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  1. Oh, thanks! It has been going less good the last week. I've managed to keep up with my handstands practice and my water, but eating enough and meditating is difficult to get into a routine.
  2. Quick update: Handstands: 5 out of 12 workouts 90 g Protein: 5 out of 9 days No sugars: 7 out of 9 days >1 l water: 9 out of 9 days Meditation: 6 out of 9 days
  3. It does, doesn't it? The handstand progress is progressing! Haha I had a handstand class today, and it went beyond expectations. Todays focus was on kicking up against the wall, and also do freestanding handstands with a partner as mental support. I was really scared to get up into the freestanding one, and needed alot of help getting there. But when I stood there, I.. well.. Stood there. It felt good. And after the class I stayed behind to keep working on my kick ups. The teacher went through the techniques a little more wih me, helped me up a few times and then let me play on my own. And gosh, did it go well! I managed for the first time to kick up and touch my foot to the wall by myself. It didn't last for long, but boy did it feel good! So I'll probably be back tomorrow to play with the handstands some more. Ah, problem is when I travel between cities like that, I don't have a car, but travel by train. It's difficult to get off to go buy something to eat.
  4. My weekend didn't go as good as I'd hoped. I couldn't plan anything about my food, so I haven't eaten anough protein at all. Booh. When we're visiting my bf parents, we almost always only eat twice each day. That's really not enough for me. But they also live too far away from any grocerie store for me to go buy anything. Yeah, So I'll have to work on my proteins the coming weeks to be able to pass on this quest. On the bright side, I've been drinking lots. Even though it mostly have been tea, I think it should be counted into the amount of water I have to drink. So I'm easily above 1 l every day this weekend. Although, I've realised I get stomach aches of black tea, which I'll start avoiding from now on. Handstands: 3 out of 12 workouts 90 g Protein: 3 out of 7 days No sugars: 5 out of 7 days >1 l water: 7 out of 7 days Meditation: 4 out of 7 days
  5. Thanks guys! It does always feel good when others remind me that it's not a failure just because everything didn't go exactly as planned. Now's another challenge though, and my next thread can be found here.
  6. I decided that a bag of carrots and a box of grapes was the best snacks I could bring with me on my 4 h train ride to my bf. It turned out to be a great idea since they offer free mini muffins in this part of the train. And I don't eat muffins today. Not very rich in protein, but it's better than to fill up on sugar.
  7. Ah, I see what you did there! I guess I should learn to do handstand bailouts then. Hah. As we've only worked on wall handstands yet, I think that's why he hasn't been teaching us any other ways to get out of them. But I don't know. We'll see. Now I know that I should work on them at least! But I suppose that's when you already have the wall handstand that you shouldn't work on them for too long? Since I can't even get up with a kick-up yet, I feel that it's too early to try without the wall behind me? How do you start to learn the freestanding handstands? That sounds horrible and scary. Haha, maybe you're right. I'm so used to read about all you guys doing your workouts so often that I don't realise people in general work out much less than me. Yeah it felt really good that day. Like I could do anything! Haha I'm just hoping that I'll continue get better. I think that the other two workouts I did this week went bad because I wasn't as warm in my muscles and joints, so it felt really wierd trying to get up into a handstand. Usually I do my handstand "homework" after another class, so I'm already warm, and it usually goes better. Yes, animal flow! It's a way to move around on the floor, doing swítches between different "animal moves" and getting around. I found a video explaining some of the moves: And a video showing how it can look really cool: It's much more difficult than it looks. I get so tired after a 10 min session of these things (including rest).
  8. So, update! Ehm. Where do I start? This has been a week that I've taken it easy. Last week involved crazy much workouts. So I felt that I needed a less intense week to get my energy back. I went to the gym on monday and yesterday to work a little on my handstands and do some light stretching, and on tuesday I went to gymnastics training (tumbling, balancing and animal flow) and the handstand workshop afterwards. Oh and I went to pole class yesterday as well. But that's all I'm doing this week. The handstand class on tuesday was great, and with some help from the teacher, I got so much closer to doing a wall handstand than ever before. He stood beside me and just lifted one of my legs when I kicked up, and sometimes he just had to lightly touch the leg for me to get it. The other handstand workouts have not been as good though. And with the food and meditation... It's not going as well as I hoped. And I'll be visiting my bf parents this weekend, so it's going to be hard to control the protein intake. Any suggestions on meals/snacks rich on protein that's easy to bring with you? Handstands: 3/12 90 g Protein: 1/4 No sugars: 4/4 >1 l water: 4/4 Meditation: 1/4
  9. I think I'll have to learn bailouts now! (I guess it's for my own good as well too) Thank you!
  10. Hey there! That's not crazy at all. I can't do cartwheels yet either, both becuase of lack of technique and well... it's scary. But as you say, working on it does make it less scary. I've noticed a great difference when (trying) doing my handstands now compared to in the beginning. So that's nice.
  11. Haha yes! It is great, isn't it?! Staring with pole made me realise workouts didn't have to be boring! It's nice to know I'm not alone. But I feel that working on my handstands makes it less and less scary.
  12. I haven't practiced bailouts ever. Our teacher is all about getting down "the normal way". And.. To be honest, I haven't been able to get that close to the wall when doing those chest to wall handstands. I'm standning more in a L-shaped handstand, so I'm getting down quite easily. But maybe it's something I should work on when I'm getting closer to those hand stands.
  13. Tackling things like how we see (and want to see) ourselfs can be difficult, but I think that just realising and admitting to yourself that it's something you have to work on is a huge step in the right direction. As the mad hatter said, it's something that a lot of us struggle with and it often takes a lot of time to get to a good place about it. But hey, silks! handstands! How do you feel about going on to the next level in silks? It sounds exciting! Good luck!
  14. Sooooo.. I realise I'm always late to these things. But better late than never, right? So last challenge didn't go great, but also not as bad as it could have. I focused on drinking, eating, working out and meditating. And I'll continue to work on some of those things during this challenge also. So I'll jump right in. Quests: 1. Eat all the protein and nothing of the sugar. Last challenge I wanted to eat at least 80 g of protein each day, which actually isn't as much as I need, but much more than I usually eat. So I think I'll up the game a little and eat at least 90 g of protein. I will really have to work on this, but I believe that it can work. During my first challenge (that I completed) one of my quests were to keep off sugar, and it went really well. But as soon as that challenge ended, I got right back to my old habits. That it not good for me. I have to go back to my first plan again. Pass: Eating >90 g of protein on 75 % of the days and no sugary stuff (with the exception of fruit and pure juice). 2. Drink all the water. Okay, maybe not all the water. But drink at least 1 l a day can't be bad. I need water. I drink way to little, but has finally been able to get more hydrated since the last challenge. I have to keep it up. Pass: Drinking >1 l on 75 % of the days. 3. Look at life from a different angle. Today was the fourth class in a hand stand workshop I've been going to once every week. There are two classes left, and until then I will be able to at least kick into a wall handstand. To do that, I have to work on my hand stands at least 3x/week, doing strengthening exercises, alignment exercises, "wall climb hand stand" and kick ups. Oh, and of course wrist preps prior to all the workouts. My biggest problem with handstands is that I'm scared. I'm not sure of what, but It keeps me from kicking up properly. I really have to learn to trust my body to do this. I know it can! Pass: 12 handstand workouts. 4. Keep your head clear. I will keep on doing daily meditations. It relaxes me and I've already started to implement some of the things I learn about myself there in my daily life. It just can't be bad for me. Pass: meditate for 10 min a day on 75 % of the days.
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