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  1. Gosh, it's been a long time since I last logged on! This place looks totally different! So, late last year I was getting pretty good. I had a regular gym schedule, I was eating right. Ish. Maybe. OK, so I'd started buying snacks to get me through work and 'treating' myself to pizza at the end of the day and damn the consequences. Then work got hectic. The gym dropped. I stopped pre-preparing meals. I had a few Life Issues that made things difficult (90% of which can be summed up with the word 'anxiety'). My job finished. I was unemployed for a month. I got a new job, but I had to move interstate on a 24 hour turnaround to get there in time for it (long story). I got here, I stayed with friends and had my meals cooked for me for a while. Anxiety hit again; I stopped eating breakfast and bought crackers and dip and things in a box to eat for lunch because I couldn't bear to make food in their kitchen. I got a house and moved out and couldn't seem to get my feet under me enough to set up my house and look after my health. Christmas came and went, and I did really well on healthy eating. Oddly enough, much better than I'd been doing before. But I worked over the break and returned exactly as exhausted and off-balance as I had left. I started cooking lunches in my own kitchen again, but I still bought snacks like biscuits and chocolate to make myself feel better at work. Fast-forward to nearly-April and my goodness am I sick of this. I have just ... had it up to here. I hate feeling like I've gained so much weight back when I was doing so well, I can actually feel my muscles atrophying every day I stay away from the gym, I've stopped parkour, and I'm starting to be the right size/just a bit big for pants and jackets that used to be too big on me. I sleep terribly and I never leave the house because I can't wake up on a weekend. I called in the cavalry and my parents have stayed at my place for a week. The house is clean and my freezer is full of home-made meals which will hopefully last for a few weeks. It's the Easter long weekend and I'm sleeping through as much of it as physically possible. The job is quieting down, so I won't feel so worked off my feet. It's time. Stop the wagon for a sec, I wanna get back on. My plan is twofold: Stop buying junk on the way to work/buying packaged food for lunches. And start going to the gym again. My goal is once per week, but if I can get to two per week, all the better. Oh and get back into the NF community - I miss the motivation and the support here.
  2. Seconding the suggestion to try drinking water (or tea - I'm a huge tea fan, and tea often makes me feel like I'm 'consuming' something more than water, because it's got flavour and takes me some effort to make). If you're having trouble with snacking, maybe try either increasing your meal portions a bit, or eating a larger number of smaller meals throughout the day? If it's just that you feel like you should be having some form of food thing, perhaps try veggies like carrots or celery. I sometimes sit with a carrot if I'm working while stressed because it takes me a while to eat the carrot and it stops me getting up and getting higher-calorie foods over and over again. That only works if the issue is food-for-comfort rather than food-for-hunger, though - if I'm still hungry after the carrot, I'll fix myself something a bit more substantial.
  3. EGGPLANT. EGGPLANT IS BASICALLY MY FAVOURITE THING EVER. I'm currently trying to work out the Perfect Miso Eggplant (nasu dengaku) Recipe and it's not working so far but dammit, I will get it right! My standby is roasted in oil until it goes soft, and the smaller bits are a little burnt, even, with plenty of salt and whatever spice I'm feeling at the time: cumin is amazing, or paprika, or sometimes five-spice. Second to that, I'm a huge fan of all things dark, leafy and green. They're so versatile, they go in everything, they add depth to flavour ... really good base veggies for a lot of things. But I never met a vegetable I didn't like, personally. I could go on about the perfect recipes for [X vegetable] all day ...
  4. A lot of people on here also recommend Starting Strength, which I'm starting up on in a week or two once I've found a gym I like. You could also check out the NF resources - they have a Barbell program as well as the bodyweight stuff, which IIRC comes with the free starter's kit. Other than that, the most important thing is going in with a plan, any plan, the simpler the better, and not feeling too embarrassed to stick with it for a while. You can always adjust it later if you need to, and it's nobody else's business what your workout routine looks like.
  5. Myself and my mother both share this problem - my mother used to use it to her advantage when she played netball as a teenager, because two minutes into the game she'd be so red you could use her as an airplane landing light and she'd look like she was nearly out of energy, but actually she'd still be totally fresh and sometimes the other team wouldn't mark her properly because of it! Both of us have mild, non-threatening circulation issues (when we walk for a while or run for a while, particularly in cold climates, blood doesn't run from our fingers properly, so they tend to swell a bit and get sore), so that might be a contributing factor. Definitely check with the doctor, but I know a fair number of people who have that issue, and it's not a serious concern, so it may not be a cause for concern.
  6. Sailsgoboom - Those calculations make a lot of sense ... I never thought of it like that! I'm so used to thinking of each day as a separate unit! Raincloak - It is a pretty significant deficit. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not meeting it at the moment (I have had a fair bit of food donated these past couple of weeks, and am eating the leftovers from dinner parties, so I've not been tracking for a bit), so that will probably contribute. I've got the ingredients now for some nut butter biscuits I can take a couple of for the afternoons and I've pre-boiled a heap of eggs, and I've got a week's worth of dinners in the fridge. If I'm still eating everything in the house after that, I'll be a little more concerned, I think. Thanks for the input, folks
  7. Hi, all. So, I just started at a new job (by which I mean started back at my seasonal job from last year), and I've realised I come home about ready to eat everything in the house, and then some, and if anybody has troubleshooting advice, that would be awesome. For the record, as soon as I can go shopping on Sunday, I'm planning to stock up on foods I can snack on at work, but I'm wondering if other people have come across a similar problem and the answer was something different. Basic routine: Roll out of bed about ten minutes later than I intend to (this is why I build buffer into my mornings), clothes go on, basic grooming happens, pick up work lunch from fridge, head out the door. I usually get hungry around 12 noon, and then finish whatever task I have and have my lunch break (generally 12:15 to 12:30). My lunch is usually reheated dinner (the rest of the office kind of hates me at the moment because I make the office smell like delicious food), and a serving size is a rectangular Chinese takeaway container stuffed until I have to squeeze the lid closed. For a quick reference to the kind of food, one lunch has been stewed mince in tomato paste and chicken stock, with potatoes and carrots and onions and leafy greens; the other has been fish curry in a coconut milk and fish stock base with, again, plenty of veg for bulk. Slow-cooker foods with a good serve of protein and a whole bunch of veg, in other words. Going by recent calorie tracking trends, I average 400-500 calories for a meal serving like these. Then, I work through till the end of my shift, though I have been known to be tempted by the biscuits in the kitchenette - I stop at two, though, if I do eat them. I leave work at 4:30 (soon to be extended to 5:30), feeling peckish. By the time I get home I'm nearly too hungry to be bothered with cooking at all. I reheat something again or throw something together, then usually go back for a second serve, and an hour later I still find myself going over to the fridge and wondering what I can snack on. I used to be OK after a handful of nuts, now I could easily eat a whole packet if I left it open on my desk. Basic stats: Height - mid-160cm range - about 5'6" or 5'7". Weight: 72kg/158lb Calorie goal: 1400 or 1500 cals Exercise: Desk work with a good bit of walking around the office for filing or communicating with workmates - I estimate 40/60 split of on my feet and at the desk. Parkour once a week, currently - still getting back into my exercise routine and shopping around for gyms. I think step 1 is definitely see if I can't pick up some snacks this weekend to eat near the end of my work day, see if not being super hungry at dinner time makes me inclined to eat less. But if anybody has any other suggestions, then I'd be interested to hear them!
  8. I do both. It's definitely easier for me to eat under my calorie count on Paleo, but I still like to track to make sure. Tracking would be especially important if you were going to experiment with deficits and bulking and all that. I know plenty of people who don't, though, and it sort of depends on what your personal preference is. If you stop tracking and you're still achieving your desired outcome from diet and exercise, there's probably no need to go to the effort unless you would like to. If you're the type of person who's looking to quantify things, prefers the 'safety net' of tracking, rather than worrying about whether you overshot accidentally, or you don't trust yourself not to snack, then keep counting calories. Paleo isn't that different to pretty much any other diet in that respect.
  9. Thanks to both of you I certainly hope I manage to maintain control over my life for a bit longer this time - losing the plot completely seems to be a bit of a theme with me
  10. Bing. Respawn. Take 3. Once again, I tried to fit too much on my plate and everything fell off. So I've cut back on my social commitments (now have scheduled things two or three days a week instead of six), and it's amazing the difference that it's made so far. It didn't even occur to me until my parents were like "You know, when we were your age, we did social things once a week on Fridays. Maybe your kitchen wouldn't be such a mess if you weren't doing things every day". And boom. Sudden epiphany. So here I go again - I plan to start tracking food again in July, once financial concerns are taken care of, and I'm picking up exercising again starting this week. Life changes all start on a Monday, and that's in 12 hours, so here goes the countdown. Weapon loadout: DMR and pistol. We're taking this thing down precision-style, headshot one problem at a time and try not to get into melee range again.
  11. Bluh, last week sucked. I crashed and burned on the day of my tax course (last lesson I can miss without failing the course - thank goodness I only have a couple of weeks to go!) and still haven't recovered. I haven't been tracking, but I've been trying to portion control and be conscious of what I eat, which seems to have worked (from looking, I'm back down to roughly where I was before I went completely out of control in Honours), at least size-wise. I have taken a couple of walks down to the shops, to get coffee with friends and suchlike. And I've been flipping crazily between doing nothing and doing EVERYTHING AND PANICKING - the other day I accidentally read until 2am (but I finished the book, that means it's OK, right?), but last night I started working on my story synopsis to send to agents and suddenly it was 4am and I was still making tweaks and changes to try and get the stupid thing under the page count. Some progress on Queering All the Things - no craft, but I bought nail polish yesterday and did my nails up in Agender Pride colours because really, why not. I'll report back on amusing reactions from the kids at work if I get any good comments. And I also was introduced to this: Awesome Shirts. I have purchased two new hoodies (I'm a Nonbinary Adventurer and I'm a Genderqueer Artist) and one T-shirt (I'm a Queer Writer), because 1) hoodies are so important, especially for adventurers, 2) my parents took pity on me and so I have a little cash spare for making poor spending decisions (c wat i did thar) and 3) my friend told me I had to at least purchase one of the Writer shirts, and if they told me I had to, well, what else was I supposed to do? Now to last out the week, I guess. I'm going to at least try to get out for a walk, though I might not make it to Parkour (I will if it's at all possible!) and now I batch-cooked some food and have it in the fridge, I at least know I can eat this week without worrying about having to spend effort cooking. I'm going to try and make a round of everyone's threads this afternoon and evening, and catch up on everything I've missed.
  12. Sucks that the recovery is stopping you from making cosplay. That must be so frustrating! We expect to hear about ECCE anyway, and pics are requested strongly.
  13. Whenever you feel like your updates are boring, just post your workout numbers. I promise we'll get excited over those because you're badass.
  14. I identify with this on a heartfelt level. Whoops, there goes another one... Agreed with Petefeet - recovering is priority 1, but a good walk will probably do some good, if it's not causing too much pain or anything.
  15. :D Awesome that the recovery seems to be going well. Is it too early to ask how it feels?
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