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  1. Oooh that looks awesome! I'm totally down if other people are! Perhaps interested parties should DM their emails to someone who can put together a mailing list to organize this. I'm happy to take charge! Cheers, Grey.
  2. Alright Toronto Rebels! July isn't too far away - anyone have any thoughts on what a NF meetup should look like? I'm happy to try organizing something, but have no idea where to begin. Let's get the ball rolling! Grey.
  3. Oh man, I was the ONLY inactive member?? Super weak sorry about that team. I also can't believe the challenge is almost over! Time flies! I'm sure you've all been kicking ass and taking names! I will update my blog with progress soon, and I will subscribe to all of your immediately! Cheers, Grey.
  4. I'm in. I figure it's about time I determine my 1RM anyway ;-D Grey.
  5. Woo hoo! Another Torontonian ;-D I think that might make the tally 3? If there's any interest a meet-up may finally be in order. Cheers. - Grey
  6. What's up Strength Squad! I'm glad to see everyone is still working their energy legs and having tons of babies. Looking forward to everyone's progress! Cheers, - Grey
  7. I came across this thread because I have become very interested in the VFFs - thinking about buying some soon! Thanks for the info everyone. A little fun fact to add to this, because I noticed OP mentioned climbing earlier on... First: climbing in these would suck. If you're really set on climbing barefoot however, it's probably your best bet. Unfortunately, climbing shoes are so critical for performance that the VFFs just don't work. The fun fact is that Vibram makes a very popular sole for climbing shoes (which mine have). They're awesomely grippy and all that fun stuff. Off-topic FTW? - Grey
  8. Interesting thread... I'll contribute something. I've been working myself into a paleo diet over the last 6 months or so. I began by simply cutting things like crackers from my diet and replacing them with veggies and fruits. It's only now, about 6 months later, that I'm experimenting cutting the final grains out of my diet: my lunch-time sandwiches at work. I have had a lot of success with the diet myself, but I try hard not to push it on people. For me, the most significant change has been in eliminating processed foods and high-glycemic carbs (mainly sugar). Although I still ate bread, I focused on finding locally baked bread with no preservatives or added sugar. It turned out the bread that met my requirements was both delicious and nutritious :-D I've stuck with that bread for some time now, but am now seeing how I feel replacing my sandwiches with grain-less lunches (currently spinach salad with a whole chicken breast - yum!). I think most people can agree that processed food isn't good for us. My suggestion is just to aim for as much natural food (read labels and look out for the things you can't pronounce!) with lots of fruits and vegetables, and moderate your carb intake. I suggest lower carbs on the basis that on a calorie-to-nutrition ratio, they rank pretty low. I think many people could benefit by replacing some of their carb intake with additional vegetables and fruits - you'll have fewer calories (or you can eat more :-D) and far more nutritional benefit. Thanks ;-) - Grey
  9. Yeah, thanks for the support ;-p Even though this post is lacking in flair, it wouldn't be up if it wasn't for your Twitter harass haha! Thanks :-D I'm pretty proud about it. I wasn't really training for it (as was the original challenge goal) because of my knees, but I improved my diet considerably over the course of the challenge and I have no doubt that it contributed to my performance! - Grey
  10. Woot, you guys rock! At this point, anyone in the general vicinity is a winner to me! Any more out there?? - Grey
  11. Howdy Rebels! Entering into my third challenge with a new perspective: slowing the f**k down. I managed to injure myself physically and mentally during the last challenge. Now, it's recovery time. In keeping with the theme, this post is a week late - and this is just the post! I have yet to sort out what my goals are this time around, but here's the gist of what I've been working on so far: 1) Reintroduce my upper-body exercises into my weekly routine. 2) Consistently perform my prescribed physio exercises. 3) Climb twice a week. 4) Finally start eating paleo lunches at work. 5) Chill out a bit. The key is to slow down so I can transition back into high-performance fitness by the next challenge. No more injuries FTW! On a fun side-note for those who followed my last challenge, despite my knee injuries, I completed the CN Tower Stair Climb (1776 stairs) in 14 minutes and 40 seconds putting me 38th out of about 2175 climbers for my day. #BOOM. Cheers, - Grey
  12. Howdy. I'm in, just a little late to the party. Post coming up tonight! Cheers, - Grey
  13. Awesome, that counts for something ;-p I'm here full-time and would love to catch up with another Rebel, so any time! Hey awesome! I'm sure you'll love it here! The Nerd Fitness - Toronto Chapter is starting to form... Cheers everyone! - Grey
  14. Hello Toronto Rebels! I have yet to come accross anyone from the Toronto area on these forums, but I believe it is crucial to put this post on the board in case another lonely Torontonian stumbles accross it. I am here Toronto! Join me in the rebellion! Cheers, - Grey
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