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  1. Teros/Tateman, I guess I've never been a huge fast food junkie. My faults lie in snack foods! Although now I'm craving me a McFlurry... Tried my workout today and my neck/shoulders are sore so I didn't push it. Did almost the entire thing yesterday though, and today I'm walking to go on a picnic in a park. I'm happy that I suited up and tried but I won't beat myself up over not completing/barely starting it. I'm eating very well today though so I'm happy with that I start day shifts tomorrow so candy should be easy to avoid for the first 5 hours of my shift because I'm so busy. I'll stick with my current system of: marking down how much candy I eat on a sticky note and leaving it on my desk. Keeps me aware and note having very many marks on my sticky note makes me feel pretty damn awesome.
  2. Finally off night shifts for two weeks, woohoo! I did awesome not eating candy the last two shifts I had. What I didn't do well this week is keep up with my workouts! I did take two long walks but since I have two days left of this week I will do two real workouts PLUS a walk each day because it's supposed to be a nice weekend in my corner of the world. Yesterday my parents took me out to breakfast and I had a very non-paleo waffles with butter and maple syrup, hashbrowns, bacon and chocolate milk. When I tallied up what the calories might look like for that I came up with something close to 1300 cals. Whoa. I matched breakfast with a healthy meal of stuffed peppers though (with leftovers! I always think I can eat so many of them at once). Today I made a fruit smoothie for breakfast and after I clean up I'll rock a workout.
  3. Tateman, yeah, I'm still learning how to live in harmony with my cravings. I can give in, have three little squares of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt, and then I think to myself, "Well may as well buy a box of cookies, a chocolate bar and 2 bags of gummies" which never makes sense because "Oh look, I feel guilty for indulging, to make this better I should eat more and feel more guilty." Why do we think like that? It's so silly. Didn't end up working out before breakfast today. Stomach was growling when I woke up and I only had a short period of sun today to go out and enjoy. I don't know why but it always seems to be cloudy and rain on my days off for the past couple weeks, and I love the sun! So I opted for my "long walk" alternative and walked for a solid hour, got some sunshine on my face. It'll make my workout tomorrow before work a little rough but c'est la vie, I will persevere.
  4. Thanks Tateman! So last night I made it to 1am easy. Then things sorta got out of hand... ate a little more than I wanted to. Not an astronomical amount like I can if I let myself go, but still a little much. Wednesday/Thursday night I'll get ambitious and go for 3am both nights. McDonald's was fun with the work gang. Almost felt like saying FUCK IT when I got back and eating half a pound of bacon for whatever reason but didn't. Tomorrow I'll get up and work out - gonna try to not eat beforehand, just get up and go, see how my energy is after only eating my planned snack of greek yogurt/honey/apple at 11pm. Finished a page of my colouring book! It looks so neat, can't wait to start the next page tomorrow. I'm also going to start reading some of my university textbooks that I kept when I eat breakfast on my days off. I'm interested in the material I just have to focus a little.
  5. Tateman, YES! Especially when we make my favourite product, Candy Cane flavoured "chocolate". I'm a monster - I'll eat those until I'm ill and then just keep going. Good thing we only make that product 4-5 times a year. Teros, you understand my woes! Availability makes self-discipline all that much more difficult. And I'm saying PFFFTTT because that is a very old picture Success! Made it to midnight sans snacking on junk food. Tonight, 1am is my goal. I'll just keep moving it forward until it's my entire shift in the "NO SNACKING" zone. I've done my 3 workouts this week but may do one tomorrow after breakfast. After our 3 12-hour nights in a row, my coworkers and I always go to McDonalds as a celebration of surviving. I always get a McMuffin and a hashbrown - it's my thing. While I digest on my way home, and before I nap, I'll try to get a workout in.
  6. EVERYWHERE. In the lab, office, on the production floor. It's literally everywhere. If I can keep it off my desk it's a good night
  7. Tateman, honestly, the taste testing isn't where I end up eating too much. It's that I'm surrounded with candy that I can just…grab and eat when I'm bored, frustrated, tired, etc. But yes - it's every kid's dream job isn't it? We make chocolate chips and other such things (caramel chips, misty mints, etc.) I've been getting better at stopping myself from unconsciously grabbing the candy around me so that's a start so I mean I'm basically weening myself off. The longer I can go when I start my shift without munching the better, I find. Teros, I eat fairly well, really. I've looked into Whole 30 and you're right, it IS rather extreme. I think I need to take baby steps though. If I can finally successfully get through 6 weeks of good habits, I will attempt it. Cross my heart. I'm glad it works well for you, though Haha! I have some OCD tendencies so it's soothing to colour between the lines for me. I'm not very artistic in the drawing sense of things. You can draw me some ninja dinosaurs fighting in space though and I'll colour it in I'll try switching up my self-talk today - see how it goes… because that situation happens…. a LOT. I work in quality control, so I make sure our products (chocolate chips and chocolate coatings etc.) taste like the customer wants. Anna Kendrick pffftttt hahahaha. I got through 30 minutes of my workout today! That is so exciting to me, again! I figured out what sequence makes my feet especially sore and I just don't go hardcore on it, often do something else to keep my heart beat up. I'm still taking frequent breaks and not really going ALL OUT but I'm just starting up again so I don't expect that of myself….yet. Tonight I'll try to go to midnight (5 hours) without touching the sweet stuff if I don't have to. It'll be a busier night tonight too so my mind won't wander to the butterscotch chips in the fridge so much….. AND I'll remind myself that I have a pair of super nice jeans that don't fit me and candy doesn't help my cause! Along with some positive self-talk
  8. Okay... well I failed at that no candy thing tonight. But I'm getting better and better at it. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  9. At work right now and having trouble keeping my fingers out of the candy. I keep saying to myself "It's not good for you, it's not paleo, don't eat it" but sometimes I forget my mantra! I am going to attempt to not eat another piece all night (unless explicitly required by my job). Wish me luck and will power!
  10. Hiraedd, lofty goals seem to lead to fading out for me so I'm trying a different approach this time. Solid, longterm, important goals indeed Hoping they stick this time. xanjra, I work at a candy factory! It's so awful and wonderful. I don't work for Willy Wonka but I often make the joke that I am an "overeducated oompa loompa." So far so good this week. I've attempted to workout twice now and I plan on getting another in this weekend. I still can't manage to finish a 45 minute workout because my feet hurt for whatever reason but I'm persevering. For that reason I've set my goal at 3x a week instead of 5x. Been eating well, trying not to overindulge but also not depriving myself. I have 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt and 1 tbsp of honey every day which hits the spot. On nights it's tough, I always go over in calories but that's because I'm up for 24+ hours in a row (depending). Received a colouring book in the mail today! I may be an adult but I find colouring very therapeutic. I plan on getting 30 mins of colouring in every day.
  11. For the next 6 weeks I'm going to try and do a Healthy Body Reset, a sort of "Off and On Again" approach. I believe that you can retrain your body on how to function well on whole, healthy foods and regular exercise. This idea is a longterm idea and 6 weeks won't be enough to solidify it, but I want to crave a good workout and wholesome foods like I crave naps and simple carbs right now. Time to (re)start that journey. Hurdle 1: No candy at work. Spit it out when I have to taste test it. It's not good for me, it's not paleo, so don't eat it.Hurdle 2: Exercise 3x a week. Walking counts ONLY if it's a moderate pace for 1 hour. Attempt to do dance aerobics for the 3x though and supplement with walking.Hurdle 3: Be conscientious of what I eat. Harder to "grade" but I'll be honest about what I eat. As little processed sugar as possible, 80-90% paleo (I allow some honey mustard and plain Greek yogurt daily), and calories in check @ 1800 cals/day max.Life Goal! Do something, anything, with the free time on my days off that is productive and away from a screen that I wouldn't normally do (reading, meditating, write a friend a letter, etc.) Easy peasy lemon squeezey. I'm worth it, I can do this. My challenges aren't terribly lofty - all it takes is a little perseverance. Aaaaand go!
  12. Failed at the candy battle today. Failed miserably. I got tired and to stay awake I grabbed one handful, two handfuls, 15 handfuls of candy. Then all bets were off. I'm not sure how to combat this problem other than unmitigated willpower which I obviously have not been using thus far. Caffeine pills? I sometimes hit the sheets at 830PM, I can't go to bed much earlier than that. Also I've been hungry at work because of my long shifts. I should eat more at lunch and on breaks but my fear is that I will be eating more on breaks and also eating the shit at work too. Sigh, it's worth a shot I suppose. Haven't been doing too well so far so things can only get better. I did well at not eating candy in the beginning on my second challenge. I'm going to sign up again for June 9th and try again. I won't be working out today because after eating all that candy I know I'll have difficulties (stomach ache etc...), but I'm debating walking to get some food. Good food, maybe not paleo food but something wholesome and that will satiate me. Chicken bacon sub probably. Sigh. Try and try and try againnnnn. I won't give up!
  13. haha! I know I know, but beer tastes sooooo gooooood in the hot sun Ate well today, tomorrow is the battle to not eat candy though. Try and try and try again. Barely got any through my workout today... whenever I'd hop (which is a lot, it's dance aerobics) I got a sharp pain from my quads into my hips and back. Weird? I think so. I don't know what's so different about this time starting up my workouts that I'm always feeling pain in a body part :/ Oh well, I will keep suiting up and trying.
  14. Why not?, yes, yes they will. I don't do a whole lot of drinking to be honest but I do up my average alcohol intake in the summer when beer is cold and the sun is hot. Yesterday I ate well except I dove into the candy a little much at work. I'm going to try and change that next week, slowly wean myself off of it. I didn't binge either Monday or Tuesday though so that's a start. Tried my workout and had a pain in my abs so again, had to stop early. Eaten well thus far today. Had some haddock in butter which isn't paleo but you win some you lose some haha. Plan to try my workout again today after I do laundry.
  15. Did okay yesterday. Was recovering from a night of drinking, went for an hour walk, ate a LOT of supper but it was good for me and technically within my calorie limit. Food worked out well today; ate leftovers at break instead of just veggies, didn't go overboard with candy at work (although we had a sample of Turtle Milk Coating, the chocolatey stuff on the Turtles candy and had a little much of that). Tried to do my workout when I got home but I pulled a weird muscle in my shoulder/neck to collarbone area. Aw well, better luck next time I suppose. Hungry right now but not sure if I should eat or not...
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