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  1. That's interesting - I use MFP to track cardio (so biking, spin if I do it) but not lifting solely because it's a pain in the ass Because I'm new to IIFYM I've only been trying to hit the protein target but my fat/carb balance is probably off as well.
  2. I'm about 5'4", and my lifting depends on where I am in my programme - but usually 1-2 main lifts 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps (from 80-95% of max), plus 2-4 accessory exercises per session. And a deload week every 4-5 weeks.
  3. Chiming in as I had a lower back injury that took me out for much longer than it should have.... (got injured, did a comp, kept training except for the lift that hurt most, did another comp, finally saw a physio, got five months of rehab...). Firstly, I know I'm answering a question you haven't asked, but it's worth getting an assessment from a physiotherapist about the injury. Medical doctors (if that's all you've seen) aren't generally trained to assess you properly for this, and the advice to lay off completely was probably due to their caution in the face of ignorance rather than the injury itself. I should have got my own back injury assess by a physio much sooner. Secondly, Calanthropy is right; your strength will come back faster than it took to build in the first place. Start light for caution's sake but increase as per your programme as long as you are feeling good and your form is good.
  4. About two months ago I started tracking calories and macros on MFP, aiming to (a) increase protein intake and (b) lose some weight (currently 70kg and feel better around 65). My daily calorie intake has ranged from 1300-1550; protein from 71g-117g (better more recently). I cycle to work (20-25minutes total 5 days a week), I train for powerlifting 3/4 times a week, and occasionally go to spin or yoga. While my protein intake has gone up now that I'm tracking,and training has been going fine, my weight has been pretty much static; 70kg +/-1. This is a pain as I do feel I'm restricting what I eat. Trouble is, if I go to an IIFYM calculator it tells me that my BMR is 1400 and my TDEE ~1700; that if I want to lose weight I should be eating 1500/day i.e.: more than what MFP tells me I'm currently eating. MFP, fwiw, tells me I should be eating ~1300 calories/day to lose weight. So something is off, right? I see three hypotheses: 1) I'm not tracking calories correctly (therefore my calorie intake is higher than the numbers are showing). 2) I'm tracking calories correctly, but I'm not eating enough so my body is holding on to fat - is this a thing? Tracking food intake is a massive pain (psychologically) and I'd rather not, but I need the protein intake - which I find it hard to get without tracking - and I would like to lose some of this extra weight. Does anyone have experience with this - what did you do?
  5. You could try single-leg Romanian DLs, or lying on the floor doing straight-leg pulldowns with a band or cable to work your hamstrings. But honestly you're not going to lose much actual strength in the few weeks you're waiting to see your doc. TLDR version: I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and suggest avoiding anything that gives you that pain until you can see a competent physio/doc. Learn from my 'oh it'll be fine if I just ease off the deadlifts for a few weeks but not find out what the problem is' mistake... six months, three physio appointments and lots of core rehab later I'm finally getting somewhere, but that was a lot of time wasted.
  6. Totally thought from the title you were talking about these guys: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004AYCU00
  7. Add me to the pile of anecdotal evidence in favour of the Mirena. Insertion was painful but it was short-lived, got a few random cramps in the month after, and I have not had a period since (2.5 years ago). I get occasional breast tenderness, and sometimes some spotting (like maybe once every six weeks or so on average) but it's so light I usually just shrug and think "eh, black underwear today then". I think I've recommended it before on the boards, but this is a good blog if you're looking for an layperson interpretation of the evidence on IUDs https://drjengunter.wordpress.com/tag/iud/ TLDR version: they're the most effective contraception and the most well-tolerated after 12 months.
  8. Back closer to my usual weight. Top secret method: not eating chocolate and beer most nights. You're welcome.s

    1. Kilyra


      LOL, that's awesome (and terrible. Dang reality)

  9. Q_est


    Yep that's what I was doing/trying to do. It never hurt at the time but the next day the back problem would be back (pardon the pun). It didn't start getting better til I stopped benching as well. And thoracic spine mobility is part of my rehab Part of me is tempted to try again knowing that I am learning much better proprioperception when it comes to what I should be feeling where, but the more sensible/conservative part of me thinks I should wait another few weeks until the physio clears me. I didn't try much higher rep ranges (10-15) though.
  10. Q_est


    Thanks guys. Chinups and pullups are definitely part of the training I'm still able to do, and a new home pullup bar is on the way. I'll add in some sets of slow chinups to my routine. And obviously bonus they are working pretty much everything upper body as well. If bouldering counts under 'rock climbing' then that's also been added! At first I kept benching because I thought there was no possible way that was straining my lower back if I didn't use a comp arch... but it was, so I've had to stop that too Forearm and grip-specific specific stuff I could definitely add in to help with bouldering as well as DL when I get back to it... *off to google*.
  11. So after months of a niggling lower back issue I've been forbidden from DLs or squats or pretty much any lifts that in any way might irritate my lower back - until I re-learn how to use it properly. Physio's orders. Obviously this is really frustrating, but I am complying because the sooner I get better, the sooner I can start DLing again. In the meantime, I've decided what'll make me feel better is having massive biceps. Because reasons What are your top three exercises for having bigger+stronger biceps? (I'm female so I realise 'bigger' is relative in this case...)
  12. Try some glute medius rehab - like band walks and keeping a band around your knees when squatting. There's a few videos here, incl someone who fixed an uneven deadlift with it. http://strengthambassadors.com/training/glute-activation-band-walks/
  13. BAH deadlifts. BAH TO YOU.

    1. bim


      So jealous... I wish I could do deadlifts right now. :(

  14. able to deadlift without pain!!! (sumo deadlift, but baby steps)

  15. Yep, that's pretty normal. like jfreaksho says, I don't use it for every set, but usually triples or heavier (so 85% of target/max or more). That's partially because I don't want my core to forget to what to do without the belt, but also because using it makes me dizzy!
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