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  1. Good luck! I'll be starting my challenge late too
  2. Good luck on the challenge! Finding time is so hard when you have kids. Hopefully the evening work-outs work for you
  3. April 26 to April 30: Got out every day for a walk with the baby+ 25 points Only did the food log for 2 of those days + 6 points Total points: 168 Last thoughts and plans for next challenge: I'm so happy I managed to get out with the baby every single day. It does so much for my mental health and was really the only way I got any exercise. With a baby, I found it really difficult to find time to log my food. But I know food is my biggest challenge is eating so I have to come up with another system to monitor my eating without the time-trap of logging everything through MFP. I never managed to get in any dancing once dance classes ended but I really want to keep up my skill level and not slip. I just have to work out a way to practice my dance at home. It will be a challenge with a baby but it's important to me.
  4. April 19: Outing Quest: Walk with the baby + 5 points April 20: Outing Quest: Walk with the baby + 5 points April 21: Outing Quest: Walk with the baby + 5 points April 22: Outing Quest: Walk with the baby + 5 points April 23: Outing Quest: Went out to a kid fair + 5 points April 24: Outing Quest: Walk with the baby plus dinner at the inlaws + 5 points April 25: Outing Quest: Baby massage class (our last one :()+ 5 points Total points so far: 137
  5. April 15: Outing Quest: Went for a nice walk with the baby + 5 points April 16: Outing Quest: Took the baby to the farmer's market for the first time and then took a nice long walk + 5 points April 17: Outing Quest: Took 2 walks with the babe. First really beautiful day we've had. I actually got a mild sunburn + 5 points April 18: Outing Quest: Baby massage class! Followed by a quick walk around the block + 5 points Total points so far: 102
  6. April 14: Outing Quest: 2 hour walk with the stroller with some other moms + 5 points Food Quest: Food logged, even though we went out for supper. + 3 points Total points so far: 82
  7. April 13: Outing Quest: Walked with stroller for 2.5 hours! More than I intended but baby was asleep so I wasn't about to wake her from her stroller nap + 5 points Food Quest: Logged, and happy happy with the calorie count + 3 points Total points so far: 74
  8. April 12: Outing Quest: Walked with stroller for about 40 minutes + 5 points Food Quest: Logged! + 3 points Total points so far: 64
  9. April 10: Outing Quest: went to my mom's for supper with baby of course + 5 points Food Quest: Success + 3 points April 11: Outing Quest: Baby massage class! + 5 points Dance Quest: Helped teach another Charleston class. Exhausted! But feeling good. +15 points Food Quest: Yep! + 3 points Total points so far: 71
  10. April 8: Had an absolutely awful day with the baby. Ugh! Accomplished nothing (besides taking care of a baby, of course) April 9: Was out of town for the day and didn't log anything. Back on track today though. On the plus side, got out with the baby to local indoor track and did about 40 minutes of walking (+5 points Outing Quest) Total points so far: 40
  11. I also have a winter baby... being house-bound is rough on the mental health. Thankfully with spring around the corner we're getting out a bit more.
  12. Good luck with the challenge!
  13. April 6: Outing Quest: Did not get out with the baby Dance Quest: Helped teach another Charleston class. Exhausted! But feeling good. +15 points Food Quest: Did not log meals Total points so far: 35
  14. Congratulations! I am also coming back from a long baby-induced hiatus My four-month old is now letting me leave the house occasionally so I'm getting back on track. Good luck with the c-section recovery! And just a bit of reassurance since nobody tells you how shitty the postpartum stage really is: the newborn stage eventually ends, things get easier, and you even sleep again!
  15. Since I'm posting this 3 days into the challenge, here is my update for the first two days: April 4 : Outing Quest: Completed! Attended baby massage class + 5 points Dance Quest: Completed! hubby and I taught a Charleston class. Such fun! + 15 points April 5: Did not complete any quest items.
  16. It's been almost a year since I've been on nerdfitness. So where have I been? Incubating a baby. And then birthing a baby. And then keeping said baby alive while going slowly insane. (FYI - the term "Baby Blues" really doesn't do it justice). Now I've come out of the fog and am ready to shed some of this baby weight and start feeling a bit more like myself again. I want to get back into dance and start repairing my body. I've been swing dancing for a number of years and continued to do so until a couple weeks before I gave birth, which kept me in decent shape. However, recovering from birth is much harder than I expected. I will spare everyone the TMI details, but let's just say the postpartum period has been difficult on my body (and mind). Now that I've gotten into a bit of a groove with this whole motherhood thing, I want to focus on my wellbeing again. I am the heaviest I've ever been and not feeling like myself. I've always enjoyed these challenges so I'm hopping aboard. Stats Starting stats: Weight: 230 lbs (I don't currently own a scale, so I'll get back to you on that. The last time I was weighed, I was 230 lbs, but that was before I pushed out at least 8 pounds of baby, fluid, and other... "stuff"). Chest: 44" Waist: 40.5" Hips: 47.5 1/4" Main Goal To focus on my wellbeing, physically and mentally, and return to hobbies that made me feel good. Quests 1) Dance! I used to do 3+ hours of swing dance per week, whether taking class, teaching class, or going to social dances. Now with a baby, that's not possible, but I'd like to commit to 1 hour per week, either in class or just practicing solo moves at home. Goal: 1 hour/week Grading: 15 points per hour +2 STA +1 DEX 2) Get out of the house! I'm house-bound a lot with the baby, so a priority for my mental health will be to leave the house with baby 3 times per week - this could be a quick walk with the stroller, or a visit to the movies (our local cinema has a "Stars and Strollers" program once a week). I'm already registered for baby massage on Mondays, so we're on our way to this goal! Goal: 3 outings/week Grading: 5 points per outing +1 CHA 3) Log my food Food is where I falter. I will be logging my meals in My Fitness Pal every weekday. Goal: Log food every week day Grading: 3 points per log +1 WIS Grading Scheme A = 160+ points B = 140+ points C = 125+ points D = 100+ points F = less than 90 points --- "I want her to be a flapper, because flappers are brave and gay and beautiful." - Zelda Fitzgerald
  17. Days 29, 30, 31, 32 "Reports" I've really slacked off lately. I have not been feeling well Haven't been keeping logs, have forgotten to do my back stretches. I have done a bit of dance but that's all I'll be able to report on from memory. I will do my best to get back on track. 1) Dance - This week I did my normal 3 hours of dance of Monday. Also got to teach a solo jazz routine of Wednesday for 1 hour - 60 points 2) Core/strength ---- 3) Foodlog - Can't do this from memory 4) Back stretches ----- Total Points: 444
  18. Also, I hope you do start teaching! You gotta bring the joy of swing to you
  19. Hmm... that's a toughie. I already had teaching experience - not dance-related, but the principles of learning are the same. I will say that I have improved as a teacher A LOT within the last year. So you just have to accept that the first class you teach will have its hiccups. There's a learning curve involved. Here would be my teaching tips: 1) Rotate partners often. This is my #1 for a reason 2) Talk less, practice more! i.e. instead of demonstrating something to them a million times and giving them a mini-lecture on proper technique... just give them a brief explanation with the most important points, demo the move a couple of times, then have them try it. Watch them try it, and if you see any glaring mistakes, give the class some tips to improve. 3) Play lots of music during class - sorta goes with #2. I have them practice a new move a couple of times just with me counting aloud, but then I turn on the music. 4) Remember to praise the class. This is something I learned with time... but when you're constantly giving them tips on how to improve, or giving them reminders about the importance of frame/form, all they are hearing is "We are bad dancers". So, although I give them technique reminders, I always make sure to point out when the class has done something really well... even if they don't have it quite right yet. e.g. "You guys really have really excellent pulse! Now let's work on not looking at our feet." 5) Always have some time for social practice after class (we have 30 minutes). 6) In our hour class, we devote the first 15 minutes to a quick review of last class. I think it helps. Sorry this is long. I could talk about teaching all day!
  20. Day 28 Report 1) Dance ---- 2) Core/strength ---- 3) Foodlog - 5 points Breakfast = bacon, toast, cheese, hot chocolate Supper = slider, fries, salad. tried to eat dessert but couldn't do it. 4) Back stretches - morning - 1 point Total Points: 384
  21. Day 27 Report 1) Dance ---- 2) Core/strength - BBWW - 15 points 3) Foodlog - 5 points Yeesh! Bad food day Breakfast = went out for fundraiser brunch - pancake, 2 breakfast sausage, 2 bacon, beans, 1 toast, 2 scrambled egg, tea Supper = leftover pizza Midnight snack = 3 taquitos 4) Back stretches - forgot - 0 points Total Points: 378
  22. Day 26 Report 1) Dance ---- 2) Core/strength ---- 3) Foodlog - 5 points Breakfast = cranberry muesli toast with peanut butter, milk Lunch = mandarin orange, tuna sandwich with carrots on multigrain Supper = pizza night mmmmmm 4) Back stretches - morning - 1 point Total Points: 358
  23. Day 25 Report 1) Dance ---- 2) Core/strength ---- 3) Foodlog - 5 points Breakfast = cranberry almond cereal with milk Lunch = mandarin orange, 4 leftover perogies, sour cream Supper = chicken balls, sweet and sour pork, noodles (I caved and got Chinese food... however I found that I was not able to finish a lot of it, which is weird for me) 4) Back stretches - morning - 1 point Total Points: 352
  24. Yep! I do the 1 hour beginner's class (East Coast) as a lead then I teach a 1 hour beginner's Lindy Hop class (as a follow). Also, 1 hour of social dance practice. Monday nights are busy!!!
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