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  1. That Orc Ranger's Road to Recovery Part 1: Pregame

    Hope the surgery goes well. Sounds like an awesome challenge. Deadlifts, Supple Leopard, and Ready to Run?! I love deadlifts. I have been trying to regain my 200# DL, but can't seem to do it and now I'm not allowed to do it for a few weeks. Good luck to you. How close are you? Supple Leopard and Ready to Run in one challenge? I have skimmed through these books so many times, but never read either. I started Ready to Run, but stopped at some point a year and half ago and probably need to start over. Also Indian food as some great vegetarian options. I have never had interest in vegetarianism, but if I had to I would probably have to learn how to cook Indian food.
  2. Xena is a hot mess!

    I was also wondering on this. Do you mention the floor sitting thing in your last challenge? I ended up really behind on reading posts last challenge and never finished up most of what I wanted to track. I have been familiar with Kelly Starrett for a few years and his books and free youTube stuff has helped a lot. I never looked at the deskbound book as I was afraid it would be a little preachy. A weird thing I found on my own last year was that sleeping on the floor helped me a lot. During that time I sat on the floor a lot too, for really no reason at all.
  3. Lady Morella Takes Her Medicine(PT)

    My last challenge didn't go so well. I have been having health issues for a few years. Ranging from pretty mild to only feeling ok 2-3 days out of 4 weeks. I am doing much better, but I still have issues and no real path on how to get better. Have you ever read about the psychology study were they put a person in a room with buttons then hook the person up to electrodes and then they shock the person randomly? By the end of the experiment most people come out swearing they found some complicated elaborate combo to stop/slow the electric shocks. Though really the shocks are just random. I sort of feel like that is what is happening to me. I do somethings that seem to help me feel better, but then later it seems to have no effect at all. Haha. Diet: This isn't exactly planned out. I think I will aim to hit low carb macro. I'm not really sure what to do. I have been doing keto, but it is driving me crazy and it seems like that isn't necessary. However I do feel the need to get back on for at least 6 weeks. PT: I went to my first PT appointment last week. My plan is to do exactly what the PT says. He wants me to stop lower body exercises so we can make progress. Right now I have 4 exercises to do daily. Next week I will most likely get more. Run: I was told I was allowed to run provided it didn't make things worse. My goal is to run once a week. I am hoping for twice a week, but that might be too much right now. To-Do List: I have been trying to catch up on things around the house. I will have to think about the point goal. I have run out of things which fit the old scheme I have been using. So I need to find other things I can throw on the list, change the points per item, or drop it to a 75 point goal. Really I have so much to do I don't know how there aren't more items on my list. PT is the core of the fitness part of this challenge. I was told to stop leg stuff for now, so it will be interesting. I was told I could run though. I don't really like running, but I guess I need some sort of cardio. Right now at my gym we have been doing arm stuff once a week so I think I need to figure out some other arm or core stuff another day of the week. Or maybe the PT will be enough down the road?
  4. Morella Braces for Summer

    Well the challenge is over and I did terrible. I actually didn't feel very good for most of the challenge and since I wasn't prepping more than a day at a time the food was hard to stick to. Also since I was feeling quite exhausted it was hard to get the mobility and supplemental exercises. However despite the fatigue and sleeping too much I did still manage to get 90/100 of my to-do list points, which is pretty good considering how I felt. I think I might have forgot to track a couple things so I might have made it, but documentation or is didn't happen right? I feel better now. Let's see how long that lasts. Anyone want to take bets? I think the odds are on 6 days total. I did however clear all the paperwork off my to-do list which is huge. It has been piling up for a couple years. So it is a huge accomplishment. I have started PT which I have also been putting off for a very long time. Which is also good. These challenges are nice to gain some perspective. The paperwork feels so long ago, but it is nice to look at the list and realize that despite not feeling well I actually got a lot accomplished. Also I got my first pull up. I completed two in this challenge from a hang. It's true what they say progress isn't linear. Also thus far despite going off keto I don't seem to be having worse symptoms. Which is interesting.

    Good luck on the A100. Hopefully you will able to rest well. You have done what you can and now the rest is up to fate. Enjoy Denver. As I have said super jealous. I really want to go back even if just for work again. Again good luck if I don't talk to you before the A100. Remember we are all pulling for you!
  6. 15 Lbs Down

  7. I'm moving country!!

    Iceland sounds cool. Grats!
  8. Morella Braces for Summer

    Went to PT for my knee. The initial appointment seemed good. I told him what I knew and he went through the tests. I feel pretty good about the situation. Hopefully it is good, cause my last two times didn't go so well and it felt like a waste of time, money, and hope. He wants me to stop any leg exercises besides the prescribed ones which I am not crazy about, but it is an important troubleshooting step. I get that. I have suspected it is a muscle imbalance anyway and have been trying to scale back on leg things I know I am strong in. So I am trying to figure out what my plan is since I just got a pull-up and push-ups not that long ago and I don't want to lose the progress. I stopped running after my 5k since I felt I had been pushing close to overtraining. I feel pretty well rested now, so I may start up on running again if I can wake up early enough or the night air is cool enough. It won't be soon. Yesterday we had push-ups in the workout again. It was a set amount for time so I decided to not scale them. It took a while, but I did it. I feel the form wasn't too terrible. They still feel really weird. I think maybe I just need to work on planks as I feel the difficulty is more of holding my body in the position and not so much my arms. IDK maybe it is my imagination. I still don't know what they should feel like so I don't know how to tweak whatever it is I feel that is off. I should set up a video recording. Maybe I could see it. Either way an exciting week. Got a couple pull ups and showed the pushup thing wasn't a fluke a couple months ago. I have still been feeling a little exhausted. I feel a little off too. I have been trying to mildly push it since I have so much piled on my to-do list both at home and at work. I have 77/100 done on my to-do list. It's an ever constant battle of pushing it, but not over pushing it. I wish I had another week to take off so I could try to recover, but I just don't have it right now.
  9. _riotgrrrl_ Finds Balance in the Force

    Wow it only showed less than 2 hours of walking in 7 hours that is crazy. Maybe I won't try out the auto-pause feature. I have used MapMyRide for several years. It has mapped a lot of my routes pretty good, but it always depends on the area. Is the pack you are using too broad in the shoulders? I have a problem a lot with that. I end up having this tendency to hold my shoulders in a funny way as it feels like it will slip off my shoulders. I finally had to just spend a lot of time remembering to trust my chest strap, but those can be not adjustable enough for women. I had a terrible time trying to find a 30L pack last year, but strangely the 75L I bought 2 years ago was so simple to find one that fit correctly.
  10. Morella Braces for Summer

    Thanks! I thought I was still pretty far off. I was hoping to have it by the end of the year. A week or so ago I decided to give it a try in my back yard, but I only have this square bar to hang from and I could only get to a 90, but it hurt my hands so much on the corners I wanted to see how it compared to the bar at the gym. I kept forgetting to try it until yesterday. Pull ups are difficult. I have been working on negative pull ups for over two months, mostly just to work a muscle imbalance I have which that helps activate the lats or something I need. Dropping the weight helped a lot of course.
  11. _riotgrrrl_ Finds Balance in the Force

    That is quite the sentence, be proud. Very proud of the description. That hike sounds legit. Auto-what? I have never noticed that exists. I will have to check it out. 700 sounds kinda low, but I don't know how steep it was.
  12. Pull-Up

    Thanks! Love the gif
  13. Pull-Up

    Today I got a pull-up from a hang! This is my first pull up from a hang ever. As a kid I use to be able to start at the top drop down to 90 and then back up a few times. Never have I been able to start from a hang and haven't been able to get them from a 90 is like 20 years or more. Super happy. I think I was close to getting a pull up 3 years ago when I started crossfit, but then I gained weight and they say that is bad for pull up for some strange reason. Feels like a dream I myself wonder if I imagined it. Haha
  14. Morella Braces for Summer

    Totally not feeling the Keto thing. I keep trying to get back on, but the motivation is just gone. I really need to get back though. I think I need to plan out my food again and stop winging it. I don't feel good and winging it is just setting me up for failure. Got a little bit more done on my To-Do list. 74/100 Tomorrow I go to a PT for my knee. Hopefully it goes well. I have been putting it off partly due to work and partly due to bad experiences in the past PT felt like a waste of time and I ended up having to figure it out on my own anyway. Thus feeling like I wasted my time and money. In other news: Today I got my first pull up from a hang ever. I mean not strict obviously as I had a little bicycle kicking to finish it off, but wow. As a kid I could never do that. I had to start over the bar drop to 90 (ish?) then I could pump out a few, but if I dropped below 90 I couldn't do it. I am super happy about it. Since I started CrosFiit my goals were to get push-ups from the toes instead of knees and pull ups. Man if I can hit my goal weight too that would be a hat-trick!
  15. _riotgrrrl_ Finds Balance in the Force

    Are you still on vacation? That is rough if so and you are feeling bad. Either way hope you feel better soon.