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  1. And yet... Lol, plus I'm traveling for work this week. This is going to get interesting. Week 1 Meal Plan: Monday - Breakfast: Eggs and bacon at the hotel. Lunch: Gyro meat w/ salad and olives. Dinner: Wonton soup w/ spring rolls. Tuesday: Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ raisins. Lunch: Greek salad w/ chicken. Dinner: The Med sandwich (N&C). Wednesday: Breakfast sandwich w/ avocado. Lunch: Pad Thai. Dinner: Pesto Buff Bowl. Thursday: Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ raisins. Lunch: BBQ brisket w/ green beans. Leftovers. Friday: Breakfast: Eggs and bacon. Lunch: Sandwich (?). Dinner: Veggie stir fry. Saturday: Breakfast: Yogurt w/ fruit. Lunch: Tuna salad. Dinner: Grilled chicke w/ veggies.
  2. Right to business, fellow assassins! The Mission: Lose 40 pounds by May 25 (sister's graduation). 5/40 Quest 1: Dare You to Move Attend boot camp/body weight workout at least 2x a week. Walk at least 2 of the off days. Stretch at least 1 of the off days. Quest 2: Food, Glorious Food Meal prep on Sudays. Eat like I've got some sense during the week. Post meal prep for extra accountability. Quest 3: Rise Get up and moving. No hitting snooze; no weekend all-day naps. Keep my body on a schedule.
  3. Rocked steady and finished up strong! A+ across the board for week six. Takeaways: If I don't have "Eat like you've got some sense" written down somewhere, I don't do it. I can, in fact, drink two liters of water in a day. When I don't eat like I've got sense, the whole weight loss thing goes stagnant. (I can hear the chorus of "No $#!+, Sherlock!" already) Upper body strenght is an issue. The struggle. Meal planning guides are gifts from heaven. Not all protein powder tastes like chalk.
  4. Week...5? Was it week 5? Is this already week 6? *incomprehensible screaming* So...Week 5 was decent: Another B for my workout. 2 workouts, but I didn't walk every off day. A for water. Doing great with that. C for the journal. Happy final week, everyone! Let's finish strong!
  5. Week 4: B for these. Had one full workout, but I think I walked more this week than I have in my life. That's an exaggeration - but I definitely walked as much as I did living in London. A for water! Hellz yeah! F for the journal. No writing this past week. Definitely firing back up today though. Good luck, everyone!
  6. Never fear! I have returned. Lol, I just realized that I hadn't updated in two weeks, soooo.... B for the workouts. Both weeks involved plenty of walking and casual movement, but I was traveling for work, and thus there was no workout. A for the water!!! I'm getting at least a liter every day. Huzzahhhhh! B for the journal. I've actually been writing out my thanks/concerns/etc. most nights. It's surprisingly comforting. As for my life goal, it's going verrry slowly. Revisions are of the devil. Hope everyone's off to a cracking Week Three!
  7. MATE! This exactly. I was doing okay last challenge, and then I hit a wall. A wall made of chicken nuggets and Frosties. I had to print off a food plan from my gym instructor to get back on track. Glad you're doing okay this challenge. Right there with you. Have a great Week 2!
  8. Howdy! Still here and, sort of, going strong! Week one was rough, lol. Got sick, but I'm back on my feet now. Didn't work out at all. It was one of those weeks. I've got my "Hotel Workout of Wonders" printed out and in my travel bag, though. Nothing shall stop me! Last week is the first week I haven't been to my boot camp classes in about a month, and I was feeling it. I have a feeling I'll be feeling it even more tomorrow.... I'm also keeping a food log, which I think has been almost as helpful as the workouts. I've found that I actively lose weight when I'm not only eating right but keeping track of it too. Got a grand total of 4.5 liters this week. I bought an actual water bottle, and that's been helping me. It's hard to "forget" to drink when you've got a big red cylinder on your desk staring at you. Journal - did one and then didn't do anymore because I was working nights. Which means I'll be switching to mornings to fit it in this week. Onward, to week two!
  9. I've got slow cooker Kalua Pig on for tonight. Paleo-friendly, and my house will smell like pork for at least a day. There's no downside.
  10. A quick summary: Last challenge I set workout, food, and soda-free life goals. I managed to kick soda, started off okay with both food and workout, but quickly went back to being a french fry loving couch potato. Okay, that's not totally accurate, but in the grand scheme of things I'd say my grading for workout was a C at best, cooking for myself was a C, and soda-free was a B+. Now, even though I was on the struggle bus the entire time, I did make progress. First, I joined a gym full of the most awesome people ever. Second, I managed to lose five pounds! Third, I kicked the soda habit. I had a couple, but I don't crave one every day now. So it wasn't a total wash, and I realized that I was probably over-ambitious in setting my goals last time (damn Slytherin tendencies). So now I've "woken up" and know how to keep going. On to the Quests! Mission: Lose 40 pounds by sister's graduation (May 28). 5/40 down. Quest 1: (Active Body) Full workouts at least 2x a week. Walk or run at least 2x a week. Quest 2: (Healthy Body) Drink at least a liter of water each day. Quest 3: (Conscious Body) Keep a proper written journal of prayers/thankfulness/positivity. Life Quest: Revise the hell out of my novel/don't take rejections personally. Let's do this!
  11. Week 5: Well... C, F, A, and didn't post to my blog at all, but got some post scheduled, so I'll take a C for that. Going into Week 6, there are pros and cons. Pros: It's warming up, which means I can get out to my gym without worrying that I'll end up in a snowy ditch.I actually joined a gym, so I have a group to work out with.I know exactly how to schedule my week so that I don't eat out constantly.I got progressively worse this challenge, so the only way to go is up.Cons: I failed massively at working out this challenge, and gained back the two pounds I'd lost.It's Scholar Days - this month is cray. Which means my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine is scrambled.Good luck in Week 6 to everyone! Let's finish strong, even if we wobbled in the middle.
  12. Week 4: F for flu. I didn't do anything last week, as I was sick. I did manage to only have one soda, so I guess it's a B for that. Eurgh.
  13. Week 3: Eh. Quest 1: C. Only worked out once.Quest 2: F. Ate out six timesQuest 3: A. Not a single soda in sight!Side Quest: F. Didn't post at all.Last week kicked my ass, but I'm off to a good start for this week!
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