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  1. I think this week reminded me of the importance of keeping track of past rides. On Monday I went to a spot that I orginally started riding on the trail. I was looking around at old routes last night for some reason and realized that other than when I got a little lost trying to find a new route, the parts on the normal route were about 2 mph faster. I'm a bit surprized it was that drastic. Seeing I was just out to ride and wasn't pushing it at all. Today also I was reminded. I went for an easy ride and was surprized to come back and see the avg. mph was above 13.0. I think I have
  2. Haha, yes. I guess there is. I didn't mean for that, but sometimes you get more than you bargained for. ---------- Have some time off this week. I decided I want to try to get some time in outside. Went for a bike ride yesterday, but had to transport my mountain bike out to the trail. This allowed the car to surpass the bike in my side quest, but the ride was good. I was hoping to hike a couple times, but I am afraid of overdoing it. I haven't had that much energy recently so I am afraid to plan that much. Such a shame, but I want to make sure to get in two more rides and I wa
  3. Oh, I hope everything is ok. Good luck in sorting this out.
  4. Yes, there is. It's sort of like running shoes. Some things you know right away others you have to get use to and then see. That saddle sort of demotivated me from riding. I was thinking about it though and I have been wearing bike shorts with regular shorts on top. I was sliding around a bit on that ride. I did another ride without the over shorts and it is much better. I might just need to tip the nose down just slightly. However I got through 30 miles on it. So it might be ok. However I will have to wear the bike shorts only so I'm a little bummed about that. I possibly could find other pai
  5. I was really hoping to get 20-25 miles in that would have allowed it to pull ahead I think. It might be exciting from here with the back and forth of who has the lead.
  6. Exactly. You can only do what you can. Last week was just going to be different and not worth the stress or giving up sleep to get them done. Last Week Ride: 2/2 ✔ - Got in about 26.66 which was good considering the week. I sort of miscalculated my week or I might have tried to do that a little different oh well. It is fine still. PT 2x a week: 0/2 - I spaced it with everything else going on. Food: 3/2 ✔ Track water consumption: 6/7 - Forgot to track Wednesday and a couple days. I'm not entirely sure I added everything, but close enough to kn
  7. Haha, I love it! Monday Ride: 1/2 - None PT 2x a week: 0/2 Food: 1/2 - Chicken and broccoli for dinner Track water consumption: 2/7 - 3L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 0/7 - I don't know I can do much on this most of the week. So not going to sweat it.
  8. Sat Ride: 2/2 ✔ PT 2x a week: 2/2 ✔ Food: 3/2 ✔ Track water consumption: 7/7 ✔ - 3L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 7/7 ✔ - I got a ton done on Saturday. My house it pretty clean. Pretty happy with it. I still have a lot of organization and projects to do. But it was nice to get so much done. Sunday Ride: 1/2 - 13.95 mi. Got a ride in. PT 2x a week: 0/2 Food: 0/2 Track water consumption: 1/7 - 3L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 0/7 - Nov. Side Quest Bike 47.32 mi vs. Car ? (61.2ish) mi - My car is away f
  9. I think you are good. Also consider in any RPG progressing through the levels is fast in the beginning so you are true to form. At the end of the day if it helps you to get the work in how fast you go through levels doesn't really matter.
  10. Haha, the naturual tendancy is to stop what is triggering it. However a lot of times it is a matter of needing to strengthen something. The annoying ones are when the thing that hurts does so because the thing opposite or down the chain is weak or too tight.
  11. I know right! I have more errands to do, but will not be able to put any miles on my car for most of next next week due to a work thing. So chances are good that it can catch up. I want to add 10% per week right now on the long ride so if I can hit that it will look good for the bike.
  12. I was worried about it as it felt like a gamble on how I would handle it. But decided that freaking out about it now was probably better to figure out a plan. ----------------------------------- I officially signed up. I don't know why I didn't before. Maybe I liked the fantasy of it more than the reality? Maybe cause I have wanted this so long I am scared to hope for it. I did go out for a ride today. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night so go a later start. And thought I had to be back for a meeting. I ended up with 22 miles. I had a little wind today. I haven't actual
  13. Yeah, I think it was a matter of changing expectations. I really need to do more, but baby steps is better than none. Thursday Ride: 1/2 - None. PT 2x a week: 2/2 - Work went late, then had an appointment. Food: 1/2 - I had to order food due to today's schedule. I had last minute changes so didn't have any chance to plan anything out food wise. Track water consumption: 5/7 - 2.75 5 minutes working on to-do list: 5/7 Nov. Side Quest Bike 10.98 mi vs. Car 44.8 mi
  14. Congrats on the plumbing project. Some of those things are so frustrating. Glad you got it done. I have wondered about those blue light glasses.
  15. Week to date Ride: 1/2 - Got in a ride just under 11 miles. It was good to get back out again. PT 2x a week: 2/2 - I actually did do the PT after my post on Monday and again yesterday. Going back to the super simple just glute bridges if necessary. Food: 1/2 - Had a salad for dinner last night. Really not feeling the meat lately. Not sure why. Track water consumption: 4/7 - 3.5L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 4/7 Nov. Side Quest Bike 10.98 mi vs. Car 18.2 mi
  16. The spirit of the goal is to do more than 5 minutes. With the idea being the first 5 minutes are the hardest. So although getting the 5 minutes done. I'm not really getting much accomplished. Sunday Ride: 0/2 - None PT 2x a week: 0/2 - None Food: 0/2 - Not really feeling the meat right now. Track water consumption: 1/7 - 2.75L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 1/7 - Got the minimum in again Monday Ride: 0/2 - None, I'm still taking it really easy right now. I have a thing next week and I need to make sure I don't over do anything and trig
  17. Friday Ride: 1/2 - Skipped again as I was a bit worried about the tiredness. PT 2x a week: 1/2 - The beginning always sucks as your body isn't doing the movements well so it feels mostly frustrating. Food: 4/2 - I just had soups all day. Track water consumption: 6/7 2.5L 5 minutes working on to-do list: 5/7 - Didn't do a lot. I'm a tad disappointed in my lack of progress on this. Side Quest Bike 115.22 mi vs. Car 132 mi (adjusted) No change Saturday Ride: 2/2 ✔ - Subbed a hike for the ride since I had about 15 miles in the one ride. U
  18. Nice. Try it! 😊 Yes, ma'am Yes, ma'am So when I got off work I was starving. So I ate dinner then did my PT. I couldn't stand the shame of showing my face here without doing so. So thank you! I think I need to dial in my eating. I have been trying to track and I am seeing inconsistency of like few calories in the morning and then more at night other days more spread across the day. I think this could be some of my weariness. Add to that not sleeping well and just regular fatigue stuff and it is difficult. I had a plan that was working beautifully for me,
  19. @Tanktimus the EncouragerThat looks awesome
  20. Nice. Mid November seems like a good plan.
  21. So I realized I forgot to update my side quest. I'm sure you all were just DYING to know what the score was. Haha, jk. Tonight I didn't forget it though. It is helping to prevent apathy of Covid-19 social distancing. It seems like others aren't really doing that any more. I ask myself do I really want to let the car miles win? Do I have my list together so I won't forget anything and have to come back out? It has been basically a tied a couple times after I rode and before doing errands for the week. Wednesday Ride: 1/2 - Rest day PT 2x a week: 0/2 - The start is looking
  22. Yeah, I am starting to realize that I am going to be riding a bit in the dark. When I was training for a 5k I would run at night and there are definitely issues to it. I am lucky that the only "attacker" I really feel I need to worry about is a coyote, but the inability to see potholes and such was difficult. I would like lap the same mile loop since I knew where everything was.
  23. Yeah, I was thinking the same about how similar yours was to mine. lol.
  24. Yay!! Another cyclist challenge. Looks like you have some good goals. As far as the start is now better than later? Probably! You can mode the first goal to be prorated or just stay past in the next zero week. Either way works.
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