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  1. Resumé at the end of this challenge: Wasn't able to exercise during the last two weeks because of recovering from summer flu. So I'll give me only 1 point for each category for doing the exercises at least in the first four weeks. Perhaps better next time... Greets and THX for your support! M.
  2. THX for your good tipps and wishes! I seem to feel better now, but I'll be carefull with starting again fully. Maybe next week I'm on the road again. For now I stick to my drinking mission and do short and easy walks to be sure not to overdo it. Greets M.
  3. Some naughty virus of summer-flu threw me on the floor from the middle of week#4. Very high fewer and faintness. Aching joints and muscles. Doctor says: Save yourself! I'm afraid I have to quit exercise for this week, maybe the whole rest of this challenge :-(
  4. Week #3 ok so far. Left out one run because of illness. But had to drive to work 20km with bicycle on one day, because of car in service. So long M.
  5. As I work in a lab I'm unfortunately not allowed to have something to drink on my desk. I have to leave the lab each time I want to drink and go to my cabinet. That makes it difficult to remember drinking by looking on a bottle constantly. So I try the following approach: I'll drink two glasses of water in the morning before entering the lab. Then each time I have to go to the toilet, I'll refill the lost liquid by drinking one glass immediately afterwards. This system worked for me in the past so I'm confident...
  6. Hi fearless, THX for your good wishes! Greets to Berlin! My week #2 ran like intended, except the drinking part. I simply forgot to drink enough on two days of this week. I try to do better this week. Promised.
  7. Yes, you're right! Absolutely awful! But how can I not say no, when duty calls?
  8. Hi all! Sorry for not answering, but I had no internet access during my vacation. Now that I've returned, I can start following my missions. Week 1 was fine, because I hung around at Lago Maggiore,Italy, sitting on it's shores and enjoying the sun, only interrupted by short diving in the lake's cool waters :-) But now I'll run on... Greets M.
  9. Thanks all together for you warm welcome! I'm really looking forward to running along with you! Had a >5K run yesterday in very warm weather across the woods. Aching legs afterwards, but felt fine! See you soon M.
  10. Dear Panczo, sad to hear about your dad passing away. You have my sympathy. I hope you and your family will overcome this tragedy in the nearest future and manage to come to normal life in face of this great loss. I think I can say, that we all are here for you and looking forward to your return. All the best for you and your family. M.
  11. Miyamoto - Onto The Plains My Main Goal : For this challenge I decided to leave my beloved hidden forest, running out over the plains together with the scouts, providing they agree to take me with them for some time. I have to get out of my head for a while, at least for the summer to come, leave out meditation kind of exercises and keep things basic and physical. So for this challenge I choose only a few simple missions. My Missions: - running at least three times a week for 30min /5K respectively - special exercises for shoulder and neck every day not running - drink at least 1,5 L water
  12. Thanks, BarefootDawsy for your welcome! I heard about that. But 'til now I have to struggle with my breath so much during running that my brain is almost switched off. XD. But I hope I can get over this during the next challenge.
  13. Hi scouts! Added in this just ended one, I did already five challenges with the druids. I now feel the urge to run around a little on the plains together with you, for in this challenge I realized that I'm a Running Druid and I have to come out of my head for a while, at least this Spring/Summer. I started running - I'd better say jogging - more than 15 years ago and never quitted it completely, though I had many breaks in between. I never ran very dedicated, but I'm still able to run 5K in about 30 min. I also like swimming but have not so much fun in cycling, although I finished a short pu
  14. Surprise! This challenge came to an end! So fast! So I have to divide my 15 points as follows: STR: 1. Again I had to cancel my strength training due to elbow problems, but give me one STR point for exercising my legs with running. DEX: 3. For Baduanjin and running on trails. STA: 5. For doing mostly runs in this challenge. CON: 2. I think my overall CON has rised so 2 points for that. WIS: 2. For now knowing at least the main trees in my area and also for participating in side quests. CHA:2. With wisdom comes charisma so 2 points for this. Again it was big fun to do this challenge with
  15. Yeehaa and welcome to the druids! Biologists rock! xD I wish you a good next challenge and good weather for outside exercises.
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