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  1. 195lb Deadlifts now. Getting stronger. You can see my progress here @ https://strong4family.wordpress.com/

  2. Still plugging away @ https://strong4family.wordpress.com/, stop by and say hello if you miss good ole Kenobi

  3. You can find me here @ https://strong4family.wordpress.com/ if you're wondering where Tom Kenobi is.

  4. Dirty Dash coming up in August, ALLONS-Y!

  5. Looking for a new goal, DIRTY DASH COMPLETED!

  6. Training for Dirty Dash, August 2013 in Boise, Id. Representing Time Lords everywhere under "Team Gallifrey"!

  7. Get that sleep man! :) Can't wait to hear the good news! BTW - I finally hit the 10 pull up mark yesterday! thanks for all of your help and encouragement!

  8. NERD! NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD! Where you at homey? Missing my Pull Up Yoda!

  9. YO. MAMA T! I had the wierdest dream last night. I traveled 10yrs exactly back in time, met you briefly and told you that you were awesome and then told you that in 10yrs you would know me by my NF logon name Tom Kenobi and that you would 'understand' at that point why i told you you are awesome. Hahaha. So, since i woke up extremely tired, like I had actually travelled through time and space....did I meet you 10yrs ago? Haha. Moral of the story: YOU ARE AWESOME!

  10. hey homie! where you at? holla back. lol

  11. Man! I am sure missing the Chels-inator! Hope all is going well in your adventures in the desert! :)

  12. Dillpedo! Thanks for reaching out. I think week 3 got wind that I planned on kicking it square in the groin a thousand times and decided to ambush me. I had two wisdom teeth pulled on tuesday, which I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting it to derail my diet and the last two workouts for week 6 on the pull program. Back on the saddle tomorrow! Thanks again for reaching out man, never leave a rebel behind!

  13. OY! Where you at my friend? Haven't heard from you in a few days. All is well?

  14. you and I have officially started a trend. There might be other 'like-minded' individuals, but we started this thing. If they do some story-line stuff, I'm going to have to figure out how to cross your path for a Time-Lord 'reunion'.

  15. Thanks Kate! YOU are awesome. There is room for a Gallifreyan Druid...just sayin. ;)

  16. hahahaha, well, I could make an exception.

  17. YO dill-peee-do! Looking forward to seeing what you've got written up for the 6week challenge coming up....just sayin. :)

  18. We are expecting to induce sometime next week! All I've been up to is prepping for the lil one, working, squeeze in my little workout, and beating the Legend of Zelda game. 'sbout it. ;)

  19. nah, good ol' crazy michael is alright. Just didnt expect that pic! :) Been good. Just making sure I do SOMETHING to level up whilst I await the arrival of my son. Thanks for reaching out man, how have you been?

  20. Gotta echo the Wicked Pixie. Your new avatar is pretty tight there Tin!

  21. still had a little left-over soreness from Saturday's martial art workout, and then I realized...OOP this tenderness is in my pull up muscles! I plan on getting day 2 week -2 done when i get home today from work. How are you feeling man?

  22. I feel ya on the difficulty posting pictures. Thats why I put my journey to "Spartanhood" pics in a photo file on facebook and then shared the link here. I'm looking forward to posting an NF shirt pic of myself when I reach the 10 pullup mark. Thats my reward for getting to that milestone. Maybe I should get an NF tank or hoodie when I reach the 20 mark? Watching your progress is inspiring! Keep it up girl!

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