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  1. Aww, why is it a waste of time I don't want to lose boob or anywhere else fat. I don't have anything to push/pull up on, although planks, squats etc I can do along with the crunches etc. Believe me if I lost an inch in the chest it would be noticeable because I wouldn't have anything left!
  2. Thanks Dantes for the comprehensive reply! You're all like experts on here =( You said that I can't spot tone... but my only problem area is my stomach and I don't want to lose any overall weight if I can help it. So that sort of leaves me with a problem which is making knowing what to do really difficult. I'm trying to eat more often but bits at a time, healthy stuff mostly and eggs and tuna for protein. I am doing sit ups/crunches and that kind of thing to work on my stomach. How many minutes a day do you think I should be spending on that? I'd like to build up strength a little in the arms - but will that make my breasts smaller? >.< I'll add the other things in that you suggested that don't use any gym equipment as I'd rather spare the embarrassment and expense of that! going to keep up the running but when I went into my first yoga class on Monday I found out they'd cancelled it without telling me ¬__¬
  3. I'm just going to go ahead and create a new topic and hope this is okay, because I'm a bit confused with the vast amount of information here. I've never done any strength training before so am an absolute beginner but I have been told in the introductions thread that it's what I should be concentrating on. I'm about 8 stone (112 pounds) and 5'5, making my BMI just about 'normal'. Up until recently I had always been underweight and I definitely don't want exercise to bring my weight back down, so I'm thinking I will need to be eating lots of protein? (not sure about things to avoid?) At the moment I am running and am going to start a yoga class next week. My stomach is the area where any fat I do have piles on and I really dislike it- so I'd like to work on that area but without losing any weight anywhere else. I'd also like to be able to defend myself if I need to and just become more fit in general to make myself happier and healthier Any help or tips of where to start will be greatly appreciated
  4. Spezzy- Where's the best place to go to get advice on strength training? please tell me how you did it! how do I not look like death any more? haha. Deis- I do enjoy running actually, so I'm going to continue doing that just for me I don't run long distances though purely because I'm too unfit to do that. I love fruit and veggies so that isn't a problem for me, more just the ridiculous price of them at my local co-op. I'm not a fizzy drink drinker either but I do love sugarry fatty cookies verily much. The triple chocolate kind -__- and Kettle chips, why do they have to be so tasty? I have been drinking lots of fruit and herbal teas recently. I especially love the "Clipper" range, so would recommend them to anyone who wants to make drinking lots of water tastier. They mix Green Tea (very good for you) with nice flavours. If you drink that with vitamin C it's meant to be good for your skin and I've noticed an improvement (coincidental or not). http://shop.clipper-teas.com/teas I'm thinking I probably should be eating more if I'm going to do lots of exercise in order not to lose much weight. Protein rich food is a good idea, right?
  5. Thanks for the replies and the help so far Kain, I'm very much into Studio Ghibli stuff! although unusually I actually prefer Tales from Earthsea over any of the more famous films in that collection. I'm not sure paleo is for me, it sounds very much like Atkins? and I'm not looking to lose overall weight as I'm just only just on the edge of underweight and a 'normal' weight as it is. I try to eat healthily at the moment but a very specific diet will probably be extremely difficult for me to keep to. It's more the exercise I'm interested in and I don't know how to go about it as I've previously just been a slumping around type of woman I'd like to tone my stomach and increase my overall strength and fitness. I am jogging every couple of days and plan to take up Yoga next week. Is there anything else I should be considering? and any basic foods to look out for/avoid if I want to do this?
  6. Hi all. My name is Laura, I'm a 23 year old student from Manchester, UK. I weigh 8 stone (112 pounds) and I'm 5'5, making my BMI normal. I have been underweight for most of my life and don't wish to necessarily lose weight now I'm finally 'normal' but I am here for a few reasons: 1) I hear it makes 'endolphin's swim around your insides and makes you happier. 2) I feel tired most of the time, I'd like to feel awake and full of energy 3) I'd like to be able to outrun someone and be fit enough to ward off a hypothetical attacker. 4) I hate my tummy.
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