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  1. Hi! I'm a level 0 human adventurer with aims to be a scout/assassin. I'm a 38 yr old female, married with three boys (17, 16 & 11). I work full time and am finishing my psychology degree. I am overweight (5'3" and about 200 lbs) but my goal isn't a number on the scale. My "big" goal is to do a half Ironman in 2016. I'm doing my first sprint distance tri in just under two weeks with plans to do another next spring and an Olympic distance next August. (Baby steps!) In addition, I was training Krav Maga regularly until I traveled overseas this summer, moved across town and started university classes again. I'm looking forward to that training regularly as soon as possible after this upcoming race. (I slightly hyperextended my knee in class (misjudging the distance on a kick) so I've been babying it for the past few weeks...which means no running and no Krav. I am SO SICK of the black line on the bottom of the pool.) My other primary goal is nutrition. I'm currently eating for a couch surfer, not a scout or assassin. :-P I know how to eat paleo and I KNOW how much better I feel (no more achy joints or weird rashes down my face/neck...SO cute). But now that my husband is no longer paleo, it's been more difficult to get back into that mindset. I'm not making an excuse; it's just fact. So as of Wednesday I will be back to paleo for myself. Training plan...after the race I will be focusing on strength training, yoga, Krav & whatever cardio sounds fun until March when my training for the tri season will kick into full gear. And that's me.
  2. I'm not dead. Really. I got over the stomach bug & promptly was walloped by the flu. After years of rarely getting sick, I've picked up every little bug this past year...since I started working out at the campus gym oddly enough. I'm really focusing on hydration and nutrition and washing my hands. All. The Freaking. Time. I only rarely use anti-bacterial stuff. The good news? I don't seem to have lost any ground in race training. I've lost a few pounds and while that's definitely needed, it's not needed like THIS - for lack of eating at all. I'm a little weak in strength training but meh, it's something to work on. Again. I could be upset & frustrated & mad but honestly - it's not worth the energy. It won't change anything. I know what needs to be done so I'll use the energy to just do it.
  3. Hydration would be nice. So would nourishment. But it seems my body is forcefully rejecting anything more than small sips of water. I left work early & am in bed. I think I'll just sleep now.
  4. Welcome. You'll find a lot of information and advise here. I'm hardly qualified to direct you but I would say to give something your all. If you're not getting the results you want, try something else. And have fun!
  5. Yeah I KNOW how quickly I dehydrate and how bad I feel so I usually keep a bottle of water with me at all times. I left without it yesterday morning & it went downhill from there. One bottle down and already feeling a bit better...well enough to have some watermelon anyway!
  6. Sounds like a crazy productive weekend!
  7. So I can tell already my biggest struggle won't be "grains" per se. It's going to be white potatoes prepared in incredibly unhealthy ways. I wish I could say this weekend was a blazing success. It was more focusing on one conversation at a time, one foot in front of the other, one smile at a time....I was just trying to get through one encounter at a time. Saturday afternoon I started feeling rather ill but we had so much going on that I couldn't just rest. We were either out and about or had people over. I did apologize to some guests and took a two hour nap Sunday afternoon and that got me through the rest of the day. Yesterday I was able to nap about 45 mins in the car during a trip but the rest of the day was crazy and ended with a 12:30 bedtime. There was NO WAY I was getting up at 4:30 this morning but I did have my food prepped so I'm set. Unfortunately I can't fathom trying to eat right now. Nauseous, eyes burning & freezing (although that's due to the A/C blasting down on my desk)...I'll do the best I can today. I'm sipping on water hoping that most of it is cause by dehydration. I was horrible about drinking water this weekend so that's entirely possible. Hoping to either feel better & workout or go to bed ultra early tonight!
  8. Thought I'd get this thread started. I took my starting photos today and weighed myself (although it was at home & I prefer the scale at the gym). I'll do measurements later. This morning I stocked up on fruits & veggies galore. As soon as I log off here I'm headed to the kitchen to pre-chop/package everything. No excuses. Tomorrow begins my foray into the world of paleo. First step - eliminate grains. Next week will consist of C25K, body weight workouts and yoga!
  9. Nothing like a scare to kick up the motivation. I'm glad you're out of the hospital and have the opportunity to turn your health around!
  10. Realize you did more than most people would have even CONSIDERED doing. Maybe you could have done better on a different day but did you give it all this time? If so then celebrate it. It was your best for today. Own it girl.
  11. 1. You have your goals lined out quite clearly which is a FANTASTIC way to kick things off. 2. I LOVE the screen name 3. I can't beat you at Mario Kart 64 but might give you a run for your money on Wii (At least I could until we sold it to be our Kinect) P.S. Welcome. I'm new too ;-)
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