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  1. I have failed both of these this week, sort of. Haven't been able to get outside at work much due to the temps being well into the negatives and I also won't take the dogs out in that. One is only a single coated dog and just seeing her shivering while outside to potty is a no. Didn't take the fiancee to the coffee house after we decided to go onto a strict budget. We both have been working extra shifts, so not much time to do much of anything. Instead of going out for coffee, in the 2 hours we both get off from work, we made coffee a new way and just sat and rela
  2. Distance Feat: Getting some mileage in at work and walking the dogs for longer, maybe a hike. Social Feat: Taking the fiancee to the new coffee house that opened, maybe even walking there.
  3. There are a few Cap area people here. I'm half here and half in Florida though.
  4. Dear Piper, You're an ass but your're still my good pup who can cuddle like no one else. Dear Peach, You're well on your way in your weight loss, lookin' good girl! Dear Bailey, No need to be scared when the wind blows, I'll keep you safe. Dear Jackson, You don't have to bark at everything, you ass. Sincerely, The Giver of Food and Belly rubs
  5. How easy is easy to you and how strict are you being? You can always pack up some meat and veggies, something like some chicken with broccoli and maybe some sweet potatoes. My advice would be to start with something simple like that and then start to branch out and look up more complicated recipes online.
  6. I've been weighing myself every day and tracking in MFP. If I gain a bit, its not big deal for me, it is more to see if there is a common change throughout the month. The most important thing is to not get discouraged and to stick with what you're doing, making changes as needed, just never giving up.
  7. I'm currently doing intermittent fasting so breakfast is usually water and some black coffee. I guess I sort of have a second breakfast during my window and start with a keto coffee and eggs with plenty of hot sauce, followed by my main meal either at that time or more towards the end of my window.
  8. I can do about 3 strict pull-ups currently. I put my pull-up bar on the door next to the bathroom and I hit it every time I walked by. I started by doing negatives using a chair and worked my way up to full on pull-ups. I plan to keep going and I'd like to get to 20 by the end of the year.
  9. I feel its more about what you are doing and your comfort level with the exercise and the weights you are using. If you're going heavy, just be safe even if that means using a machine instead of say a barbell. I prefer doing accessory moves with free weights to really hit the stabilizer muscles for that extra bit. Do what you feel comfortable with.
  10. I'm in. After a long hiatus its about time I get back into these. My Relax Feat: Taking the dog for a nice walk
  11. This is a nice balance of mental and physical, I'm in!
  12. At work currently but I'll be hitting this hard when I get home.
  13. I take my bike into work every nice day I can, it'll def wake you up for the day! Keep it up.
  14. 29 days and still going strong. I feel no real desire for soda so I guess its working.
  15. It is what it is. Its a cheap treadmill/elliptical repository. What little free weights they have were usually taken with people waiting. It gets super crowded after Jan 1st obviously and slims out about mid march/april. The pizza parties and the free bagels and donuts make it a joke. Knowing all this I still joined one because it was a mile from my place and easily affordable. Would I renew my membership, not a chance. I've gotten a much better workout using my weights at home and running/biking outside, although Winter is Coming. In short- if you're strapped for cash and need somethi
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