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  1. Dawww shucks. I know that we have a bunch saved in a notebook somewhere. The motivation badger must return so many more costumes and characters in the last five years. Very excited to see you back! Hope we can accountabilibuddy for each other again
  2. Thanks everyone! Again I went semi-MIA (seMIA) this week. The crap thing at being good and diligent at your job is that then your bosses want you to do ALL of the things. One day I will learn, just be mediocre. Anywhos, it was a pretty good week overall. I did a lot of walking due to my new only listen to my favorite podcasts while I walk. I typically listen to comedy and video game podcasts w/ the occasional learny ones like Freakonomics. Had a pretty crap Friday because of office doughnuts and potluck breakfast. It was a pretty outstanding Friday, but not great food decisions. But yum. This weekend was an ice hockey tournament for charity. I haven't played hockey in over a year I believe, but it was fun and I didn't embarrass myself. I scored a goal actually *pats back*. Playing this weekend I had a lot of fun and I'll be looking for playing with a women's team in the fall, hopefully. Exercise is easier when it is fun. Now I'm off to check some threads. Hope everyone has a good week!
  3. Last week was kind of a struggle. You know when you just feel off a bit. You're not sick but you still feel eckgh. Well that was me last week and it led to bad choices and not going to bed on time and not waking up on time. Just a stumble out of the gate. So of course I've made some adjustments to correct course. I need to start stretching and taking the dog for walks in the morning. I'm saving my two favorite podcasts (which run between 2 and 3 hours) only for walking time. That way I'm rewarded for not being a chair barnacle and I have something to look forward to and spring out of bed in the morning to do. I only had one stumble with the hoagie at the beginning of the week. Now I'm making giant batches of chicken breast that I just throw in the crockpot and have on hand. I've been mixing it with onions and peppers and burrito fixings for a burrito bowl without rice. nom nom. I was lazy and didn't do any batch cooking this weekend, but I hope to do a little bit tonight... fingers crossed. I haven't been on NF too much. I need to schedule that into my day. I try to sneak on during work but I can't focus on it, so it is useless. Maybe 30 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes before bedtime each night? On to week 2.
  4. Good to see you around. Congrats on the little one. Also... breathing practice... I need that too. Good idea.
  5. Anything that is not normal routine I get anxious about. Logically I know everything is fine, but my body just goes into panic mode. That sucks. But good job on the workouts and such. Looks like you are doing well.
  6. I was all like... hey, let me get back into reading threads. Oh I know this MadHatter lady... ... ... idk
  7. You're all too kind. I'm glad to be back. I NEED to be back. Feel like I hit my "rock-bottom" health wise the past couple of days. It all starts with being sick this weekend and not being able to batch cook, which rolls into not having food in the house. Then boom I'm not packing lunch or bringing food to work and now I'm sitting here with half a Wawa hoagie in my stomach feeling like death. Doesn't help that last night I had ice cream for dinner. Whoops. While extremely cool to be an adult and able to have ice cream for dinner it is not the healthiest choice. So, I'm just going to wallow in my crappy hoagie stomach. NEVER AGAIN HOAGIE!
  8. Sooooo I kind of disappeared from NF for a little bit because of life things. I've been doing well on my own due to habits I've picked up through doing challenges and being a part of the community, but I feel like coming back for another challenge to keep tabs on myself. … How do I do this again? Goals, challenges…. Riiiiiiight. Let's dive in. Goal 1: Waking up at 5AM every morning, going to sleep at 10PM. For the past couple of weeks I have been waking up at 5 in the morning to try to do fitness things. Well the waking up part has been going well but I lack the motivation to do body weight workouts in the morning. I think that is one of the reasons I have kind of stalled in my fitness goals. I just can't muster up the motivation to do reps and workouts. So I think now the waking up early is primarily going to be for morning stretching and chores. Being boring and consistent I find is a key to success. So I also have a bed time. An hour before bed I'll start stretching and reading. That way I'm not playing video games or looking at any other type of screen before bed (for better sleep). There's a lot of little pieces to this goal, but mainly it's the waking up and going to bed on time. That leads to productive days. Goal 2: Pack lunch. I started a new job at the beginning of May. The people at my office (lovely people) looooooooove to eat out. So I need to try my best to not get sucked into ordering out all the time. I'm usually pretty good at it, but sometimes I get lazy and don't pack my lunch... and then oops a burrito happens. Goal 3: Journaling - keeping up with NerdFitness This place is great for me, but I get distracted a lot and forget to log-in and update. I also happen to be a Guild Leadery type so it would be good of me to keep up with the guild. So one of my goals as I get back from hiatus is to come in and update once a week, as well as find time to read other challenges and doing Guild leader duties (hehe... doody). Not a very concrete/specific goal at this point. I need to look at my schedule and kind of feel out what kind of time commitment I can make. A lot of this challenge is habit building, as well as just analyzing myself to see how to life better. Anyway, more on this later. I'M OUT!
  9. MINI CHALLENGE UPDATE We harness our inner Little Finger. Sounds so wrong.... OH WELL! GET DOWN WITH THE MINI
  10. Sorry for the slight delay this week. Week 2 mini-challenge ends SUNDAY 12PM EST... so get to it. In the Game of Thrones you win or you DIE! And the game can be played rather ruthlessly and the players have to get down and dirty. No one here in the Assassins Guild would stoop to these low levels in a figurative sense, but physically we can get down with the best of them. So this challenge will require everyone to get low and stay low. The winning house will be the one that can be the lowest this week. HOW TO PLAY: We are keeping it simple this week. There is one exercise that everyone will be doing (if possible), that is army crawls. Army Crawl Example One army crawl involves both left side and right side, but you don't have to do the up and back. And that's it. Simple and straight forward this week. >>GET CONNIVING HERE<< Don't remember your house? Go Here Still need to sign up for a House? PM me or post on the sign up thread Normal Mini-Challenge Rules - Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate. Don't let mini-challenge hinder your own goals. - If you're not sure how to register something, post it here. - Keep it simple! - Don't hurt yourself! Every Assassin who competes in this mini-challenge gets +1 WIS Assassins, remember to be safe and have fun!
  11. I'M STILL HERE! Definitely need to get more consistent with this battle log. I was very sick at the beginning of this week so was not up to anything really. I've been keeping up with my walking for the most part... haven't been entirely on track. But the weather is getting nicer and I think I'm going to start my Zombie 5k program again soon. I think this should be a morning routine so I can kick off my day right. Long time Wolf. Hope things are well. Starting to replace stress with self-confidence.
  12. OMG I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! You all so bendy P.S. Thank you to the spreadsheet gnomes. That is not my forte so I appreciate all the bells and whistles you add in.
  13. Question 1: Do the best you can, modified poses are cool. I just want everyone to do what is comfortable for their skill level. Question 2: I try to be as accommodating as possible with the minis. All the prep takes A LOT of time. I know there are Assassins that have trouble accessing the Google Doc at work or on their phone. I would just ask that if there is any easy conversion I could do to let me know or someone take on that challenge to put it somewhere else that is convenient for them. Thanks
  14. Again, apologies for the late reply. Only 5 claims per day. TACTICS! AND STRATEGERY!
  15. Sorry for the uber lateness in reply, but yes a team up within house is allowed. The more participation the more better.
  16. Hopping in here quickly at the end of the thread. Sorry I have not been here to respond and join in. I got really sick at the beginning of this week and just have been out of commission. Hope things are running smoothly. .... only 12 pages of thread to get through.
  17. AHHH... hope you the speediest of recoveries. I might have to jump in to take your place. *starts to hum the rains of castamere*
  18. THE RESULTS WINTER IS HERE! AND DRAGONS!!! House Stark AND Targaryen win. Here is where I got for totals: Baratheon: 25pts (bunnies) + 25pts (boars) + 50pts (bears) + 50 pts (griffin) = 150pts total Lannister: 50pts (bunnies) + 50pts (boars) + 100pts (bears) = 200pts total Stark: 75pts (bunny) + 75pts (boars) + 25pts (bears) + 100pts (harpy) = 275pts total Targaryen: 100pts (bunnies) + 100pts (boars) + 75pts (bears) = 275pts total
  19. Mini-Challenge Update Time to party and get bendy! Also, if you are late to the party and need to sign-up for a house be sure to contact me through PM or through the sign-up post. I'll make sure you are not left out of the fun. Don't fret!
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