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  1. Thanks! Its november 8th...im pretty excited about everything!
  2. My Nags!! Greetings and Salutations from OHIO!!! Holy cow...it's been toooo long...I miss everyone... I wanted to give an update on things going on with me...MASSIVE changes and massive struggles Let's start with fitness: I registered for my deadlift competition. It's there...hotel is booked everything. Couple weeks ago I pulled 405 off the rack at a 4" defecit. My trainer seems really happy with my progress and my work..this week I pulled 315 for 4 on my 10th set..it was a volume day..I feel SOOO AWESOME as far as health wise goes. I've start running again and pretty happy with how quickly I've progressed. My time isn't as good as it used to be but my distance is right back there...I ran 5.4 miles the other day... My struggle: My weight....damn it...I need to get down to 198 for my weight class. I'm at 214.1 this morning...I CAN NOT get below 210...lowest I've come is 212...so I think I'm going to have to cut a lot of weight the night before and possibly the day of the weigh in...luckily the weigh in is the day before the comp and I don't have to re-weigh...which means FOOD FEST Friday night...lift saturday morning LOL If anyone wants to come to Louisville, Ky come on down!! LOL...Jess you should really look into a competition. You could easily set a state record with your abilities!! I feel way stronger...we have a fun thing we're doing here at work to do 20 push ups every time the smokers go out to smoke...we did 120 the other day...I did a pull up unassistant with the horizontal handles yesterday...twice...that felt amazing. I am definitely leaner and can feel a difference..my size 36 pants are almost too big!! HOLY SHIT LOL...I was a size 48 with a stretch band(because no one wants to go up) when I started.. Soo... I got a new job!...Just kind of happened I sent out two resumes one night on a whim...place called me back and loved me..offered me the job that night. I will be a consultant at Sogeti now...I'm soo nervous LOL...I turn in my two weeks in about 2 hours...but the opportunity cannot be passed up. They offer 12k A YEAR for furthering my education...AND I got a 12% raise...plus a slew of other things...it's just awesome... How's everyone else doing? I need to catch up on threads! Can't go wrong with Stephen Colbert
  3. Hey Guys!! I guess I over estimated my capabilities to keep up with this lol... Work is SUPER busy...I'm the scrum master...kind of like a project manager a little...I make sure stuff gets done and am responsible things are moving along as expected. I'm also working on my way to becoming the team lead of the product team which will be cool... I interviewed for a different part time job yesterday...Right up your alley Alex...Guy wants to code/hack some robotics stuff! Fitness Update: I have slacked off at the gym a bit too much..and I can feel it..I'm still going 3 days a week but it's not enough..I don't feel strong or feel myself getting stronger... On my deadlifts...This week is 6 sets of 6 all at a 4" deficit 135 185 225 275 300 315 Travis seemed pretty impressed with that...I want to pull 455 at the meet...We have a little bit of time but not enough to really slack...so I need to get really get focused and start working more... My cardio is HORRIBLE...I ran a mile last night and felt like I was going to die...it's pretty hot...I prefer running around the 45-60 degree area and this 75-80 is killing me...great sweat but holy cow... I've decided i'm running a 10k on Thanksgiving Morning..I have to start training for it... I know I need to get caught up with everyone....I'm sorry..
  4. I'm running in the surf and turf 5k this weekend! Youre super close to me! Interested in a running.buddy? I cant find anyone lol
  5. I heard there was a Jess around here!?!?!
  6. Thanks for the Love all!! Joe you are too right!! LOL...I'll explain below... Wildross...I know they are kind of contradictory...but I do have some fat % to lose and why not start now to make sure I lose it...It's going to be difficult I have no doubt about that...especially with what I have to actually lose... UPDATE!! Tonight was training with Travis my personal trainer. We started Deficit Deadlifting on a 4" platform. NOT FUN. The regiment is 10 weeks with decreasing reps..so.. 10 of 10, 9 of 9, 8 of 8...etc Set - Weight 10 - 135 9 - 165 8 - 165 7 - 185 6 - 185 5 - 205 4 - 205 3 - 205 2 - 225 1 - 225 Came home ate dinner...Then went out for a short run..and by short I mean very short..LOL..I think I did a mile..walked a few minutes then ran back home. It SUCKED...I generally never run after deadlifting but I felt I needed to tonight just to get back into the habit of actually doing cardio since I've been out of it for so long... Friday will probably be back and shoulders, Saturday I have the Color Run...and I'll probably do legs after that...Sunday I don't know...arms and chest?? Glad to be back on NF and my NAG42 crew...Keeping me motivated and honest!!
  7. Get it Vella...Congrats on the new job!!
  8. That sounds like an awesome weekend Bats!! I snickerdoodled at Goblet Squats...Do I get to drink what's in the goblet when I squat down?...Number 10 would be really rough
  9. I heard a Harps was around here!!!!!!!
  10. BEST PIC STRIP EVER!! + One Tousand Internetz!
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