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  1. Well I understand that the rest of the world is not as awesome as NF But people react well to positivity, and you are a positive person and it shines through even in your videos! I think that it's a good call to make an instagram account, you indeed need to be recognized. At the same time I would also have the same thing you do, I wouldn't dare doing it. But look at how strong that makes you! You did it and sure it's scary but you'll desensitize too! And you don't have to post EVERYTHING to instagram, and you also don't have to post every day. You need to do regular updates to get follower
  2. Pfff oh dear! Read through your entire challenge thread but this sleep problem is terrible! I have no clue what else you could try. Especially since you do fall asleep, you just wake up. Just to be sure though, it's not that there are sounds that are the reason you wake up? You really 'just' wake up? Or maybe it would work to do a siesta? Maybe it will only make it harder to sleep at night but this way you can't recover for all the awesomeness that awaits you in your life! Gahhh...! Oh and a thief challenge, that sounds amazingly epic. Super amazingly epic actually. <3
  3. Mad Hatter – Yes, the field is so competitive that even the ones that absolutely want and love this don’t always make it. I’m pretty confident I can find a phd, right now I’ve done (or still doing one) two internships in very good labs. If from both I can get a good reference, then I’m confident I will find a phd. I mean, you can’t know 100%, especially since I don’t want to look abroad so this narrows down the amount of available positions… But you get the point. It’s more, what then? I am not entirely sure I could finish the phd, people say I’m capable but I don’t feel
  4. SymphonicDan - Thank you so much for your well thought out post! · more restriction on your time (you have to be in the office at particular times and can't skip work like you might skip lectures) · more or less free time, depending on your job · more money · more headspace for thinking of things that aren't your job (when you leave work you have no reason to think about work) · less social opportunities So about this list, I think, after consideration, this seems spot on. The more money thing depends on what I do. Right now it doesn't necessarily
  5. Okay so three times I tried writing this post, in a word document. Three times I failed well I wrote things but then deleted them again. I find it hard to talk about, hard to describe properly, hard to anything. The thing is, I'm in science and I always thought I wanted to get an academic career. But I think my heart is not in it. I think I'm not good enough. I get very stressed. And to make it you need to be the best, flexible with finding a new job every few years and moving around the world (or at least Europe) for every new job. I can't do that. I think. I KNOW I won't do the moving aro
  6. From now on, for a while I'll be posting on my battlelog again! The updates will most likely be done very sparingly. I actually have an important thing to ask you guys, but I need to type everything out first sooooo for now just this tiny update. I did paralettes again yesterday, and this time I transitioned to the second stage with different movements. They were harder and incorporated more 'strange' movements on the paralettes. It was great fun, however I think I strained my neck? Because it's hurting a little. Anyway, today I'll make sure to do some stretches!
  7. I missed quite a lot but I loved how you did the last challenge, I loved the squat video (not sure if it was posted on this thread or your challenge thread) and I feel you on the battle log! I might create one too. Gives a bit less pressure but does allow to stay here with all the friends!
  8. Oh absolutely. It's actually crazy how much you learn. Like I noticed for me there are two things. Amount of hunger, as in amount of food, and urgency of hunger. I tend to think urgency means larger amount. This is not true. Sometimes, I'm super hungry, but satisfied relatively quickly too! Other times the hunger was there but not screaming at me, but I did have to eat quite a lot to get it back to something good again! Weird!
  9. Awww thank you! I should definitely get around to posting some pics in the weekend at the latest! Will be fun! When did the new challenge start? If it already did I think I will wait this challenge out and continue either here or on my battlelog, and then start fresh with a new challenge since they are not super long now anyway! But I do want to get back in the flow of reporting back here. You guys are the most amazing support group! So paralettes, I'm picking it up again. I had a week+ break, I can't say exactly how long it was but from the moment I heard about the eviction my prioritie
  10. Awwww yay thanks so much! And I'm touched you missed hearing about my adventures! I will definitely do some more updates later because I also did so many AMAZING fun things it's not all just the eviction that happened of course! It is an older building, quite a magnificent one actually. So magnificent, that it has like red walking carpets (like for hollywood!) in the entrance and on the stairs and such. And then on the first floor (so not street level but higher) there is a 'service' door, where in olden days the servants used to live. And then a part of the building the hallways look less
  11. No luckily they were in English. In that regard she was kind of cool. She spoke English relatively fluently. Oh yes in my new place I hang around in my pyjamas or underwear, my paralettes have a place of honor in the middle of the room because I like to be reminded of the awesome workouts I do.. My boyfriend can come over, the landlord doesn't want people over like every weekend, but I asked him "if my boyfriend visits a few times" and he was fine with that! I definitely don't want to hurt my friends that still live there. I'm looking into online reviews, that would be great. Definite
  12. Too Long, Won’t Read: Landlady be crazy. Got evicted. Found a new place quickly, for JUST ME. Everything is awesome for Paris adventure part 2! Well so I guess it's time for a big update. I'm kind of not sure if this challenge is still running or not. Probably not. Life got a little crazy, but first things first: I'm fine. I got evicted. So how did this happen. Well on Sunday morning I got up, sleepy and groggy, to immediately get some tea. Usually I spend some time waking up in my room before I even venture to outside my room. This time I didn’t. Of course. Before I even made
  13. Thanks! *bounce bounce* Yes it is paying off for sure! I knew that my arms and abs are weak points. My legs are far stronger! I hope you can do an L-sit someday. That's a serious feat of strength!
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