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  1. Yes, I have taken this week off. With the exception of tomorrow. The hard part is that sometimes it helps if I just continue to be active. Other times it helps to take rest and I can't tell which is which. I was suppose to make an appointment with my doctor today for followup and I was so spacey that I forgot. I'll have to put a reminder on my phone for Monday.
  2. I have been completely wiped out this week. Not really sure why. I am going to change my bike goal to allow one on the workouts to be just cardio. I have a rower and will allow for doing that instead at a low hr zone if needed. Supposedly we have a cold front coming through. Hopefully it will decide to stay. I am a tad worried cause I felt bad after the two long walks. But I need to just put it out of my head. One time is not a trend and I really don't know if related. Its just so pervasive. Is it possible to feel tired to the core? Cause I feel like I do. I'm going on a ride tomorrow with someone which is good.
  3. I have found myself in a similar situation. In my case instead of a relationship it might have been an unhealthy relationship with my job or health issues. The details don't really matter, but I find in my case there is usually 1 or 2 things happening. 1. Just case the unhealthy element is gone doesn't mean the stress is. Sometimes we still carry all that with us. I have found times where it was actually worse once out. My brain fixates on what could I have done differently in case something like this happens again. Or just not moving through the emotions to get over it. In which case I would just need to spend time working through it. 2. I think I read it that there are enzymes or hormones that your body produces to keep the status quo. So if you are active your body is more likely to be willing to be active or even need it. If you are more sedentary your body is more willing to do that. I don't know the science and so I don't know if true, but even if not true on the mental part of it seems to be. I try to think of this any time I have to start back up again. It has helped me a lot. I literally started out one time just going for a walk for 1 mile or so 3-4 times a week. It seems like nothing, but it seems to help a lot. After a while I was able to start thinking about running again and I was more eager to go to the gym (this was in a pre-covid-19 world). Now I am sort of in a similar boat again. Work has me stressed out and without the gym to go to that forces me to workout I find it harder to work it in. I had to go back to a schedule mindset. I went to a class based gym so if I didn't go on certain days I couldn't make it up later. This has helped me a lot. It sort of sounds like you might still have some lingering "stress" from the relationship and maybe are being hard on yourself for not keeping up and not picking it back up so easily. A bit of time has passed you will have to build up to that again. This COVID thing can make it hard enough to be motivated to do much anyway.
  4. I like the way you think. That is brilliant!
  5. I started looking at the Century route this week. It is a vastly different route than other years. I am not familiar with the areas that are after about mile 35 or so. Part of the beginning is right along where I have been riding, which sounds good, but it's flat so it really doesn't matter. I'll probably deliberately ride the route when I can just for the mental boost. Based on my first 5k and first hike up an entire mountain potentially I might be questioning my sanity around that point (for the first time) and the familiarity will be a good way to win that mental battle. I am a little disappointed that one hard part is going to be so far away from my house. However the steepest climb isn't too far off. Overall this route I think is going to be better aesthetically and looking at a railroad track when it gets rough isn't as easy as vegetation haha. I have been going through the route on google street view. I think I am only on mile 30 so far. I want to go through the rest of it as I have time. I'm not really ready to start climbing, but I want to mentally have an idea of what I am getting into. By bike I have much less awareness of the route then I thought I would due to the course. I'm tempted to drive the route to see what it is like, but that would be 100+ miles on my car messing with my side quest. LOL I may wait to do it.
  6. I have long wanted to do a Century ironically COVID-19 might be the only thing that will allow me to accomplish that due to some health issues. The century I have wanted to do got pushed back. So I am training for it in case it isn't cancelled. I am still sort of playing with the feasibility of it. Main goal this challenge is just to keep to some sort of schedule and work on just building a base. My goals: Ride 20-25 miles a week in 2 rides. I want to start adding in a 3rd ride, but have been not feeling good for the last week so I'm not sure if related to heat or the extra load. I haven't been doing much, but I may not have been hydrating, eating, and/or resting properly. PT or supplemental exercise 2x a week. I have a couple problem areas that I need PT for sometimes. With the cycling and lack of a gym schedule anymore I need to do this again. I want to focus on glute and back/lat work that will help. Then I want to look into some core work for um extra credit? I can tell I need it on the bike. Food - I do need to lose weight. I mostly need to work on just eating consistently. The last two weekends I only ate two meals per day. I want to eat a decent meal of protein and veggies 2 x a week. That doesn't sound like much, but I actually had a hard time hitting it. I need to find the motivation to food prep again. I will probably weight the points for the to-do list for keeping the kitchen clean as that is the biggest deterrent for me for cooking meals. If I have a clean kitchen I default to cooking well. But if dirty default to trying to find the easiest thing to eat or go out. Track water consumption. I am usually pretty good with drinking enough fluids, but lately I have been having some issues that seem like it could be dehydration. I will count tea and water the same. Goal is just to track, make sure I have water within reach, and notice if I see any difference. 5 minutes working on to-do list. This week I want to try to put together an actual list of things I need to do and awarding points to them. I have done that in previous challenges and I found it most effective as long as I put together a decent list. It helped me not get overwhelmed and I have a bad habit of out of sight out of mind on some chores. Side Quest Since I am working from home and trying to build up mileage on the bike I thought it would be interesting to track mileage on my bike vs car. This side quest will be on a calendar timeline thus for the month of Oct. Then Nov. I will say though I had a last minute camping trip and I have not counted that towards the running total since it was more of a vacation. Bike 68.85 mi vs Car 96.9* mi (adjusted) I put on an additional 298 miles for the camping trip.
  7. That is a pretty cool way to track it. I remember Nerd Fitness had a blog post on RPGing like that. It made a lot of sense. I mean really that is what we are doing. We just can't see the forest for the trees right? Good luck on your challenge.
  8. Challenge Wrap up Ride: ✔ 8/8 - I didn't get the ride in last week, but did get an average of what my goal was. I did at least one 10 mile ride a week. I ended up riding 111miles in this challenge. I started slow and increased in a sustainable way. Food: ✔ 9/8 - I ended up with an average that hit this challenge though I failed one week. Doing better on this overall. Water: 20/25 - I did ok at the beginning of this, but didn't do so well after the camping trip. I need to work on this as it is a part of trying to track compared to days when I feel bad to see if correlated. To-Do: 24/25 - I had intended this to have 1 large task a week which I failed 3/4 times. Over all I did well on this though and I can see the difference at my house. October Side Quest: Bike 68.85 mi vs Car 96.9* mi (adjusted) I put on an additional 298 miles for the camping trip. As mentioned I will except that mileage and see how it compares. This was an interesting way to try to motivate me to ride my bike. Actually if I didn't think my bike would have a high chance to get stolen I would be riding for any quick trips to the store. I'll have to see if I can find my bike lock. Man I miss the grocery store on the corner. And because graphs are fun. All bicycle workouts that have GPS mileage
  9. Seriously I only knew what to do after watching so many Top Gear episodes. I actually wonder if I would have even remembered if I hadn't watched the South America special that week from season 13 or so. Haha Yes, indeed it can. I've always sort of battled it, but its been very resistant to anything I do lately. Week of Oct 12 Ride: 1/2 - I was tired last week and it was hot. Or I didn't feel well and couldn't handle it as well? I only rode once last week. 12.6 mi on Sat. My knee was bothering me a little so I didn't go on Sunday. However I did walk 9 miles in two sessions. So I guess I did ok. Food: 2/2 ✔ - I cooked simple meals a few times. I only did the veggies 2-3 times though. Water: 4/7 - I didn't track my water well this week. When I feel bad I look and then see I haven't tracked water. So I'm not sure if related. To-Do: 7/7 ✔ - I did good on getting some things done, but none of the big things.
  10. Nice job on keeping with it.
  11. I'm a tad late to this. I do believe my last challenge (ages ago) was somewhere inbetween the " What are we holding on to, Sam? " to "I can’t recall the taste of food nor the sound of water… with nothing, no veil between me and the wheel of fire! I can see him with my waking eyes!" It had to do with big changes happening in my life and, as Frodo, I just sort of had to complete the terrible deed before anything else could be done. I suppose now it is time to get back home. I'm typically more Adventurer/Ranger, but I have always wanted to do a century. Life happened and I stopped riding. Then due to some health issues and my inability to handle the heat (I think you can see my city in the background of that gif) I'm not sure the one that I wanted to do would be feasible ever. Unless, a terrible thing happened and postponed it by 5 months and forced the core of training through our ridiculously mild winters. Enter COVID-19. IE this might be the only year ever I can do this race. (Yes "this" not "any" I get it, but its like a 20 year goal that has been on the back burner. And home advantage doesn't hurt right?) I am in need of dropping weight and need to start building a base. I have about 7 months to prepare. Good thing/bad thing is due to the way my body handles things now I have to go slow so I am a tad worried its a bit late to start, but it does give me time for it to be feasible. My goals: Ride 20 miles a week in 2 rides. Or maybe three with one being about 10 miles (preferably on road bike). No other criteria. Not trying to go fast, but merely getting use to riding again and building a base. I have been riding the last couple months on a cheap mountain bike on dirt, but I need to build up time on the road bike. I can't really spend any time in the drops yet. It's way too aggressive. Eat more deliberately. I'm going to stay kind of lax on this right now. I was emotionally eating pretty bad about a year ago. I managed to stop that, but it has still always been right there waiting. So I want to focus on just eating a little better. I want to make sure that I am cooking a decent meal at least twice a week. Decent being like a good 4-6 oz protein portion with some veggies. And making sure I have good snacks available. Track water consumption. I am usually pretty good with drinking enough fluids, but lately I have been having some issues that seem like it could be dehydration. I will count tea and water the same. Goal is just to track, make sure I have water within reach, and notice if I see any difference. 5 minutes working on to-do list. I have been pretty bad with keeping up with things lately. I will plan on just trying to spend 5 minutes a day on things I need to do. Laundry doesn't count. At least 1 item a week needs to be a bigger item. I don't have a list put together, but I have a pile of things I need to work on or sale along with some less common chores such as paint the shed.This can not be averaged and must be 5 min (ish) a day to count. But by no means will be cut off at the 5 min mark. The hard part is starting.