for work this week. But the good news is I did move around more, I did get up from the computer more, I do feel a bit better about some of my stuff. Let's regroup. Okay. So the Beginner Beginner thing Dally does on this disc is right at an hour long. I don't have an hour every day, I really, really don't. So instead of that, I think this week the goal will be Diamond Dozen three times this week. Hang on a second and let me see how long that is. CRIPES it's 45 minutes. Huh. Well. I mean, I already get up at 4 in the morning guys. I can't get up any earlier and still be worth a damn. Well, I'll have to work it out. So DDPY, either the Diamond Dozen or the Beginner Beginner, three times this week -- Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I think. Walking 20 minutes daily. Log my MFP. Total Gym three times this week. Next is lower body and abs again because I did upper body last. Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. One chapter (two if it's short) of YAAB daily I should finish The Scotsman's hat tonight/tomorrow, so then it's on to either the other fingerless glove for my sister-in-law or The Child's scarf. Probably the scarf, I found a very interesting pattern for it, I just have to make sure I have the right needles. Get back to my research reading for sure -- I slacked on that this week too. And get on my reading for pleasure. I should go to the library and see if they have Wolf Hall. Or go to the used bookstore tomorrow -- I may do that, depending on the weather -- and pick up a couple of things. Not much, I don't really have the money for much, but a couple of things. So. Here we go. Week Two, I'm coming for you. And I'm pissed.
  7. 1/09 2020 Goals: 1. Morning pages/meditation/affirmations/journal 2. DDP Yoga (try for 30 minutes rather than 20 -- the entire Beginner Beginner is 50+ minutes & I'm trying to figure out where I can find that time) 3. Dayjob (Total: 2 hours 16 minutes held over from 1/08) 4. Log MFP 5. Read Ch. 11 of YAAB (read 9 & 10 on 1/8 -- 9 was only 3 pages) 6. Knit something, dammit.
  8. 1/08/2020 Goals: 1. Morning pages/meditation/affirmations/journal 2. Total Gym upper body (So I am completely weaker than I used to be and I will be feeling this for the next few days) 3. DDP Yoga I found my DDPY Disc 1, started Beginner Beginner, only did about 20 minutes of it but better 20 minutes than nothing, right? 4. Dayjob (total, because yesterday was really super crappy, is 2 hours 16 min audio held over to tomorrow.) 5. Log MFP 6. Read Ch. 9 of YAAB 7. Knit on the Scotsman's hat
  9. 01/07/2020 Challenge 1, Day 3 Goals: 1. Morning pages/meditation/affirmations/journal 2. Total Gym upper body 3. Walk 30 minutes 4. Dayjob (total is 1 hour 30 minutes. Totally doable) 5. Log MFP 6. Read Ch. 8 of YAAB 7. Knit on The Scotsman's hat OR cast on for The Child's scarf FML today is not going well SCREW TODAY WITH A CHAINSAW
  10. 1/6/2020 So I got up this morning late -- my alarm didn't go off because I turned it off last Friday and never turned it back on. Okay, fine. Up at 6 instead of 4. Okay, fine. Did my morning pages, was just getting started on my affirmations when The Scotsman came home. "I gotta go to the doctor." See, something happened to his right index finger on Wednesday or so of last week, and when he got to work on Sunday, he showed it to a colleague who said "Dude that looks like staph, you need to see a doctor." "The Child and I are supposed to go shopping today. We've been planning this for two weeks." Was my immediate first reaction. Not a good reaction, but it was my first reaction. I planned this day very specifically; everybody should be back at work, which means the Mall (ugh) and its surrounding shops should be fairly deserted this morning. I have money because I had a good payday last week. "Well, you can drop me at the doctor's." "No, we can't do that; we're going SHOPPING shopping. Clothes shopping. We're going to be gone most of the day." Heavy sigh. "Go to the doctor, we'll either go when you get back or tomorrow." SO. I think he's done at the doctor's; they've already charged the bank for his co-pay, so I expect he's at Wal-Mart now waiting for prescriptions. He left his phone here, of course, so I can't check. I got The Child up and they are in the shower right now. Here's hoping he's home before noon. So because I'm taking the Child shopping, I don't really have any other things on my to-do list for today. I do not care for clothes shopping. Not my thing. But The Child wants to wear clothes that are more along the lines of how they present (nonbinary) and we will likely be getting them a new haircut as well. 1. Morning Pages/affirmations/journaling/meditation (I really need to meditate at some point today) 2. Shopping with The Child, lots of walking around stores in the mall and the stores in the surrounding environs 3. Not worrying about MFP because I already know The Child wants to go to lunch (and they want bubble tea, which I have heard of but never tried) 4. Try like hell just to spend cash money & not touch the credit cards HA NOPE 5. Come home & collapse Pray for me, y'all. Oh. Hiking boots came! I've got them on now, have had them on since they came, so as to wear them in a bit.
  11. Heyla. No, I don't think we've been on the same track before, Old Fox. Loire, she's more raccoon than fox, but she's straight as a sunbeam, she'll give me back my shinies when the time is right. Springtime proper, maybe, there'll be meat in my traps 'stead of air and moonlight. (Translation from Thieves' Cant: Hello. No, I don't think we've met before, Guild Leader. My friend Loire is holding my tools; she's tricksy, but not thief/assassin tricksy, she'll give them back. I'm hoping that by spring, I'll be of more use to the Guild proper.)
  12. 1/5/2020 Official first day of the first challenge of 2020. So current stats as of yesterday morning: Weight: 229 and change (Yay I'm already back under 230 or around there) Flexibility: Crap Endurance: Crap Strength: Super crap Those all three need to change. See my Challenge thread for details. So here we go. Goals for today: 1. Morning Pages/meditation/affirmations/journaling 2. Grocery shopping 3. Walking 20 minutes 4. Check prices of DVD players at W/M while I'm there. I probably won't buy one today, but I at least need to GET one by the end of Challenge. I really wish Dally's app wasn't so expensive. (Seriously, Dallas, $30 a MONTH? AFTER I've already dropped so much on the system? I think not, bro. I love you, and I believe in the system, but nopetopus.) No longer necessary; see my actual Challenge thread for details 5. Knit/Read/Something besides screwing around on the internet 6. Log MFP & stick to MFP. I think I went over a little yesterday. 7. Slowly reread Ch. 5 of YAAB
  13. Since I can barely draw a straight line, I am most impressed. You did his shadow, too!
  14. Simple for your first time, doll. Just go with steak. Supposed to be tomorrow, but I kind of half-ass started already, too. GO LOIRE, GO! Yes, please to no more broken Shaar/Loire please. Oh, GOOD. wicked smile Weekend is GOOD. I found a Penguin Funko Pop that my brother said was okay to take out of the box! And The Riddler was right beside him! Picture is sideways but there's one in my thread.
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