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  1. Swampling!! Hey there How have you been? And I've been doing alright! I'm still taking classes at the local college—made it into Precalculus I, so I'm excited for that! I've been keeping up with the Philosophy stuff too. Other than that, though, not much to report: just been trudging along as per usual, through all the ups and downs
  2. Workout: 12/29/16 Run: 45~ish min., probably. I forgot to time it again. -- Workout: 12/30/16 Push-ups: 30 30 24 14 Total: 100 Squats: 30 30 40 Total: 100 Bent-over Rows - for 2min. each: [6.8 kg] Right 75 30 Left 63 30 Bench-press - for 2min. each: [6.8 kg in each hand] 42 42 32 Bicep-curl to Overhead-press - for 2min. each: [6.8 kg in each hand] 17 16 14 Squats - for 2min. each: [13.6 kg] 32 32 27 Martial Arts Practice: [Jab - Right] 100 [Cross - Left] 100
  3. Workout: 12/28/16 Push-ups: 30 30 23 17 Total: 100 Squats: 30 30 30 10 Total: 100 Martial Arts Practice: [Jab - Right] 100 100 [Cross - Left] 100 100 [Jab - Left] 30 [Cross - Right] 30 -- Stretching: 12min.
  4. Workout: 12/26/16 Lifting and Moving: helped move furniture for most of the day. 'Twas fun.
  5. Workout: 12/25/16 Run: about an hour or so. -- Stretching: 10+ min.
  6. Workout: 12/24/16 Push-ups: 20 30 30 20 Total: 100 Squats: 20 30 30 20 Total: 100 One Handed Push-ups: Right 10 10 Left 9~ish 10 (Kind of) Assisted One Legged Squats: Right 10 5 Left 10 5 Bicep-curl to Overhead Press: [Each round lasted 2min.; 6.8 kg in each hand] 19 13 Martial Arts Practice [Jab - 500 reps] Duration until completion: 45min. Note: I took a break in the middle, and got distracted, so that accounts for a bit of the time. [Cross - 500 reps] Duration until completion: N/A, I forgot to start the timer. Heh heh, oops. Note: Only made it to 100 reps, because my ankle was starting to hurt (walked a lot the previous day), so I decided to stop there.
  7. Well, it's certainly been a while. Might as well get down to business. Most Recent Recorded Workout: 11/28/16 Squats: [27.2 kg] 10 [31.7 kg] 15 15 15 Deadlift: [27.2 kg] 10 [31.7 kg] 15 10 10 Bench Press: [13.6 kg in each hand] 10 [15.8 kg in each hand] 15 20 25 Bent-over Rows: [13.6 kg - Left Hand] 10 [13.6 kg - Right Hand] 10 [15.8 kg - Left Hand] 15 15 15 [15.8 kg - Right Hand] 15 15 15 Most Recent Gym Workout: 12/20/16 Notes: My Boxing instructor has my gym workouts already handled, so I tend to just go in and do whatever's on the agenda—thus, not much gets directly recorded by me. 'Tis fun, though.
  8. Hey there, my name's Will. I've been meaning to get back into the swing of things for a while now: sleep and lifting days have kinda' been all over the place as of late. Some accountability might help me too, especially since I haven't been on NF in quite a while. Wanna' team up?
  9. I've been a bit busy over the past month, and I haven't recorded every workout I've done in that span of time, so I'll just post the most recent one here. Also gonna' convert pounds into kilograms for now, because learning how the Metric System works sounds like fun, and this seems like a good starting point. -- Work Out Date: 4/6/16 Push-ups 50 20 20 10 Body-weight Squats 50 20 30 Squats [ ≈ 22.7 kg] 10 [ ≈ 27.2 kg] 10 7 Dead-lift [ ≈ 22.7 kg] 10 [ ≈ 27.2 kg] 10 8 Bench Press [ ≈ 11.3 kg] 10 [ ≈ 13.6 kg] 10 7 Bent Over Rows [ ≈ 11.3 kg] {Left Hand} 10 {Right Hand} 10 [ ≈ 13.6 kg] {Left Hand} 10 8 {Right Hand} 10 8 Dumbbell Hold -- [grip on the bar] [ ≈ 11.3 kg] 1 min. [ ≈ 13.6 kg] 1 min. 45 sec. Planks 2 min. -- Notes: I've been struggling, but pushing forward. Just been wading through a bit of an existential crisis lately. Well, more like, I'm dealing with it more face-to-face now. This has been a pervasive feeling for quite a few years, just more pushed down, hidden from view. And also trying to make sense of what I think might be a fear of intamacy has been... uncomfortable, to say the least. I kinda' feel all over the place, ungrounded, and stuck in my own head. So that all has gotten me interested in Psychology and Philosophy (that, and coming to realize just how deeply Xenogears and Xenoblade Chronicles weave those two elements into their narratives). I've been doing a bit of research on my own, just for the heck of it. I still don't know much at all, but so far, I've read a bit about Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Sigmund Freud's stuff is interesting, but I feel he had an over emphasis on the Human Sex Drive to describe how and why we work the way we do, and quite a negative view of the unconscious. From what I've read, it seems like Carl Jung's theories fit more closely to reality, with things like the Cognitive Functions to describe the Conscious and Unconscious mind. And honestly, I like that view better, from what I've read so far. Cognitive Functions are an interesting framework through which to view the world. But overall, it still feels like conjecture, and I'd like to research and read through more theories that are grounded in the hard sciences, looking why we work the ways we do, on a physical and chemical scale. On another note, the Oil Painting class fell through, because we missed a payment, and thus my spot got dropped. So I opted to instead go with a Math class. Since it'd been years since I'd been in a Math class, and I wasn't sure which class I'd be qualified to take, I just chose the lowest available class they had: Basic Algebra. I needed a refresher anyways, so I'm fine with it. Being in that class though has gotten me quite interested in Mathematics again. Memories of how things work in Trigonometry and Calculus came flooding back after the first few days, so that was fun. I also found Set Theory to be quite interesting, particularly stuff dealing with Large cardinals, such as (Aleph-null), and beyond. The ways you can mess around with infinite values, to find even bigger ones, and just Carnality in the first place, and it's effects, are mind-bogglingly fun! And other than that, I've been practicing the beginnings of Mixed Martial Arts frequently. Since I don't like to lift on the same day I practice, for fear of overworking myself, my lifting days have been cut from three days a week, to one; but I'm fine with that. I'll still be getting stronger, and honestly, I'd rather being going bit slower than I possibly could, instead of pushing it too far, and getting injured again. I've recently been practicing with open handed strikes, and man do they feel good. And I can use them to combo into other moves a lot easier than with closed fists! It's awesome! And that's not to say a closed fist strike doesn't have it's place, it can still be useful (if just a bit more risky, because I run the risk of breaking my fingers / knuckles if I hit something too off-form), but I do prefer open handed strikes after practicing with them for a bit. Plus, my knuckles were getting a bit tender from all the punching on the bag, so this gives me a new way to train; that way, I won't over do it with my knuckles, and just make them get injured from over inflammation. Also kicks. Knees and kicks are fun.
  10. Work Out Date: 3/2/16 Push-ups​50202010Total: 100Body Weight Squats​100Planks​1 min. 30 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.0 min. 30 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.Total: 6 min. 0 sec.Push-ups​202010Total: 50Body Weight Squats​50Workout Total: Push-ups in Total: 150Body Weight Squats in Total: 150Planks in Total: 6 min. 0 sec.-- Notes: Not much to repot this time. The workout went well, and I had fun! Practiced some Shadow Boxing between sets as well.
  11. Work Out Date: 2/28/16 Push-ups​401010201010Total: 100Planks2 min. 0 sec.​1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 2 sec.Total: 6 min. 2 sec.Push-ups​3020Total: 50Shadow Boxing​5 min. 0 sec. Work Out Total: Push-ups in Total: 150Planks in Total: 6 min. 2 sec.Shadow Boxing in Total: 5 min. 0 sec.-- Notes: I wanted to give my feet a rest from all the running, so I decided to practice Shadow Boxing for a bit (along with what I do between sets). I feel that I need to keep working on my slip, and hook. They could definitely use some improvement, along with my footwork. And man, my arms were tired by the end of it, but it was quite fun regardless
  12. WOOHOO!!! Cinalyc! You're back Glad to see you again, man How've you been? What've you been up to? And yeah, baby steps! I'll get to where I'm going eventually – one step at a time. I've come this far, so I might as well keep striving forward
  13. Work Out Date: 2/25/16 Push-ups​20202020128Total: 100Planks​1 min. 30 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 30 sec.Total: 5 min. 0 sec.Run​40 min. (including some occasional walking) -- Notes: Damn was it hot out that day; but man, did I love seeing the sun, and crystal clear cerulean skies high above! I made that run extra long, just because I was enjoying myself exploring the surrounding area. I was caked in sweat by the time I got back, but it was well worth it
  14. Work Out Date: 2/21/16 Push-ups1010101010Total: 50Planks2 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.1 min. 0 sec.Total: 5 min. 0 sec.Run20-ish min.Notes: I started the timer about ten, or so minutes late, so it works out to around 20 minutes. I thought I started it when I started running, but when I pulled it out to see how long I'd been gone, it was still on the "Start Timer" screen. Oops. Also, this includes me stopping to walk occasionally, because it's really hilly where I'm at, and I'm not used to it, because it's been a little while since I've ran around.-- Notes: I wanted to give my arms and legs a bit of a break, and focus more on my core. The last workout I did left me feeling really sore for a few days, so I figured I'd go light on the Push-ups, and the run. Though, I was probably feeling so sore because I'd forgotten to stretch as much as I should have afterwards. Heh heh, oops. But I stretched this time though! So hooray for that
  15. Yeah, the college system here is... "interesting." Ahh well. As long as I get the chance to learn some new things, and push myself forward, then I'm fine (and I see that Star Wars reference. Did you see Episode VII yet? I've been trying to get myself caught up with the whole saga by re-watching the prequels [since I haven't seen them since I was a child], and the original trilogy [since I don't think I've seen it at all], before I go see Episode VII. So far I've watched The Phantom Menace [which was awesome, at least to me. It brought back a whole lot of memories of when I watched it as a kid, a bittersweet combination of happiness, and nostalgia. I know that a lot of people absolutely despise this movie, but since I went into the flick knowing, and expecting it to be, more of a political drama than an action movie, that probably greatly helped with my enjoyment of it overall. And I didn't find Jar Jar Binks all that annoying – I didn't find him particularly "funny," but I felt he wasn't obtrusive enough to ruin my enjoyment of the movie], and then promptly got distracted by all the crap that went down around Christmas time. Heh heh, oops. I'll continue watching them again soon) I know, right!? I was so damn CLOSE! *sigh* Oh well... I can't change the past. I'm just proud that far in the first place. And I was happy to hear from Mom that Sensei wasn't disappointed in me, or anything; he understood. I was also told by her than Sensei had said that (at least at time; I've no idea about now) I was one of the most athletically gifted students he'd ever taught (or something like that – I can't remember the quote verbatim). Apparently, it all kind of came naturally to me back then. I may not have been the absolute "best" at it (I'm not sure, but I doubt I was), but I learned fast. That made me feel quite good (especially because I was told this as I was starting up my Boxing lessons), because, you know me: I've struggled with feeling like I'm good at anything for a long time now. It's time to start gaining some more competency and confidence in my skills again Yeah! That's what I want to keep in mind. Things aren't going to get better overnight, but with each step I take, I'm slowly, but surely carving out my own path. Little by little, I evolve, advancing a bit further with each turn – just like a drill I'll do my best
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