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  1. It set my goal to 2000 calories. But as I said, my mind said "less calories=more loss" I'm 6'2" and 21 y/o
  2. Hi, I started p90x 2.5 weeks ago. In that time, even though I told myself to stay away from the scale, my body weight has fluctuated rapidly but hasn't gone anywhere really. I started at 250lbs. I was thinking, is it because I am not eating enough? This concept seems extremely backwards to me and I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around it. In my mind its eat less+workout=weight loss. Am I going about this all wrong? Is it possible I am putting my body into starvation mode? Here is my my fitness profile: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reaper234 I generally eat about 1200-1400 calorie
  3. Yes that was a batman reference. But my real question is does it work, and should I take it. The stuff that I have is made in America so it's not some Chinese copy. Harvey Dent...... Can we trust him?
  4. GTA V just came out and is waiting at home for me. This is going to make working out even harder to do. But I WILL do it
  5. What a wild weekend. This year the battle plan was a little different. Last year the entire day was one huge tactical, with us staging an HQ and sending out patrols from there. This year they allowed the public to come and watch, which meant there needed to be demonstrations and scripted battles. On Saturday morning there was a large tactical. The British side was made up of the 43rd, the 71st, the 84th, and the 42nd regiments of foot along with the 1st NJV and a few german Jaegers. The rebels were made up with a jumble of different regiments. With our forces nearly even we were sent to captu
  6. You started where I'm starting now. I can only hope I can achieve the same in the same amount of time. Huzzah to you, sir
  7. Day 4/90 Finally my chest and back stopped hurting, although my legs seem like at the peak of their soreness. I know they will be better tomorrow. Finished today's workout, I'm really happy I have a stable time to have these exercises. Previously I would try to work out first thing in the morning, and that would require me to get up at a decent hour before work. Now I have a specific time worked out for it. I work as a pizza driver for a small restaurant chain, working around the french fries and pizza and burgers is tough. Luckily the job keeps me active and out of the shop most of the
  8. Oh god everything hurts. And it hurts to do everything. But this is good, change is not painless. Certainly this change. So a bowl of oatmeal is probably the most bland thing in the bland universe. I need to figure out something to put in it to make it not the blandest bland of the blands. P90x has this day set up for Yoga but I'm going to be switching it for cardio x. I never liked yoga that much and my body is too sore to hold a difficult position for too long. Anyway more cardio = better right? Rome II seems to help with that as well. I remain, Sirs, Your servant, D His Majesty's Royal Regi
  9. As I said, I would post my Myfitnesspal profile for added motivation. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reaper234 I have taped up a p90x calendar in an open area and marked the days I have done with sharpie. It is my progress bar. My level up. I'm starting to see the benefit of having large amounts of gum lying around. Chewing on something for a long period of time seems to keep the cravings away. And hey, its like nothing on the calorie scale. Rome II seems to help with that as well. I remain, Sirs, Your servant, D His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Artillery, C Company
  10. It's too damn hot. I wish the cold chill of fall was here. I have effectively reduced all of my liquid intake to water and water alone. It's not so drastic, I used to drink soda, diet snapple, and water. So it was not difficult to cut the two out. I have also begun to use all of the features of the Myfitnesspal app. It is a great tool with logging work and food in a intuitive user interface. I will post the link to my profile when I return home. My body is extremely sore. The first few workouts are always the most painful, but it is a good pain. It reminds me of the progress I am making, toda
  11. I use myfitnesspal. It tracks your weight, food, and exercise. I seem to like it
  12. So I have begun my dive into the p90x program. Yesterday was day One. The hardest is the start day. Today is day two, plyometrics. Shaking off my rust. At the end of this week sits a battle. A mass tactical closed off to the public, in Mt Harmon Maryland. Although I won't be able to complete Saturday's prescribed workout, the day of me running around in wool hauling a 750 lb cannon will be workout enough. I will be eating lean as well. We progressives like to eat what they ate 240 years ago, boiled beef and simple veggies. I am looking toward the action and it excites me. My biggest prob
  13. So I have recently started my 6 day a week workout plan (yesterday) and I was wondering what time of the day is best when it comes to results. Currently I have been completing my workouts in between my lunch and dinner, start times are in between 2:30 and 4:30. Is there a better time? Or is the mere fact that I am working out good enough?
  14. Hey y'all, I was wondering what the nutrition values of coffee were? I maybe drink two sixteen ounce cups a week for my early morning classes and just recently change my diet by getting rid of the soda and diet drinks and terrible food. Now I'm drinking water like its my job, but my coffee has remained. Looking online has revealed that black coffee has a caloric content of about 2. But it is okay to drink. I only take mine black anyway. Thanks
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