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  1. Interesting idea. I could see that maybe. I never thought anything of it till I was looking at symptoms lists.
  2. My nephews and I go to the park occasionally and they usually want me to do the monkey bars and stuff with them. I always try, but I have been super frustrated that I can't get across the monkey bars. Despite bar work we do at the gym, usually I can't even complete one transfer to another bar. A while back my nephew had a race at a park that had parallel bars and tried so hard to walk down the length, but could only get a few hand walks down before falling off. No where close! This weekend we were at a park that had parallel bars and monkey bars and I was able to complete BOTH of them! In fact I completely walked down the full length of the parallel bars twice. I probably could have made it three times, but I stupidly suggested we play chicken joking and he took me seriously and knocked me off. Super stoked though!
  3. Long story short I have just been given a medical diagnoses which pretty much has me reevaluating almost everything that I have been experiencing in the last 4 years. Hours after a workout do you guys experience tingling in your muscles? Or like a vibrating/buzzing feeling? Similar to if your phone was on vibrate, but more mild? I don't mean shakiness. I remember a long time ago I would feel that way, but as I thought about it those times were usually after cycling. I always assumed it was from riding on rough roads and literally vibrating for an hour or so. Or tingling sometimes was due to cut off blood flow that can happen sometimes. But I have had that sensation now after weightlifting sessions or crossfit style workout with just body weight or light db/barbell stuff. I never thought much of it till I read it as a potential symptom of the diagnoses. Do you guys experience this? Is this normal?