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  1. Team! are you alive? let´s challenge again? uhullll! living better lives!
  2. Hey guys! this is Fatalchemist again. I'm late I know. But it´s better late then never. So, here is the thing: I´m on my jorney to create the best fat burning formula ever and lose body fat as much as I can, till I can see my abs. So, my main quest is losing fat, till I can see my abs. And I want to do so, because I´ve always being the cool fat guy. The smart one, etc. But I was never the super-hero-like guy, the handsome one, etc. And I want to be have all these qualities. I´m picking the three following steps to achieve the fat burning formula: 1. Add ingredients only from 6 pm t
  3. Thank you Wildross. Challenge Day one I've done pretty well today! trained Legs (workout "C") and followed the program almost perfectly. To be honest i ate a couple of cookies while working and that gave me extra 4 points (i should consume 49 points and consumed 53). But i think that won't hurt much. Anyway i'll make it better tomorrow.
  4. Hey! nice dog.. and quest! good luck.
  5. Hey guys! This is me again. Since I have kinda failed the last few challenges, I'm going to try something really easy. I'm writing more over time. But this is it: I'm fat. Gotta lose some pounds. Maybe 30 (lol). My motivation is to look hot as hell. Instead of focusing on my goal, i'm focusing on my system instead. The system is the weight watchers regimen, every single freaking day. That's is for now. See ya.
  6. Why don't we continue this topic? for selfalchemy! lets transform our body into something we would be proud of!
  7. Hey! how was your challenge? I think I failed a little lol
  8. Hey Travelnut! Keep us on track! I've started a facebook group to motivate me. It's working. I'm gonna weight and measure me on monday and inform you all about the results. Have a nice weekend everybody.
  9. Team.. are you having progress? Is your body changing the way you wanted to be?
  10. I hate running. It´s so boring =[ Gym for the win!
  11. Hey! It's really hard. I'm struggling with it and i'm not 100% perfect on following it, but the results are showing up! Think that these are the best ingredients lol
  12. I think I jus can´t put up with "little bits". I prefere radical stuff.. either I do it 100% or i inevitably struggle and quit. I´ll try to go no-carbs this week and see what happens. Keep you updated, see ya.
  13. I don't know about you... but i have declared war! I'm going 0-carb!!!!!
  14. I think you are right. Actually, I'm gonna right down my whole diet, specifying each ingredient, each meal. Soon i'll update my challenge. I think it will be bring me better results, cos I feel I'm simply not eating enough (mainly carbs) , and then I crave and give in. To avoid that, I'm going to use some math to determine how many calories, carbs, fats and protein I should ingest daily and create my own diet. Have you experienced something like that? Were you successful?
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