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  1. Nice! Those milestones are the best feeling.
  2. I have returned safely from my exploits among the islands of the South Pacific. Lots of updating to do. My workout before heading to Hawaii was meh. My squat form got all goofy squatting 185, and then I stalled after 4 on my second set @ 205. One more try. I successfully (and barely) got my 165lb bench, though. Rows were also good. The trip was pretty fantastic. We went to the beach a bunch, snorkeled, hiked, walked all over, and were generally pretty active. The wife and I also worked out together 3x while we were there. I got 2.5 books read (The Atrocity Archives, The Firstborn, and halfway through The Name of the Wind). Drank a bunch of good Hawaiian beer, ate a bunch of awesome food (sushi, Kalua pork (brilliant), and Loco Moco... so good). We had really limited facilities for working out, so here's the routine we did: 10x Jumping Jacks 10x Overhead lunges (5 each side) 15 second plank 10x dips (behind the back using a coffee table) 10x split-squats (5 each side) 10x pushups Repeat for 3 total circuits. Got decently sweaty from this workout but it only took ~ 15 minutes or so. I was feeling ambitious the second time we did it, so I did clap-pushups. Trying to get back into the swing of things now with work and the freezing Colorado weather (Snowing and 16 F when I left this morning). I'll be trying to pull 265 on the deadlift tomorrow, which will be interesting after not touching a weight for over a week. Lifts: 9/21 Mobility: 4/21 Tracking: 5.5/42 Pomodoro: 17/60 Anyhow, happy to be back! I'll be checking in on everybody else's challenges soon, hopefully everybody has been killing it.
  3. On the rows: bend your hips and knees to get down far enough, and then keep the back flat... it looks to me like you are rounding to try to reach the bar, and if you can lower your hips you won't have to do that. It will feel like you are squatted down quite a bit.
  4. Heading to workout, and I'm not sure when my next update will be - heading straight out after this and flying all day tomorrow, and I have no idea when much internet will be available. At the very least, I'll update when I'm back in a week. If you don't hear from me in the next 2 weeks, send search planes to the Southern Pacific. Hopefully 205lb squat doesn't squash me. Here goes. Lifts: 5/21 Mobility: 2/21 Tracking: 5.5/42 Pomodoro: 17/60
  5. I need to stretch more too. My biggest block is that my jeans are getting tighter from those damned quads and glutes (had to go shopping for bigger slacks, no joke). Makes it tough to get even little stretches done, and I'll totally just stretch in the middle of the floor while I'm hanging out with my family, but since I have to go change into stretchy pants it doesn't work. Just need a wardrobe change, I guess:
  6. I don't think your depth is too bad - you seem darn close to parallel on the last couple of reps, and it's obvious you're working on it. Keep it up and it will get better. You're also doing a heck of a lot better than 90% of other people "squatting", and going deeper than most people ever do. So good job.
  7. Tracked yesterday, but didn't hit my protein OR my calories. I haven't been very motivated with diet lately. I talked with the Mrs. last night and I think we're going to try to come up with a different diet solution and be really consistent with it once we get back from being islanders for a while. Second try at 205lb squat is happening today - I'm really hoping I get it because it represents moving from "untrained" to "novice" work weights based on my bodyweight on some lifting guidelines I've been going off of. I'm already there for bench, overhead, and deadlift, so it would be nice to round it off before heading out. Also, need moar stretch. Lifts: 5/21 Mobility: 2/21 Tracking: 5.5/42 Pomodoro: 14/60
  8. Yes and yes. I get sore, and stretching helps, but I also notice a long-term trend of greater flexibility. What you are feeling is your hip flexors - those things require some creativity to get a good stretch. The easiest for me is going into a deep lunge, and then really trying to move the front foot forward and drive the back hip into the ground. Also, if you are up for some serious pain/relief:
  9. Short updates - If you want to leave some feedback, I posted a form check video of my deadlift. Got some good tips already. Productive day yesterday - 4 really good pomodoros. I've decided to add an unofficial rule for myself that I must get 1 pomodoro done before I'm allowed to check my personal email or anything - which helps to get the day started with a good focus. Tracked yesterday, hit my protein easily (thanks, roast beef lunch) but just struggling with the appetite. It's hard to get 3000+ calories without resorting to sugar and starch. I'm letting the stretching lapse, too - I don't feel a need for it as much after deadlifts, mostly just squats. Time to start catching up. Lifts: 5/21 Mobility: 2/21 Tracking: 5/42 Pomodoro: 11/60
  10. I never would've realized the arm thing - thanks for catching that. I'll try to do some serious bar humping next time too.
  11. That's the worst. Happened to me one morning when I forgot my badge to get into the work gym. Don't let it get you down - just hop back on tomorrow. Nice job getting there though!
  12. Dem squats. Jealous of your weights. Nicely done.
  13. That's awesome. I firmly believe that the best thing you can do for your family is to take care of yourself really well, because that is when you'll be able to be your best for them.
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