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    Lady Morella's End of Time Part 2/Just keep swimming

    Approximate translation? My life is changing. I haven't much desire to go into much depth, but my life will drastically change as something I have been for 22 years will be dying. I have been in a bit of anger at the turn of events as I had a bit of fight to get to this place only to have everything go away. A bit of identity crisis and a bit of why bother with anything any more? It has been a rough couple years anyway and to add this on top is no fun, but c'est la vie. At the moment it is just keep swimming. Just one more step. One more step. One more step. I am stumbling to the Tardis. Goals are super small this time as I haven't much energy with all the dying and such. So... Running: I have a race on the 27th. I don't expect great results. My last 5k in April I knocked like 3 minutes off my time. However I have been emotional eating a lot over the last couple months and have gained a bit of weight. I haven't been going to the gym as often nor running as my programming as prescribed. I am hoping to do another 5k in Nov also, but it looks like I may have to work that day which I am not very happy about. I was looking forward to this race since like Feb. or so which is highly unusual for me. I'm not really a runner. But I have been having some issues with my knee. And for some dumb reason running isn't bad for it. Lunches: I want to take lunch to work at least 2 times a week. Preferable 3 times a week. Other than that I just need to breathe. I mean figuratively and literally. I am so stressed that today I actually noticed that I was holding my breath from stress sometimes today.
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    Lady Morella's End of Time Part 2/Just keep swimming

    Now for a while it has been and maybe a little
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    Lady Morella's End of Time Part 2/Just keep swimming

    All the things that can never be! But alas "live too long" For Wilfred I could. It's started. And that is where left off.
  4. So I am pretty Even on old stuff cause sometimes you are just late to the party. But here is your warning if you haven't past the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who you might want to skip this thread for spoilers will occur. So ya might want ta Also please note: I have not seen past the 11th (? Matt Smith) to 12th (Peter Kapaldi) doctor regen. So please no spoilers. I mean to get back to it one day. 3 2 1 Go: When we last left Morella: She was kind a dense and thought she'd go solo for a while It was foretold There was much turmoil. Some hard decisions were made She thought she had persevered. There was light at the end of the tunnel But...