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  1. It's been a bit, but I wanted to scoot in with another update. The winds have been crazy in my personal life these past couple of weeks, and the one good thing about it is that I've been in the gym a lot. I'm still working on my strength training first and foremost, and once that is complete I can move on to weight loss. Things have just been nuts lately, and I finally feel like I am pulling out of them. I'm excited to be in the gym, and I am working to get stronger. More strength equals more muscle, and more muscle is what I want. Hopefully I can hit the gym this weekend. Thanks to everyo
  2. Back on track. Sore, but back on track.

  3. Alright, so since the next challenge has already started, I will just keep updating this post until a new one starts that I can get in on. This week I've had a revelation and have more motivation than ever. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a while, to the new YMCA that opened in my hometown. With me it's always a struggle to fit gym time in. I already have so little of it since I'm a working father and husband, so that's been my biggest crutch. My wife, friend, son, and I went together. We got my son in the little play area and immediately went to work out. It was amazing. I
  4. So, safe to say I didn't keep up with this as I should. I plan on starting a new 6 week challenge, but before I do I want to condition myself a bit first. It's been a while, but I plan to come back and hit things harder than ever before. I don't know why my log isn't showing. I'll try to make those changes too, and I'll be back!
  5. Update: Week 2 Complete I feel like I was set back a bit this week. More specifically, I think I was set back this weekend. I focused too much on having a good time and not enough on my calories and exercise. But, that's what working harder is for, right? Even today I am still feeling it. I know I overate, already, and the weather has stopped me from walking outside. I have a plan, though. I am going to take tonight and relax, just to get this all out of my system, and throughout the rest of the week it'll be time to kick some ass. I'm going to put more focus on hitting the gym, lifting
  6. Update: Week 1 Complete Week 1 of my first 6-week challenge is complete. I feel that it was a success. I didn't go over my calories any day this week, though I missed walking one time due to the weather. To make up for that I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow for a workout with my buddy, Douggernaut. We're going to be hitting weights, and the punching bag. It should be a lot of fun. I also didn't eat out as much this week as we usually do, which is a great achievement. We saved money AND calories this way. I did have a few pieces of candy here and there, and we got it all out of the house
  7. Greetings all! Just like the other logs, this Battle Log will help me keep track of things, but they will be outside of my first 6-week challenge, as I'll be updating that on this post here. My first entry into the Battle Log is something I whipped up: my skill tree! I put this together today and wanted to plop it in here to see what everyone thought. In keeping with traditional RPG logic, this one's simple: I know it's a bit big, but I'm happy with the tree and will be adding to it/changing things as needed. Let's do this!
  8. Ate the wrong food for lunch. No more HH.

  9. What exactly do people post each day to their challenge thread? Their results of the previous day?
  10. Hello, stalwart warriors. I am a newbie to the Rebellion, but know my place is with your lot. As soon as I am able, I plan to offer my skills here at the Forge. It is still yet a bit unclear as to how I can become one worthy of your ranks, but I pledge my allegience nonetheless! For bacon! For beer! For barbells!
  11. Greetings adventurer. It is good to see you. My name is BringTheRaine, and I am not from this realm. I come from a place that is very dark. This realm is known as The Nether, and it's a place full of negative energies. My people have long searched for a new realm that was full of light and forgiveness, and mustering all the power from their faith, they were able to send me here. It was fate that has brought us together this day. You see, I am on a journey - a quest if you will. The Nether has left me nearly powerless, and I am here to train and build myself into the champion of faith tha
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