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  1. Yeah, heightwise I drew the short straw. But what I lack in height I make up in other areas.
  2. Quite nicely put, Zielperson. Also a big influence is the xenophobia of some Swiss people, but that's another topic entirely. The "culture-clash" of Switzerland vs Germany isn't that big, if you compare Switzerland to Bavaria and Baden-Würtemberg. But the difference between Switzerland and Saxonia can be quite big. And no, not just the rudeness is an issue. Some people also feel threatened. I guess you could compare it to USA vs Mexico.
  3. Dantes, let's just say, that at the moment the fit of my trousers is not restricted by my quads. Zielperson: Schön auch einen Schweizer hier zu sehen. Auch wenn du Zürcher bist.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm Max. I'm from Switzerland and I've been struggling with my weight and fitness for years. Right now I weigh about 100kg (at least that's what the scales tell me) and this needs to come down to a healthy weight for my height (1.78cm or so). Sorry for the metric units, but I'm not really proficient in your strange units. I've recently purchased a Roadbike and plan on doing between 100-200km per week, in 3 portions. This past week I fell short by about 10km, albeit it was more the fault of my friend's bike breaking down. I'm still working on my masterplan. The general idea is, to be down to a 32 waist in a year. (Right now I'm between 36/38). Sorry for any errors in my English, it's been a while. Greetings from Switzerland, Que.
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